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Alex Berenson Books In Order

Alex Berenson Books in Order – Being an avid reader of thriller fiction, if you want to add some thriller fiction to your library, Alex Berenson Books will be a great choice for you. By profession, Berenson is a conspiracy theorist and an American writer.

He has authored many thriller novels and one financial filing and gained immense popularity as a reporter and a writer as well.

Alex Berenson has worked profoundly in the field of journalism but left his career in 2010 to become a full-time writer. He achieved the Edgar Award for his first novel for best creation, and that is Newyork time’s best-seller.

Let’s know more about his life and how its cast impacted his works. 

Alex Berenson Biography

Born in Newyork in 1973 and growing up in Englewood, N. J., Alex Berenson took his graduation degree from Yale University in 1994 with the subject history and economics but started his career as a reporter with

He also joined the Newyork Times, where he covered all the dazzling topics, whether it is from the drug industry, Hurricane Katrina, or other burning topics, and worked to clean up the corruption from his own government as well as from the foreign government.

Berenson played a crucial role during this corona pandemic, frequently appearing in American right-wing media, spreading false claims related to corona vaccines safety and the effectiveness of its related issues. On August  28, 2021, his Twitter account was permanently suspended as he was continuously dilatation of the policy related to corona vaccination.

At present, he is living with his wife Dr. Jacqueline Berenson, a forensic psychiatrist, and their children. 

Alex Berenson Books In Order

As a thriller fiction writer, Alex Berenson has written almost 12 thriller novels featuring the same protagonist, a CIA agent, and through this character, he showcases his unique ability related to war and action. Here we are adding some of his hit books so that, as a reader, you can understand his level of writing.

John Wells Books In Publication Order

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Faithful Spy(2006)Buy Now
The Ghost War(2008)Buy Now
The Silent Man(2009)Buy Now
The Midnight House(2010)Buy Now
The Secret Soldier(2011)Buy Now
The Shadow Patrol(2012)Buy Now
The Night Ranger(2013)Buy Now
The Counterfeit Agent(2014)Buy Now
Twelve Days(2015)Buy Now
The Wolves(2016)Buy Now
The Prisoner(2017)Buy Now
The Deceivers(2018)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Power Couple(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Number(2003)Buy Now
Lost in Kandahar(2011)Buy Now
The Prince of Beers(2012)Buy Now
Alex Berenson Quotes(2016)Buy Now
Tell Your Children(2019)Buy Now
Pandemia(2021)Buy Now

Unreported Truth Books In Publication Order

Book TitleYearBuy On Amazon
Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns: Part 1(2020)Buy Now
Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns: Part 2(2020)Buy Now
Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns: Part 3: Masks(2020)Buy Now
Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns: Part 4: Vaccines(2021)Buy Now

Alex Berenson Few Top Books Summary

The Faithful Spy

The first novel of the John Wells series and published in April 2006 and received many prestigious awards like the Edgar award and Newyork times’ best-selling award.

The story begins with the investigation of CIA agent John Wells, that was infiltrated by A.I. Qaeda and struggled to stop the attack in the U.S. Alex Berenson was very much interested in war, so in his signature style, he wrote this novel too that takes the reader inside the war on terror-related issues, and it reflects in this novel too.

The Ghost War

Second, in the John Wells series, the ghost war was released in 2008 is a story that tells terrific and relentless suspense and action in a reasonably credible plot. It will be beautiful to see how john wells entered china with no mission planning and how he survived in a struggle. As a reader, you will be familiar with Alex’s signature style of writing, so here also!    

The Silent Man

The silent man is the third in Alex Berenson’s book series that tells about soldier spy john wells and his continuous effort. The characters are well crafted and describe the theft of the weapons that makes it a spy thriller. In the above two books, wells have to save the U.S. from the unavoidable situation.

But in this book, as the reader, you will see Islamic jihadists manage to steal two nuclear weapons and not intend to donate the weapons in the U.S. and john wells returning to Washington with his fiancée, Jennifer. 

The Midnight House

The fourth book in the well series is a real page-turner. Being an excellent writer, he crafted a sensational plot with a spy thriller with some elements of personal experiences and action and military.

A John well was on his power-packed take on his sprawling war and was called upon to investigate the serial murders of a disbanded eleven-member with his assistant, Ellis Shafer, despite the investigation being done by the FBI.

In this novel, you can see Alex’s excellent knowledge of military and intelligence that makes the novel entreating, and the show can read the psychological toll that torture of prisoners and interrogators’ minds. 

The Secret Soldier

 This next addition in Alex Berenson’s Books in Order is the secret soldier, which revolves around an attack that has put the country of Saudi Arabia on edge. Here the reader can feel the elements of terrorism, political scandal, and family drama. 

The Take-Away

Alex Berenson’s Books in Order will give a complete outsight of war and sensational atmosphere as will introduce you to the critical view of a reporter, so this series of books should be added to your must-read category, so happy reading!

Pandemic How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Right, And Lives: A Recently Published Book

With the mixed review, readers will get level-headed information related to covid since June 2020. He was a man who had been in lots of controversies during a pandemic because of his statements. His Twitter account was also get banned. As a reader, if you also want to know about his views should read this book.

Alex Berenson Top Faqs

  1. Who is Alex Berenson?

    Alexander Berenson also called Alex Berenson is an American writer and conspiracy theorist. Alex Berenson has worked profoundly in the field of journalism but left his career in 2010 to become a full-time writer. He achieved the Edgar Award for his first novel for best creation, and that is Newyork time’s best-seller.

  2. Which are the latest releases by Alex Berenson?

    Here are the names of a few of Alex Berenson’s latest booksThe Power Couple, Pandemia, and Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns: Part 4: Vaccines.

  3. In which genre Alex Berenson has written his books?

    Most of Alex Berenson’s books belong to the Nonfiction, spy fiction, and thriller fiction genres.

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