The Heroes of Olympus Books in Order By Rick Riordan

The Heroes Of Olympus Books In Order

The Heroes of Olympus Books in Order– It’s a collection of fictional heroes created by author Rick Riordan. They are a continuation of the very popular Percy Jackson and the The Heroes of Olympus Books. The story picks up from where it left off in the last novel in the Percy Jackson series.

The series focuses on the exploits of the seven deities and their efforts to prevent the earth goddess Gaia from awakening. The pages of The Last Olympian provide prophetic insight into the future of the seven demigods.

Which was the fifth and final book in the Percy Jackson series. The prophecy specifically refers to seven convictions, some of which are already known.

To say that The Lost Hero is the beginning of a new series would be something of a lie. It’s like the opening of a new chapter in an already established and growing story. However, this is the The Heroes of Olympus Books in Order from the beginning and a new story for today’s demodods. There is a difference with the Percy Jackson series.

It has not only Greek Dimigods, but also Roman ones. The novel begins 3 months after the conclusion of The Last Olympian. The novel begins with the introduction of a new character: Jason Grace, who wakes up in a school bus unable to remember where or who he is.

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The Heroes of Olympus Books in Order

He has two classmates, Piper and Leo, sitting next to his name and her name Piper informs him that she is his girlfriend. They also discover that they are on a field trip to the Wilderness School, a boarding school for criminals. Once they reach their destination, the Grand Canyon, one of their classmates, comes out of the storm sensation and starts a fight with the three friends.

Everyone including Jason is shocked when one of his coins turns into a sword and fights the enemy. At the end of the fight, a flying car appears and Annabeth Chase from the first series takes three surprised children with her. They discover that they are demodos that have been taken to the field of the mestizos.

Book NamePublication Year
The Lost Hero-2010
The Son of Neptune-2011
The Mark of Athena-2012
The Demigod Diaries-2012
The House of Hades-2013
The Blood of Olympus-2014

New demons come into action and Jason’s memory begins to return and he realizes that he is actually the son of Jupiter and was a hero of the Jupiter camp.

Towards the end of the first novel, The Lost Hero informs the reader of the whereabouts of Percy Jackson. When Jason Grace’s memory returns, it is reported that his place at Camp Jupiter was taken by Percy, who would likely be suffering from the same memory that afflicted Jason. Finally, Percy embarks on a quest for Alaska to free the Thanatos, who are now captured and unable to keep mortals dead.

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Percy struggles with memory loss during the search. The only clear memory he has is of Annabeth. Finally, Percy began to regain his memory during his trial. Finally Percy and his companions manage to free Thanatos and in the process face a giant.

After these tests, Percy regains his memory while traveling to Camp Jupiter. Upon his arrival, he finds the camp under attack and leads the Romans into battle. He leads them to victory and challenges the giant poleboats to an enemy of his father, Neptune / Poseidon. With the help of Terminus, he defeats Vishal and is announced as the leader of the Roman camp.

In the end, Percy allowed the Greek and Roman democracies to join the army. Argo II brings in the characters from the first novel and Percy reunites with his girlfriend. The democracy group has grown and the prophecy advances.

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