John Saul Books in Order | Blackstone Chronicles Series

John Saul Books in Order | Blackstone Chronicles Series 2

John Saul Books in Order– John Saul is an American Novelist who gave a new revolution in the writing field especially in the thriller and horror genres. The writing pitch and reader’s demand made his books come in the list of New York Times Best Seller Novels and the best example is ‘The Blackstone Chronicles. John Saul’s books in order are just the mirror that reflects the work of the great writer.

The Blackstone Chronicles by John Saul

This novel comprises six segments and John Saul is published monthly so that the readers can hold the grip of the characters in the novels as well as the suspense. It is the most outstanding John Saul books that astonished the readers. The list of six books enclosed in The Blackstone Chronicles is listed beneath.

  • An Eye for an Eye
  • Twist of Fate
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • In the Shadow of Evil
  • Day of Reckoning
  • Asylum

Apart from ‘The Blackstone Chronicles, his other books were also in the demand and they were on the list of bestseller novels. The novels are Nightshade, Black Lightning, Guardian, The Presence, and many more.

John Saul Books in Order

Here is the list of John Saul books and novels in publication order.

Publication Order of Blackstone Chronicles Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
An Eye for an Eye(1996)Buy Now
Twist of Fate(1997)Buy Now
Ashes to Ashes(1997)Buy Now
In the Shadow of Evil(1997)Buy Now
Day of Reckoning(1997)Buy Now
Asylum(1997)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Suffer the Children(1977)Buy Now
Punish the Sinners(1978)Buy Now
Cry for the Strangers(1979)Buy Now
Comes the Blind Fury(1980)Buy Now
When the Wind Blows(1981)Buy Now
The God Project / All Fall Down(1982)Buy Now
Nathaniel(1984)Buy Now
Brain Child(1985)Buy Now
Hellfire(1986)Buy Now
The Unwanted(1987)Buy Now
The Unloved(1988)Buy Now
Creature(1989)Buy Now
Second Child(1990)Buy Now
Sleepwalk(1990)Buy Now
Darkness(1991)Buy Now
Shadows(1992)Buy Now
Guardian(1993)Buy Now
The Homing(1994)Buy Now
Black Lightning(1995)Buy Now
The Presence(1997)Buy Now
The Right Hand of Evil(1999)Buy Now
Nightshade(2000)Buy Now
Black Creek Crossing(2001)Buy Now
The Manhattan Hunt Club(2001)Buy Now
Midnight Voices(2002)Buy Now
Perfect Nightmare(2005)Buy Now
In the Dark of the Night(2006)Buy Now
The Devil’s Labyrinth(2007)Buy Now
Faces of Fear(2008)Buy Now
House of Reckoning(2009)Buy Now

John Saul- Beginning of the journey

John Saul was born on 25 February 1942 in Pasadena, California, and brought up at Whittier. The Whittier is the place where he completed his schooling and then he moved to college for a degree. However, he attended several colleges such as Ohio, Cerritos, and many more but he failed to get the degree.

College Dropout- What’s Next

John Saul didn’t get any degree just because he left college. After leaving college, he planned to pursue his career as a writer but his dream was a challenging one. He had to manage his bills and for that, he worked in several industries for 15 years. Even at those phases, the writing skill was in active mode and he planned to share the ideas of car-rental services in the form of a novel. Well, that idea didn’t work and he was hunting for publishers. 

An Agent- Became the wheel on the journey of John Saul

John Saul was looking for the publishers for a very long time but didn’t get the right one. One day, he met with an agent in New York, he shared his ideas. The agent tried hard to rotate John Saul’s manuscript in between the publishers and finally got the success.

In the year 1976, Dell received the manuscript, though he didn’t like it, the ideas and creativity astonished him. So, he told John Saul to work in the Psychological field and write books or novels in this genre. The step of Dell was the biggest gambling of John Saul’s life, but he was ready to see the new changes.

Was the Gambling worked?

The idea to write in the Psychological field was quite surprising for John Saul, but he accepted the challenge and his first novel got the Television advertisement and this was the first time, any book was advertised on TV. Since then, John Saul never turned back and within a month, a new novel Suffer the Children’ came on the market that came in the Best Seller List.

Famous Characters of his Novel

John Saul wrote various novels and they put a great impression on the readers. Even the characters of the novel become very famous and one such novel is ‘The Blackstone Chronicles. This novel was great in demand and thus it came in 29 languages to give the true Psychological thriller among the mass reader by removing the language bar.

The famous characters of this novel were, McGuires, The Beckers, The Connallys, and The Hartwick. They all were battling on life and respective situations that include, marriage, business, revenge, and death. These characters hold the grip of the novel and the best part is the interconnection of the characters in the novel. 

The Blackstone Chronicles is a complete suspense novel that will keep you engaging all the time. Even after the completion of one volume, you will definitely look for another to read. Most of the readers were very excited about this novel and even they read the entire series in no time just to minimize their curiosity.

Cry for Strangers- A book full of mystery, horror, and suspense

The Blackstone Chronicles is not the only novel that contains so much suspense. Even there are many more novels that come in John Saul Book in order list and one such is the Cry for Strangers. The novel is based on the death of strangers and it starts with Brad Randall, a Psychiatrist & writer who settles at Clark Harbor (Washington) with his wife Elaine.

He shifted to this new place just to get peace so that he can concentrate on writing. But his thought went wrong as the local resides of Clark Harbor were not cooperative towards strangers.

Things changed when the strangers started to die and here the mystery arises, how they are dying, who is behind the cause, and what’s the role of Brad Randall and his wife Elaine.  

This novel was highly applauded by the readers and even a film was made on this novel in the year 1982. 

John Saul- Interest

Apart from writing a novel, John Saul is also interested in art and played various roles in the theatres. Moreover, he enhanced the skills of many writers too by serving in the National Endowment for the Arts. 

John Saul was a lecturer too in the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and Maui Writers Conference intending to boost the analytical skills of the writers. Based on his work and dedication, he received the lifetime achievement award from Northwest Writers Conference. 

John Saul as a writer is also a trustee of a philanthropic organization named The Chester Woodruff Foundation. He did a great job after becoming a trustee and supported many people.

He spends his time on other activity too that involves playing golf, cooking, and avid reader. To spend his time, he even made a home at Hawaii Island.

Top Faq on John Saul

  1. Who is John Saul?

    John Saul Author

    John Saul is an American author of suspense and horror novels. Most of his books have appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List.

  2. Ho old is John Saul?

    John Saul was born on 25 February 1942 in Pasadena, California, and brought up at Whittier. He is 80 years old.

  3. John Saul belongs to which genre?

    John Saul is an American author of thriller, suspense, and horror novels.

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