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Janette Oke Books in Order

Janette Oke Books in Order of PublicationJanette Oke is well known for her fictional writing style and she is a master in that. She has a charismatic personality and is best known for her simplicity and that reflects in her books too.

She has contributed to the Christian fiction book with her writing and gained much popularity and love from across the world. Janette Oke Books in Order can be found online as well as offline, if you are an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction novels you can try one of her novels.

She has bagged a few awards as well for her excellent writing and contribution to the writing world. She is very humble, amiable, amicable, and sweet in her real life. She is born and grew up in Alberta, Canada, and has done so many good causes for the people of Canada.

She was a nice and quiet girl in her early days, but after growing up no change has been observed in her nature, she remains the same Janette Oke

Writers have calm minds who don’t speak much but they do write more and convey what they are. They believe in writing rather than speaking and that’s the way she was which was not a bad thing either.

Janette Oke Books in Order – List of Series

Publication Order of Love Comes Softly Books

Book TitlePublication Year
Love Comes Softly(1979)
Love’s Enduring Promise(1979)
Love’s Long Journey(1982)
Love’s Abiding Joy(1983)
Love’s Unending Legacy(1984)
Love’s Unfolding Dream(1987)
Love Takes Wing(1988)
Love Finds a Home(1989)

Publication Order of Seasons of the Heart Books

Book TitlePublication Year
Once Upon a Summer(1981)
Winds of Autumn(1987)
Winter Is Not Forever(1988)
Spring’s Gentle Promise(1989)

Publication Order of Janette Oke’s Animal Friends Books

Book TitlePublication Year
Spunky’s Diary(1982)
New Kid in Town(1983)
Ducktails (Classic Children’s Story)(1985)
The Impatient Turtle(1986)
A Cote of Many Colors(1987)
Prairie Dog Town(1988)
Trouble In A Fur Coat(1990)
This Little Pig(1991)
Pordy’s Prickly Problem(1993)
Spunky’s First Christmas(1997)
The Prodigal Cat(1998)
Spunky’s Camping Adventure(1998)
Maury Had a Little Lamb(1998)
Who’s New at the Zoo?(1998)
Spunky’s Circus Adventure(1999)

Publication Order of Canadian West Books

Book TitlePublication Year
When Calls the Heart(1983)
When Comes the Spring(1985)
When Breaks the Dawn(1985)
When Hope Springs New(1986)
Beyond the Gathering Storm(1990)
When Tomorrow Comes(2001)

Publication Order of Women of the West Books

Book TitlePublication Year
The Calling of Emily Evans(1990)
Julia’s Last Hope(1990)
Roses for Mama(1990)
A Woman Named Damaris(1991)
The Measure of a Heart(1992)
They Called Her Mrs. Doc(1992)
Heart of the Wilderness(1993)
A Bride for Donnigan(1993)
Too Long a Stranger(1994)
The Bluebird and the Sparrow(1995)
A Gown of Spanish Lace(1995)
Drums of Change(1995)

Publication Order of A Prairie Legacy Books

Book TitlePublication Year
The Tender Years(1997)
A Searching Heart(1998)
A Quiet Strength(1999)
Like Gold Refined(2000)

Publication Order of Song of Acadia Books with T. Davis Bunn

Book TitlePublication Year
The Meeting Place(1999)
The Sacred Shore(2000)
The Birthright(2000)
The Distant Beacon(2001)
The Beloved Land(2002)

Publication Order of Acts Of Faith Books with T. Davis Bunn

Book TitlePublication Year
The Centurion’s Wife(2009)
The Damascus Way(2010)
The Hidden Flame(2010)

Publication Order of Return to the Canadian West Books

Book TitlePublication Year
Where Courage Calls(2014)
Where Trust Lies(2015)
Where Hope Prevails(2016)

Publication Order of Kyle Adams Books with T. Davis Bunn

Tomorrow’s Dream(1990)
Another Homecoming(1997)

Publication Order of When Hope Calls Books with Laurel Oke Logan

Book TitlePublication Year
Unyielding Hope(2020)
Sustaining Faith(2021)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book NamePublication Year
Hey, Teacher!(1982)
Roses for Maria(1990)
The Red Geranium(1995)
Return to Harmony(With: T. Davis Bunn)(1996)
Nana’s Gift(1996)
The Matchmakers(1997)
Making Memories(1999)
Dana’s Valley(2001)

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Book NamePublication Year
Quiet Places, Warm Thoughts(1983)

Publication Order of Picture Books

Book NamePublication Year
What Does Love Look Like?(2001)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Book NamePublication Year
My Favorite Verse(1987)
Janette Oke’s Reflections on the Christmas Story(1994)
Celebrating The Inner Beauty Of Woman(1998)
I Wonder… Did Jesus Have a Pet Lamb?(2004)

Publication Order of Collections

Book NamePublication Year
The Father Who Calls: Devotional Insights for Daily Meditations(1988)
The Father of Love: Spiritual Insights from the Love Comes Softly Series(1989)
Father of My Heart: Spiritual Insights from the Seasons of the Heart Series(1991)
The Faithful Father: Spiritual Insights from the Women of the West Series(1993)

Janette Oke Bio, History, and Early Life

Janette Oke was an average student in her school days and writing was not just a dream for her but more than a dream it was. Her father was a Canadian pioneer and she inherits the spirit and courage of the pioneer from her father and manages to write many fictional and non-fictional novels.

She was born on 18th Feb 1935; she grew up in a family where she has an elder brother and three younger sisters as well and one elder sister. In her childhood, she was a great fan of the homemade dollhouse and she loves that toy more than any other toy.

Although she was a very bright student due to the sickness in the family, she couldn’t able to complete her high schooling. Instead, she took a job in the bank which was nearby her house and she decided to earn some money and help her family.

The first time she saw a college was way back at the age of thirteen, name of her college was Mountain View Bible College in Didsbury, Alberta in Canada. Janette Oke was good in study and she completed her graduation from College in 1957 and at the same time, she married Edward Oke.

Janette Oke was very spiritual and attended several churches and Sunday school with her mother and siblings. She has faith and believes in god and that is what she has been doing overtime and even she dedicated her life to be used for God. 

There are more than 65 novels she has written so far in her career and more than ten series she has written. Out of that; many fiction and non-fiction novels are equally entertaining for the readers.

How Janette shifted toward the writing world?

The writing was her favorite time pass and more than a time pass it become her dream. She started writing when her mother was in the hospital and Janette Oke was missing her mother so much and ended up writing a poem.

She then proudly recited the poem to her family and guests who visited to see her mother and everybody appreciated her. She acknowledges the appreciation from the front and that was the first time she realizes that she can write a bit.

A word of appreciation from her family and guests meant her a lot and she decided to continue her writing part. Later she chooses to go with the writing aptitude tests and she performed really well. She was reading 100 books per year and she developed her reading habit immensely over her time. She is a God-loving person who believes that whatever she is today all because of God’s grace which is fair enough.

Beyond the book, awards, and achievements

She has bagged several awards over the years, such as the angel award, Gold and medallion awards, Camie awards, Chis Awards, Leslie K. Tarr Award, and many awards that she has won in past. It is tough to believe that Beyond the book, awards, and achievements she was very calm, Janette’s thought process was mind-blowing and so, she was able to write more than 65 novels in her life.

Winning an award is a matter of pride but she never celebrated any award and she has never written any novel for the award. That is a mark of a true and genuine writer/author, who works hard and eventually the labor that yields them. They believe in participating in the working culture rather than writing novels for winning the awards.

Story and her creation were not only limited to the printing world but also one of the TV producers has chosen her novel Love Comes Softly for a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Which is yet another great achievement for her to celebrate and cherish the moment in her life.

Jannete Oke – Conclusion

Janette Oke had not had much of a resource to focus on her studies, yet she became a wonderful writer of her generation. Not only that generation but people from the modern generation also love her books and writing style. Apart from the above list of Janette Oke Books in Order, she writes both fiction and non-fiction novels and that says how versatile she is when it comes to writing.

She is such an influencer to all the youth and young writers who are looking forward to stepping into the writing world. Janette Oke lived her life only for the purpose to entertain the readers through her writing capabilities and creative content that she often delivers for her audience. 

She has written more than 65 books so far and her very first novel has been sold more than one million copies so far. There are more than 30 books that have been translated into fourteen different languages which is the milestone that she has achieved in the early stage of her writing career.

Top FAQ about Janette Oke

  1. Who is Janette Oke?

    Janette Oke

    Janette Oke is a Canadian author of inspirational fiction. Her books are often set in a pioneer era and centered on female protagonists. Her first novel, Love Comes Softly, was published by Bethany House in 1979. As of September 2016, more than 75 others have followed.

  2. Where does Janette Oke live in 2021?

    Janette and her husband, Edward, live in Alberta, Canada.

  3. How old is Janette Oke?

    She is 86 years old. She was born on 18 February 1935.

  4. Who is Laurel Oke Logan?

    Laurel Oke Logan

    Laurel Oke Logan, daughter of Edward and Janette Oke, is the author of JANETTE OKE: A Heart for the Prairie, as well as the novel DANA’S VALLEY, which she co-wrote with her mom. Laurel and her husband have six children and two sons-in-law and live near Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  1. eleanor margaret abraham

    i have read quite a number of your books as a born again christain i find them very inspiring down to earth and challanging at present im reading measure of a heart its a great story

    1. Books In Order

      Thank You for your lovely review.

  2. Nancy Marks

    Thank you for this extensive list. I’m getting the books from the library and they show up in odd orders. I’m old. I get mixed up. Nevertheless, I immediately get engrossed in each new book, so I have to finish it. I will bookmark this so I can refer to it often. Again thanks for all your hard work.
    A Jesus lover, Grandma Nancy

  3. Evelyn (Howard) Newton

    I love reading your Canadian West Series the most. It reminds me of my grandparents who homesteaded near Elk Point, Alberta. My grandpa and his brother went there to establish their homesteads, then grandpa went back to Iowa to marry grandma when she graduated from high school and they went back to the homestead. Grandpa was not a Mountie, but later in years he became the Chief of Police of Independence, Oregon. They had three of their four children in Alberta, my father being one of them. Grandpa was on the baseball team in Elk Point.

  4. Jean Hood

    I absolutely loved her Love comes Softly series! It was many years ago but I will never part with the books! She’s a great author!

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