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Nicholas Eames Books In Order

Nicholas Eames Books In Order – Fantasy novels are the best thing to get out of the world of reality and enter into the virtual world of action. People love fantasy novels because of his stories, and, at the core, there is a story about humanity, and the superheroes of the novel characters fight for their people to save them and their world. 

Readers are always keen to explore more fantasy novels. These days novels are coming in series, and under this series, two or more two parts are available. Nicholas Eames is the best fantasy novel writer in the world.

He had written three best fantasy novels, namely The Kings of the Wyld, Bloody Rose, and Outlaw Empire: The Band. In this article, we are going to see about Nicholas Eames’s life and Nicholas Eames’s Books In Order.

The Early Life Of Nicholas Eames

Nicholas Eames is the Canadian author of fiction. He grew up in Wingham, Ontario. The parents of Nicholas Eames supported him very much in his growing days. He was a student of theatre arts in his college days.

He wanted to be an actor as his profession, but he left his theatre career in order to become a full-time professional writer. 

Currently, he lives in Ontario, Canada. He loves coffee and whisky served neat, and he loves the month of October. Nicholas’s love of video games is awesome. When Nicholas Eames does not have anything to write then, he loves to do the things mentioned above.

Nicholas Eames Books In Order

let’s have a look at the Nicholas Eames book & novels in order of publication.

Publication Order of The Band Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Kings of the Wyld(2017)Buy Now
Bloody Rose(2018)Buy Now

Nicholas Eames has written two novels, namely ‘The King of Wyld’ and ‘Bloody Rose’. Let us go through the novel and check what types of novels he has written.

The King Of Wyld

The King of Wyld is the debutante book of Nicholas Eames. It was published by Orbit on 21 February 2017. This book can make you cry, laugh, and can hold your breath. The main character is Clay Cooper, a mercenary and he is very well known for his fierceness.

Cooper and his group of mercenaries are very famous and well known for their bravery, and the people of Heartwlyd believe that this is the deadliest crew ever present in Heartwlyd. 

Cooper gets to know the daughter of one of the crew members trapped by the enemy. The city in which the girl gets trapped is seized, and the enemies are in larger numbers. More than 10,000 enemies are present in that city, and it is a very tough task to free his crew member’s daughter from them.

Cooper decides to do anything for his crew member, and he agrees to go on the mission to free the girl from enemies.

Cooper has a last chance to prove his crew name, so he decides to fight the deadliest war against the enemies. To know all about Cooper’s mission and to know about his crew member’s daughter, you have to go through “The King of Wyld”.

Bloody Rose  

Bloody Rose is the sequel to “The king of the wyld”. The main character in this fantasy novel is Tam Hashford.

The character Tam is tired of doing all sorts of things in life. She does not like doing the job as a bartender where she used to serve the drinks to mercenaries, and she gets bored listening to the stories and tales of the mercenary. She wanted to quit the job and go to another place and start a new journey in life. 

Meanwhile, she heard that a very big mercenary band was coming into her town, and she thought that it was a chance where she could do something different other than bartending.

She didn’t know that the leader of the mercenary was Bloody Rose. She joined the mercenary crew on a daily basis, and she thought that she had adventures when the crew was on the quest. You have to go through the book “Bloody Rose” to know about Tam Hashford.

Nicholas Eame’s Upcoming Book, The Outlaw Empire: The Band

The Outlaw Empire: the band takes 14 years to publish; after publishing these two books, the publisher is ready to launch another one in the same series. Outlaw Empire has the story of the band of a new generation and the attention towards the 1990 music band. 

This third book series comes under Nicholas Eames Books in Order. The poster of this book was released, but the book release date is not yet confirmed. People have been eagerly waiting for this book for a long time since the second book came on the market. Let us hope it will come on the market soon, and we will get a very good fantasy story with a human touch.

Sum Up – Nicholas Eames

In this article, we have gone through Nicholas Eames’s Life and the books written by Steven Erikson. If you want a glimpse of Nicholas Eames’s Books In Order, then go through this article. I hope you are going to like the article and if you like that, share it with your friends and family.

Top Faq on Nicholas Eames

  1. Which is the latest book by Nicholas Eames?

    Nicholas Eames’s upcoming book is “The Outlaw Empire: The Band“. We don’t have any information on when this will be released. We will let you know once we have it.

  2. How many books are released by Nicholas Eames yet?

    Nicholas Eames has released two books as of now.

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