Lunar Chronicles

lunar chronicles books in order

Lunar Chronicles Books in Order is a wonderful story that has left many thirsty souls wanting more. Written by an author named Marissa Mayer, the book features the most creativity and original illustration that every writer should strive to do. Marissa exposes each character in such a way that the interpretation she gives you will …

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The Twilight

the twilight book series

Stephanie series, written by Stephanie Meyer. In 2005, when the first novel in the series, the twilight book series, was released, it was immediately met with great commercial and critical success. Focusing on the romance of a human teenager, Isabella “Bella” Swan, and the vampire of the century Edward Cullen, as they navigate the complexities …

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Agents of Rome

agents of rome book series

Author Nick Brown wrote the “Agents of Rome Book Series” series of historical novels. The publication of the series began in 2011, when “The Seas” was released. The series features an intelligence officer named Cassius Corbelo, who has completed his officer training for the first time. He is aided by Simo, his loyal servant, and …

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dexter books in order

The series was published in the year 2004 and was called as darkly dreaming dexter books in order. This is a suspense novel written by Jeff Lindsay and Dexter is the main character of this series. In this article we will talk about the character Dexter Morgan, the series darkly dreaming Dexter and in addition …

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Mitford books in order

In this article we will talk about Mitford books in order. This is a series of book which is written by American novelist Jan Karon. Stories are based on fictional town Mitford which is located in North Carolina. All the books are based upon fictional stories and all the stories around Mitford. We will talk …

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Agatha raisin

Agatha raisin books in order

Agatha Raisin written by one of the famous author Marion Chesney under the company of Pseudonym M. C. Beaton. Agatha raisin books in order is a fictional character of a mystery novel series.  This release contains 25 mystery novels which were published from the year 1992 to 2014. In this article we will talk about …

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halo books in order

Halo is a successful novel series which is based on the military science fiction Genre. This is actually an adaptation from a world famous game which was created by a Bungie software company  halo books in order . Here in This article we will talk about hello series which is one of the famous series …

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