Everet Martins Books In Order- Creator of Ultimate Fantasy Characters

Everet Martins Books In Order

Everet Martins Books In Order – Everet Martins is a very well-known author and a story writer from the USA, he has written many books and all of them have got popularity. You can see here the Everet Martins Books list which will help you to make a wise decision before having his books & novels.

He knows what people like to read and what kids enjoy reading and accordingly he creates characters in the fantasy world. He loves reading, writing, and playing games in his free time and enjoys doing that.

The author is very simple and that simplicity reflects in his writing and the novels that he writes. He is so talented and never shies away from trying something different and he loves taking chances with his new characters and writing styles.

Not only that but also readers that follow him want to stick with the same characters, which means readers are loving the characters of his novel very much. He has become a new champ for his readers and has gained so much popularity in just a few years I would say.  

Everet Martins Childhood, Hobbies, Education & Interest

Everet Martins was born in Salem USA and grew up in Hampshire, he was very bright and sincere in his childhood and was a great fan of role-playing games. He also loves reading novels and books of different writers and authors and this is where he started writing a short story first and later, he focused on writing the novel. 

He was an athlete too and health-conscious, long-distance running is one of the things that he often used to do early in the morning. The reason behind this is that he wanted to keep himself fit and in good shape. 

Everet Martins has his own rule of living life and according to him, a healthy body and mind are good for creating unique contents He was right back then and that people have realized now through his writing and content. He was more than an average student in his young days and with so much creativity in his mind.

Author bio and career of his writing journey

Everet Martins is one of the popular authors from the USA who is famous for his fantasy story writing novels. Born and raised in the USA and hold a bachelor’s degree in IT and has written book series, the name of the series is Age of Dawn a dark fantasy series. 

In the writing world, a list of top Everet Martins Books in Order has gained so much popularity. People loved his writing style and started enjoying his character in the novels. The very first book in the Age of dawn series is Stormcaller where his characters are unique and special, I would say.

In his first book of the series, he showed the world of volcanos and some carnivorous plants. People have loved and appreciated him for creating such amazing characters and content.

Once he got the popularity, he decided to continue his writing, he made sure one thing is to create the character in such a way that the reader can feel it for real and it does give the sense that the characters are genuine. 

The novel is full of adventure, and action which is great from the children’s point of view as children love this sort of novel and they enjoy it most.

The character that the authors is so fond of in his novel

When it comes to creating a character for his novel then the author is master in that part. In the first book, he introduces some amazing characters such as a Dragon, Walter, and a phoenix god in the world called Zoria. In the second part of his series, he introduced new characters such as Pone Juzo, Nyset

They still learning new power and abilities and haven’t found it completely that what they are capable of. They are trying to find that hidden talent with the help of Baylan and Malek and their teacher and rogue Wizard are helping them too.

Then the Wretched general executive is in an important role where he manages to attack Midgard and conquered the battlefield. There are so many other characters that have been introduced later in the next book of the same series and all the characters have played their part equally well.

Everet Martins Books In Order of Publication

There are so many books and novels that he has written so far and he has also written a series of books which has become very famous and people have loved the series. The first book of the Age of Dawn series was Storm caller, it was launched way back in the year 2014. 

The last book of the Age of Dawn series was launched in the year 2018 and readers are waiting for the next launch desperately. A total number of 7 books of the series Age of Dawn has been launched so far. Here is the list of series that he has written so till the date, considering the single series that is Age of Dawn.

The Age of Dawn World Books in Order

Worlds of Deception Books in Order

Backstab (Worlds of Deception) – Excerpt

When an executive needs to be assassinated, new intel pilfered, a judge’s wife knifed, or a person kidnapped they call me. I am a String. There are many like me. We do the dark work that greases the wheels of the corporate machine.

I hire Mercs to get their hands dirty and execute the jobs. Subterfuge is a String’s currency. Shadows are our friends. We are the marks on the other side of the glass that can’t be cleaned. They scrub and scrub, but we can’t be wiped away.

Backstab Everet Martins

I take tremendous preventative measures to ensure I’m not tied to the devastation I unleash upon the world. We don’t make finding evidence of our hands in a crime easy. I possess countless aliases and rarely meet in the same place twice. I do not have fingerprints. My Nano bytes, robots that live alongside my blood, alter my DNA where I’ve slept. I don’t fight. I make deals and slice with my words.

Forsaken Hunters: Book Zero of The Age of Dawn – A Prequel – Excerpt

Note: This book is an homage to one of my favorite films Django Unchained. Lillian and Baylan, wizards of the Silver Tower, are sent on a scouting mission to Tigeria. The Tigerian realm is occupied by savage catfolk who regard men like cattle. The lovers are betrayed by a smuggler on the shores of Tigeria, torn from each other’s arms and sold as slaves.

Forsaken Hunters Everet Martins
Forsaken Hunters Everet Martins

Lillian must endure unspeakable horrors, each day a struggle to survive. Graced by the Dragon’s own luck, she is freed by Brenna, a bounty hunter who hates Tigerians almost as much as she does. Lillian would burn the realm to ashes with the fire of the Dragon god if it meant reuniting with Baylan.

Would she be enough to find him? What sacrifices must be made?

Noah’s Breaking (The Age of Dawn World Book 2) – Excerpt

At the Sid-Ho martial arts camp, young men and women are trained to kill. Noah is top of his class and is deadly with the lash, a whip that attaches to one’s spiked bracer.

Verine, a local villager, comes seeking aid to find her lost children. Noah and his classmate Kailyn are sent to find them. What they find in the bowels of the earth is enough to break even the hardest of warriors.

Noah's Breaking - Everet Martins
Noah’s Breaking – Everet Martins

This is a short story set in the world of The Age of Dawn series.

Top FAQ about Everet Martins

  1. Where Everet Martins was born?

    He was born in Salem, The United States

  2. Which is the first book of Everet Martins?

    Stormcaller is the first Age of Dawn novel by Everet Martins.

  3. In which genres Everet Martins has written his books?

    Everet Martins books belongs to Fantasy and Fiction.

Conclusion – Everet Martins

Everet Martins is an expert in writing a fantasy story and I have observed that he is one of the writers who focus more on creating unique characters for his novels. So, the topic that he chooses for his novel or book is different and somewhat different from other writers which are quite good because a familiar topic might sound boring at times to readers. 

He understands his readers very well and knows what his readers are looking for and what they are expecting from him. He does exactly what they want him to do and that is why he has become so famous in just no time. 

Being a writer or author is not always writing content but also you need to analyze certain things about your audience, fans, readers that what they are expecting. You got to be smart enough to read the mind of your readers well before they read your novel. That is a mark of a true and wise writer who never tends to disappoint their readers.

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