Jeff Lindsay Books in Order – Crime & Mystery Genre

Jeff Lindsay Books in Order - Crime & Mystery Genre 2

Jeff Lindsay Books in Order of publication – Jeff Lindsay is a pen name of Jeffry P.Freundlich who was born in 1952 and raised in the USA. Jeff is a famous crime writer and his wife is also an author. Both, Lindsay and his wife have written some famous novels together. Let’s see the Jeff Lindsay Books in Order, his achievements, and his career in detail.

Jeff Lindsay – Writing Schedule

He wakes up at 3 am early in the morning and starts writing, every year at least he launches one book for his readers. Jeff Lindsay is very dedicated to his craft & work and a very hard-working writer as well.

Jeff is a well-behaved and disciplined person in general who writes from his heart. His schedule may not match with other writers but he loves adhering and follow the rules set by him. 

Every day he used to finish atheist five pages of writing and make sure to continue doing that until one project gets finished. I reckon that is fair enough that he is so passionate about his work and he does it all peacefully. 

Jeff Lindsay Dexter Series Books and popularity

Dexter is the one among Jeff Lindsay Book In Order series that gave him huge popularity. The series is based on a very romantic, humble, cute, and serial killer. Later this series has also been turned into TV series way back in 2006 has also become popular due to his big fan follower of the novel. 

He has a wife Hilary Hemingway who is also an author and, on many occasions, she has contributed and played the role of co. author for his husband. He also has one daughter whose name is Leicester Hemingway and Jeff also has one brother Ernest Hemingway. The support from family and friends is important too to encourage you and help you where you need any help. 

He has bagged few awards as well for his excellent contribution in the writing world such as Dilys Awards in 2005 for his best book winner (Darkly Dreaming Dexter). He has won one more award which is called Macavity Awards in the same year 2005 for the same book Darkly dreaming Dexter as the Best Novel nominee.

Some of the characters from the Dexter series

In the Dexter series, few characters became very famous and people loved them. A dexter who was not a good person but he pretends to be a loving and caring person but the fact is he kills people for no reason and just for fun.

Sometimes, I think that was he a caring? or romantic person or it’s the circumstances that force him to kill people. Might be he was a psychopath because most of the psychopath you find is do killings for the love, I mean a romantic psychopath who is mentally ill and suffering from a mental disorder. The little confusing character I would say, but he was a killer and a bad guy that’s for sure. 

Jeff Lindsay Books, career, series, fictional and non-fictional novels.

Jeff has written so many books and novels and he was such a versatile writer that he got good command and grip in fictional and non-fictional novels. The first fictional novel was launched in 1994, which is a novel of suspense, a tropical depression. Here is the name of some fictional novel that he has written so far and they are as follow:

Fiction Novels by Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay Book In Order – Dexter Series

Jeff Lindsay has launched the series of books called Dexter series and the first book of that series is Darkly Dreaming Dexter which was launched way back in 2004. The reader finds it very interesting and entertaining and appreciated his work of writing style.

Soon after readers wanted him to launch the next Dexter series and that exactly what has happened, after a year, in 2005 Jeff has launched the next Dexter series called Dearly Devoted Dexter. After that jeff has launched 5 more books of the Dexter series and the final part of that series was launched in 2013.

List of Dexter Series Novels

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004)
  2. Dearly Devoted Dexter (2005)
  3. Dexter in the Dark (2007)
  4. Dexter by Design (2009)
  5. Dexter Is Delicious (2010)
  6. Double Dexter (2011)
  7. Dexter’s Final Cut (2013)

List of Jeff Lindsay Billy Knight & Riley Wolfe Series

After the completion of the Dexter series, Jeff has started writing yet another series called the Billy Knight series. The first book that he launched of that series was Red Tide which was launched in 2015 than in the following year Tropical Depression was launched. The total number of books of Billy Knight series is 5 and the last part of that series was launched in 2020.

Billy Knight Series

Riley Wolfe Series by Jeff Lindsay

Jeff has also written a non-fictional novel and it is the single one only. The name of that novel is “Hunting Hemingway” which was launched way back in the year 2000.


Hunting with Hemingway is a non-fiction novel that was based on the stories of Leicester Hemingway (2000).

Hunting with Hemingway
Hunting with Hemingway

Conclusion – Jeff Lindsay

So, these were the list of Jeff Lindsay Books in Order. Lindsay is such a writer who has given outstanding crime novels that let him to manages a huge fan base. I think he is a smart writer who knows, how to co-relate between love and crime, romance and killing, anger and curtness. 

He knows how to add and combine these elements and wisely play with this sort of elements. Also, he understands his readers and he knows exactly what they are expecting, which is the sign of an excellent writer.

If you are an author or a writer, you will not guess what people might or would live, you should be knowing what is there in their mind. That makes you a smart writer and there will be a high chance that you will become successful written one very fine day.

This is a difference between a famous and non-famous writer and Jeff has done it once again with his talent, writing style and ability to understand the readers. That’s what made him the greatest writer of this modern era.

TOP FAQ on Jeff Lindsay

  1. Who is Jeff Lindsay?

    Jeff Lindsay

    Jeffry P. Freundlich, primarily known by his pen name Jeff Lindsay, is an American playwright and crime novelist best known for his novels about sociopathic vigilante Dexter Morgan. Many of his earlier published works include his wife Hilary Hemingway as a co-author.

  2. Name the top series written by Jeff Lindsay

    Here are the top list of series by Jeff –
    Dexter Series
    Billy Knight Series &
    Riley Wolfe Series

  3. In which genre Jeff Lindsay has written his novels?

    Most of Jeff’s works belongs to “Mystery” genre.

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