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T. Davis Bunn Books In Order – T. Davis Bunn aka Thomas Locke Davis Bunn is an international author from North Carolina (USA). And, to date, he managed to sell more than 7 Million Books that also in more than 15 different languages. Among 7 Million Books, most of the books became popular.

Here, we are encapsulating a few famous and popular T. Davis Bunn Books in Order along with his biography and career graph.

Likewise, in Davis Bunn’s books and novels, he has been recognized as a consummate writer, wise teacher, Renaissance man, and a wonderful adventurer by his family, friends, and reviewers. He traveled across the world and learned the different-different language to jot down the books.

Here, in this post, I’ll also be explaining the career and biography of T. Davis Bunn in detail. Let’s see how great he is as an author or book writer and what made him become The Thomas David Bunn from T. Davis Bunn. 

Thomas Davis Bunn Bio: Life & Education

Mr. Davis Bunn was born in the year 1952 in the Europe Continent but, was raised in the USA North Carolina. At the age of 20, he left Europe till then he had completed his very first graduate degree in Economics & Finance field.

Currently, he is living with his wife at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, and serving as a Novelist.

Thomas Davis Bunn’s Career

Just After his graduation degree, he became an International Financial Expert which made him travel to more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Europe. During his visit to Germany, at the age of 28, he developed faith in Jesus Christ. He went to Germany for managing the International Financial Advisory Group.

Thereon, his journey as a writer began. Since then, my passion and vocation both have been writing. Initially, he took 9 years to write down only 7 books before his first book was acknowledged for publishing. During those 9 years, he was active in International Business as a full-time career. He used to travel up to 2 to 3 countries each week for business purposes.

It was in 1990 when T. Davis Bunn’s first book was published, “The Presence” and, soon it became the national best-selling book.

The Presence by Davis Bunn
The Presence by Davis Bunn

That’s how his writing journey begins and with time he became very popular and famous. Later, he collaborated with Canadian author Janette Oke and also co-authored some novels with his wife Isabella.

T. Davis Bunn Books in Order of Publication

Let’s have a look at the top series and books by Davis Bunn.

Order of Acts Of Faith Books with Janette Oke

Book NamePublication Year
The Centurion’s Wife(2009)
The Damascus Way(2010)
The Hidden Flame(2010)

Book of Dreams Books in order as Davis Bunn

Book NamePublication Year
Book of Dreams(2011)
Hidden in Dreams(2012)

Publication Order of Fault Lines Books as Thomas Locke

Book NamePublication Year
Double Edge(2015)
Trial Run(2015)
Fault Lines(2017)

Publication Order of Heirs of Acadia Books

Book NamePublication Year
The Solitary Envoy(2004)
The Innocent Libertine(2004)
The Noble Fugitive(2005)
The Night Angel(2006)
Falconer’s Quest(2007)

Publication Order of Kyle Adams Books with Janette Oke

Book NamePublication Year
Tomorrow’s Dream(1990)
Another Homecoming(1997)

Publication Order of Legends of the Realm Books as Thomas Locke

Book NamePublication Year
The Captive(2014)
Merchant of Alyss(2016)
The Golden Vial(2018)

Order of Marc Royce Books as Davis Bunn

Book NamePublication Year
Lion of Babylon(2011)
Rare Earth(2012)
Strait of Hormuz(2013)

Order of Marcus Glenwood Books

Book NamePublication Year
The Great Divide(2000)
Drummer in the Dark(2001)
Winner Take All(2003)

Order of Miramar Bay Books by Davis Bunn

Book NamePublication Year
Miramar Bay(2017)
Firefly Cove(2018)
Moondust Lake(2018)
Tranquility Falls(2020)
The Cottage on Lighthouse Lane(2021)
Emerald Tide(2022)

Order of Premier Mystery Books by Davis Bunn

Book NamePublication Year
The Lazarus Trap(2005)

Publication Order of Priceless Collection Books

Book NamePublication Year
Florian’s Gate(1992)
The Amber Room(1992)
Winter Palace(1993)
The Priceless Collection(1994)

Publication Order of Recruits Books as Thomas Locke

Book NamePublication Year

Order of Reluctant Prophet Books as Davis Bunn

Book NamePublication Year
The Warning(1998)
The Ultimatum(1999)

Publication Order of Rendezvous With Destiny Books

Book NamePublication Year
Rhineland Inheritance(1993)
Gibraltar Passage(1994)
Sahara Crosswind(1994)
Berlin Encounter(1995)
Istanbul Express(1995)
In the Shadows of Victory(1998)
A Passage Through Darkness(2000)

Publication Order of Song of Acadia Books with Janette Oke

Book NamePublication Year
The Meeting Place(1999)
The Sacred Shore(2000)
The Birthright(2000)
The Distant Beacon(2001)
The Beloved Land(2002)

Spectrum Chronicles Books in order as Thomas Locke

Book NamePublication Year
Light Weaver(1994)
Dream Voyager(1995)
Path Finder(1995)
Heart Chaser(1997)

Order of Storm Syrrell Books as Davis Bunn

Book NamePublication Year
Gold of Kings(2009)
The Black Madonna(2010)

Publication Order of T.J. Case Books

Book NamePublication Year
The Presence(1990)
Promises To Keep(1991)

Order of Thomas Locke Mystery Books as Thomas Locke

Book NamePublication Year
The Delta Factor(1994)
The Omega Network(1995)

Standalone Novels by T. Davis Bunn

Book NamePublication Year
The Maestro(1991)
The Quilt(1993)
Dangerous Devices(As Davis Bunn)(1993)
Riders Of The Pale Horse(1994)
The Gift(1994)
Light and Shadow(1995)
The Messenger(1995)
Aqaba Exchange (As Thomas Locke)(1996)
Return to Harmony (With Janette Oke)(1996)
The Music Box(1996)
To the Ends of the Earth (As Thomas Locke)(1997)
One False Move (As Thomas Locke)(1997)
Tidings of Comfort & Joy(1997)
Princess Bella and the Red Velvet Hat(1998)
One Shenandoah Winter(1998)
The Dream Voyagers(1999)
Life Unseen (As Cameron Wolfe)(1999)
The Book of Hours(2000)
Kingdom Come(2001)
Elixir (As Davis Bunn)(2004)
Heartland (As Davis Bunn)(2006)
My Soul to Keep (As Davis Bunn)(2007)
Full Circle (As Davis Bunn)(2008)
All Through the Night (As Davis Bunn)(2008)
Tidings Of Comfort and Joy:
A Tender Story Of Love, Loss, And Reunion
Poet’s Realm (As Thomas Locke)(2010)
Prayers of a Stranger (As Davis Bunn)(2012)
Unlimited (As Davis Bunn)(2013)
The Turning (As Davis Bunn)(2014)
The Sign Painter (As Davis Bunn)(2014)
The Patmos Deception (As Davis Bunn)(2014)
The Pilgrim (As Davis Bunn)(2015)
The Fragment (As Davis Bunn)(2016)
The Domino Effect (As Davis Bunn)(2016)
Enclave (As Thomas Locke)(2018)
Outbreak (As Davis Bunn)(2019)
Burden of Proof (As Davis Bunn)(2020)
Prime Directive (As Davis Bunn)(2021)
Island of Time(2022)

1] “The Warning” [Reluctant Prophet Series, Book 1]

Originally, this book by Davis Bunn was published in the year 1998. When you go through this novel then, you’ll come to know that the story revolves around the main character named Buddy Korda.

This fascinating story is all about Buddy Korda, who is a good and best-natured banker and who becomes an unlikely prophet. In this story, he experiences several nightmares for two weeks regularly and somehow he comes to know that disjointed images have some meaning.

And, in just a matter of a few days, all fragmented images start to fuse and come into focus. The message became crystal clear and unmistakably clear and the message was “It Is Coming… Forty-One Days”.

As a normal person, he went into a state of shock and confusion about whether to share this message or not with the colleague at his job, family, and even his life in jeopardy. And, a question was also arising ‘Who will listen to this dreadful prophecy about America’s Financial Downfall?’

This intriguing tale is all about Buddy Korda’s struggle for faith in God. He felt the pressure about the future of the people he doesn’t even know and the great nation at stake. And, in a climax, you’ll come to know what happen and did anyone believed him or not?

2] “The Great Divide” [Marcus Glenwood Series, Book 1]

After a few years of the Reluctant Prophet Series, Marcus Glenwood Series was released. And, the book named ‘The Great Divide’ was released in the year 2000. This novel’s intriguing and amazing story follows an attorney named Marcus Glenwood. This novel is based on a legal fiction story in which the Hero unexpectedly finds himself in the most emotional and biggest draining case of his career.

This thriller fiction story starts when Marcus starts experiencing a shattering personal calamity and resigns his job at the finest corporate law firm to seek sanctuary in a small town in North Carolina to restructure his life.

Marcus met with Alma and Austin Hall, as he was fragile and wounded spiritually, he finds out that their daughter was missing or disappeared in China during probation into slave-like practices of New Horizons. And, New Horizons is the World’s largest Manufacturer of Athletic Gear and Sports Shoes. He accepted the case after the convincing pleads and obvious anguish from Alma Hall.

The investigation unravels a web of treachery that stretches from Washington D.C. to Asia, Europe then back to North Carolina of America. And, he couldn’t even believe how quickly the mystery unravels the suspense. Since, the power to hinder, threaten, manipulate, harm, or even eliminate who stands against the Huge Multi-national Sports Company New Horizons.

However, the talent Marcus reflected in this intriguing story is underestimated by the New Horizons. And, how cautiously and gradually Marcus tries to expose the perturbing mystery about Gloria Hall’s disappearance and New Horizon. 

And, in the climax of this legal fictional story, you’ll come to know how he unfolds not only the truth but also himself. What are the highlights of “The Great Divide” kindly buy the book to unravel the story?

Thomas David Bunn’s Awards

After a certain period of getting popularity, he put David Bunn as his name on the books. For his historical and suspense fiction novels and books, he had been honored with 4 Christy Awards due to having a wonderful Art-of-Writing. Bethany House is the publisher who entrusted him and helped him to release major of the books. What a Wonderful, Inspiring, and Amazing Journey he has been having!

Top FAQ on T. Davis Bunn

  1. Who is T. Davis Bunn?

    Davis Bunn Author

    T. Davis Bunn is an American author. Bunn grew up in North Carolina. He earned his BA from Wake Forest University in 1974, in psychology and economics, before moving to London to study for an M.Sc. in international finance and economics at Gresham.

  2. Which is the new book by Davis Bunn?

    Emerald Tide” from the Miramar Bay series is the latest book by Davis Bunn released in April 2022

  3. Which genre Davis Bunn belongs to?

    Most of his novels belong to Historical Fiction & Legal thrillers.

  4. Davis Bunn Social Media Handles

    Here are the social media handles of Davis –

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