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Alex Rider Books In Order

Alex Rider Books in Order – Alex Rider is the only teenage spy in the world. This is one of the most loved characters among young readers. The unforeseen action-laden series that the writer wrote for teenagers was first published in the year 2000. In total, there are ten books in the series Alex Rider Books.

British Novelist Anthony Horowitz composed the Alex Rider series. They sold to date about 19 million copies worldwide. Becoming stronger day by day, Anthony Horowitz is an expert in crime and adventure writing for both adults and teenagers.

He wrote about James Bond, Sherlock Holmes novels, and action films. He writes on first-pace plots which have twists, suspense, and cliffhangers.

Who is Alex Rider?

Anthony Horowitz is from a Jewish family born to an upper-middle-class parents. In his childhood, he was an obese and unhappy child. However, this made him a good reader. During those days, he was boating in River Torridge with his nanny.

At 8, Horowitz started writing and then could understand soon, he will be a professional writer. The reason behind it was his underachieving performance at the school level, which brought him to escape into the books.

At 13, his mother introduced him to Dracula and Frankenstein, and those novels impressed him. In 2006 a boy spy Alex Rider made a big impact, and Alex Rider’s books became bestsellers.

Publication Order of Alex Rider Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Stormbreaker(2000)Buy Now
Point Blank(2001)Buy Now
Skeleton Key(2002)Buy Now
Eagle Strike(2003)Buy Now
Scorpia(2004)Buy Now
Ark Angel(2005)Buy Now
Snakehead(2007)Buy Now
Crocodile Tears(2009)Buy Now
Scorpia Rising(2011)Buy Now
Russian Roulette(2013)Buy Now
Never Say Die(2017)Buy Now
Nightshade(2020)Buy Now
Alex Rider Books Collection

Publication Order of Alex Rider: The Graphic Novel Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Stormbreaker(2006)Buy Now
Point Blank(2007)Buy Now
Skeleton Key(2009)Buy Now
Eagle Strike(2012)Buy Now
Scorpia(2016)Buy Now
Ark Angel(2020)Buy Now

Publication Order of Alex Rider Non-Fiction Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Gadget(2005)Buy Now
Alex Rider, Mission Files(2008)Buy Now

Top 4 Alex Rider Books in Order

Storm Breaker

The first book of the Alex Rider book is Stormbreaker. In this novel, Alex Rider is a teenager and compelled to work for his uncle’s suspicious death. In this operation, he has to face many murky worlds of technical gadgets, Secret weapons, unsocial elements, and above all, terrorists. Some goons wanted to assassinate Alex, but he outsmarted them with the help of technologies provided to him by the Government.

The theme of the Storm breaker of Alex Rider Book series is that children and teens can achieve and can do much more than expected of them. Moreover, they can have a large impact on the world. Blunt and Mrs. Jones, who sent Alex to Sayle Enterprises, could not even believe that he could accomplish anything or even make it back alive.

Alex, with his promptness and the right planning, discovers a factory where he finds that the Storm breaker computers are being filled with a strange fluid. However, Sayle could capture Alex and tell him that computers are biological weapons. This liquid is a virus that will cause an epidemic of smallpox if activated.

Point Blank

This novel, under the best Alex Rider Books in Order, is all about the murder of an American electronics billionaire, Michael J. Roscoe. A reputed Contract killer killed him in the elevator shaft of his New York City office. Alex was elsewhere at that moment and pursuing a case in which a man named Skoda was selling drugs to school students. However, police caught Skoda on the Crane.

Before they caught Skoda, he dropped the barge with the crane in the middle of the Police conference. But miraculously, all were safe. No causalities were there except for some major injuries. In between, the Police caught Alex and brought him to the police station, where people got to know his identity. M 16 head Alan Blunt then compels Alex to investigate the death of Roscoe.

Another person also died. He was the Head of the foreign intelligence service, General Victor Ivanov. He died in a Motor Boat explosion. The only link Alex has is both the deceased have rebellious sons who are in Point Blanc Academy.

Alex changed his appearance and took the identity as Alex’s friend, the son of billionaire Sir David Friend. He adapted himself as a member of the Friend family by staying with the family for a week. The daughter of Sir David and his wife, Lady Caroline, Fiona, did not like he was staying with the family. So, she made plot to kill Alex with the help of her boyfriend Rufus and his friends.

But Alex, by frightening Rufus, threw the illegal gun into a pond. Thereafter, he visits M 16 gadget master and receives a bulletproof ski jacket, infra-red goggles, and some blasters with a tranquilizer dart disguised as Sony Discman. 

The end of the novel is undoubtedly keeping a secret as one has to read the novel Point Blanc by Alex Rider Books which is really adventurous.

Skeleton Key

In this novel by Alex Riders Books, Skeleton Key is a fictitious island. On this island, three people meet General Alexei Sarov to supply Uranium. In this deal, all three strangers told him to pay them a quarter-million dollars.

Otherwise, they will reveal the dealings to the American authorities. General, instead, by switching off the runway lights during take-off and forcing them to fall into a crocodile-infested pond, saved himself.

In the meantime, after the Point Blanc mission, when M 16 chief finds Alex is alive, he approaches him to go for Wimbledon in disguise as a ball boy to investigate a break-in. In the tournament, a gang is working on match-fixing.

Alex became the center point of the target. They attempted to kill Alex. They named the gang as a triad gang. They tried to kill Alex twice when he was on vacation but failed. However, the CIA and M 16 sent Alex for his own safety.

Eagle Strike

In the fourth book of the Alex Rider Books in Order, MI6 agent Alex Rider is relaxing in France, but suddenly, an attack on his host forces him to involve himself in a life of violence and Misery. Alex now took a vow to track down the culprits but alone. Ongoing deep, he finds it is a deeply buried secret and more terrible than what he expected. 

Fifteen years ago, two agents they sent to assassinate a drug lord. One of them sets up his sniper rifle for action. The second alerted his partner to a black widow spider on his neck. The sniper shot the drug lord while he was trying to board a helicopter. He kills both the spider and his target.

Now Alex Rider chases Yassen Gregorovich, who killed his uncle, to kill him in France along with his friend Sabina Pleasure. In the attack, Sabin’s father got injured, and their holiday home exploded because of the gas leak. Alex could suspect Yaseen’s involvement and sneaks onto his Yacht.

Yaseen outthinks him and escapes. He seizes his mobile phone, where he found the name of a pop star, Damian Cray. M 16 did not allow him to investigate Cray. The rest is in the novel that one can find while reading the book Eagle Strike by Alex Riders Books.

Final Thoughts – Alex Rider

Apart from the above list, there are some more popular Alex Rider Books in Order, including Scorpia, Snakehead, Quite a Ride, Never Say Die, Nightshade, and more. Though Alex has written a limited number of book series, his writing is fantastic to add to your knowledge hub.

Some Top Faq on Alex Rider Series

  1. Who is Anthony John Horowitz?

    Anthony John Horowitz, CBE is an English novelist and screenwriter specializing in mystery and suspense. His works for children and young adult readers include The Diamond Brothers series, the Alex Rider series, and The Power of Five series.

  2. How many books are there in Alex Rider Series?

    There are 12 books in the Alex Rider series, the first book was Stormbreaker which came in the year 2000 and the most recent one is Nightshade which was released in the year 2020.

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