Age of Dawn Series in Order by Everet Martins

The Age Of Dawn Series in Order of Publication

Age of Dawn Series in Order Everet Martins was born and raised in Hampshire, an area where they draw on all their exciting experiences. Martins loves reading novels and playing roles. During his childhood years, Martins was an avid reader who enjoyed reading during his spare time. His love for reading gave him some short stories and the age of dawn series in order.

In addition to reading and writing, Everet Martins praised Mars, and to this date, he still practices and performs art. To make sure he stays fit, Martins participates in a few things such as strength training and long-distance running.

In addition to being an experienced writer and a Mars artist guru, Martins also has a bachelor’s degree in IT. One of the book series performed by Everet Martins is The Age of Dawn book series, a dark fantasy series.

The Age Of Dawn Series
The Age Of Dawn Series

The first book in the Age of the Dawn book series is Stormcaller. In this book, the reader is taken, the world filled with volcanoes and carnivorous plants. More than ten years later, Acebor was sealed and, after Don’s first age, sees that the power was reduced to the extent that war could occur again.

Instead of worshiping the real gods, people have started worshiping the Dragon and Phoenix Gods. The lucky few can touch the essence and are able to transform the average woman into more and more mortals and deadly princesses, as well as women who have healing abilities.

Once the next battle begins, readers are taken to the town of Breedan, where Walter, the son of an ousted farmer, is more and more determined to find a vacation. Let’s check out the list of books in the “Age Of Dawn Series” then we will continue.

Age of Dawn Series in Order of Publication

There are total 7 books in the “Age Of Dawn Series” which are listed below –

Book NamePublication YearPrice & Purchase
Stormcaller-2014Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Lord of Death-2015Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Silver Tower-2015Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Shadow Realm-2015Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
A New Light-2016Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Ascending Shadows-2016Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Shadow Age-2018Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Once he is engaged in his first fight, he begins to realize the true meaning of war. With that said, the people reading this book have fallen in love with the way the author ensures that readers turn on Maps. Stormcaller is a book full of many purposes, many of them endearing.

Furthermore, the characters are not only fully composed but are also well developed. The author has done an excellent job of making sure the characters are life-like, though only the novel is full of fictional elements. The novel has a mixture of thrill, mystery, magic, and action.

Everet Martins, the author, knows how to keep the reader’s attention, in the way he also describes both Joriya’s scenarios and battlefields.

The author also ensures that he handles character development in such a way that he does not sacrifice anything for the plot, which is very important. There are readers who have felt that the author caught their attention from the first page.

The 2nd book in this series is The Lord of Death. In this book, we meet once again with Walter, who managed to survive his first encounter with the demon Eseber. This is the sequel to the first book Stormcaller.

Because Asborg’s mango was extracted, it increased his thirst for revenge. Once a person sits on Amer, they are not expected to remain human.

Top FAQ on the “Age of Dawn Series”

  1. How many books are there in the “Age Of Dawn” Series?

    We have a total of 7 books in this series.

  2. Who is the writer of the “Age of Dawn” Series?

    The Age of Dawn series is authored by “Everet Martins”.

  3. Name the first book of the “Age Of Dawn” series.

    Stormcaller age of dawn series book 1

    The first book is “Stormcaller”. If you love fantasy or action & adventure, don’t miss this action-packed read.
    In the first installment of The Age of Dawn series, Everet Martins introduces readers to the fantastical world of Zoria, a land of volcanoes and carnivorous plants.

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