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Tana French Books In Order

Tana French Books In Order of Publication – The First Lady of Irish Crime, Tana French is an American-Irish writer and also a well-trained theatrical actress. She was born in America in 1973, and she started her career as a novelist from In The Wood in 2007, she won many awards from her debut and made her name among the mystery readers. She is well-known for her fantastic fiction novels and series. 

Tana lived in many countries; Italy, the US, and Malawi. However, her father was an economist and worked internationally in resource management. She settled with her family in Dublin in Ireland in 1990 and completed her training as a professional actress from Dublin.

She is the New York Times Bestselling author for her several writings such as Faithful Place, Broken Harbor, The Secret Place, In the woods, and so on. 

Tana French Books and Novels

In her overall career, she has written many novels and books. Many serials or TV shows are being produced based on her writings. Dublin Murder Squad is one of the best collections of her hand. This series has a marvelous effect on the audience. It creates miraculous efficacy among mystery lovers. 

Dublin murder squad series was launched in 2007, and it includes six books.

Dublin Murder Squad Series 6 Books Collection Set by Tana French
Dublin Murder Squad Series 6 Books Collection Set by Tana French

It is a collection of fictional novels about the murder investigation story of a 12 year- old- the girl whose murder mystery is investigated by Irish detective Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox, and it includes the link of the case with Ryan’s past and many more dimensions.

Publication Order of Tana French Dublin Murder Squad Books

Book TitlePublication YearPrice & Purchase
In the Woods(2007)Check At Amazon
The Likeness(2008)Check At Amazon
Faithful Place(2010)Check At Amazon
Broken Harbour(2012)Check At Amazon
The Secret Place(2014)Check At Amazon
The Trespasser / Intrusion(2016)Check At Amazon

Publication Order of Tana French Standalone Novels

Book TitlePublication YearPrice & Purchase
The Witch Elm(2018)Check At Amazon
The Searcher(2020)Check At Amazon

Tana As A Mystery Writer

French-inspired from her living and writes about the police investigations or detectives on the murder squad in Dublin (Ireland). She is focusing on Crime Novels, in the first instance with the Dublin Murder Squad series. There is cliquism of mystery, tragedy, and love in her writings. This unique style of writing compels the readers to read her series. 

With more than four books altogether and a fifth one right now being delivered. Not only for Tana’s novels and the mysterious writings, but she’s also additionally known for her critics by the faultfinders. She is a Queen of mystery and a fantastic crime writer.

Tana French Books In Order

The first book of this series was launched in 2006 titled “In The Woods“, this is an eminent book among Tana’s readers. The Likeness debarked by French in 2008 and after its continuity, she launched Faithful Place in 2010 and was nominated for International Dublin Literary Award in 2012.

In the fourth series Broken Harbour she twisted the mystery and turned it in a new direction. She settled it in flank upon the ghost estate just outside of Dublin. Tana won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 2012 for mystery and thriller. The Secret Place is the fifth novel of Dublin Murder Squad which was published in 2014, and it is about the different perspectives of the detectives and a contrary between Stephen Moran and Student Holly Mackey.

An American newspaper, Washington posted it in the best five thrillers books of 2014. The sixth and the last book of this series, The Trespasser, was launched in 2016. 

This is not the end of the journey; Tana is enhancing her writing skills and making it uniquely; she always reflects her passionate nature as a searcher in her writings. 

She published The Witch Elm in 2018, an outstanding novel and characterized as a New York Notable Book Of 2018. It is considered as excellent writing of French, full of secrets and misapprehensions. It is a supernatural book by Tana French.

Tana French in Movies & TV

Tana French Books has ear-loving dialogues and is also attached with presumable plots twisted with complications. 

A British film and television production company, Euston Films and Veritas make a Television serial based on the story of In The Wood and The likeness, series of the Dublin Murder Squad, in 2008. 

The Searcher, Tana’s latest novel. It is standalone writing of Tana French and one of the inevitable psychological mysterious writing. It is about an American person who is discharged to Ireland to renew his life. The Searcher is a novation of French, and It is published in Washington’s post that The Searcher is its kind of masterpiece. It is her first book in which there is a non-Irish assertive, and she continued her crime-solving nature in it.

This novel is full of memories and suspense, and the main characters of this novel are treated as outsiders. Tana’s crime-solving ethos is reflected through The Searcher and beautifully fitted in the world of Tana French’s books.

Tana’s French books and novels are not only famous for her mysterious writings, but the storytelling and the story writing is unique and unrepeatable. 

She is a queen of mysterious tales in which characters are blemished with complex relationships and have an incentive for loyalty. Tana has a massive fanbase of mystery book lovers. Furthermore, her suspenseful storytelling grip the audience and have a significant influence on writing for the readers.

Top FAQ about Tana French

  1. Who is Tana French?

    Tana French Author

    Tana French is an American-Irish writer and theatrical actress. She is a longstanding resident of Dublin, Ireland. Her debut novel In the Woods, a psychological mystery, won the Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, and Barry awards for a best first novel. The Independent has referred to her as “the First Lady of Irish Crime,” who very quietly has become a huge international name among fiction readers.

  2. In which genre Tana French has written her books?

    Tana is a Queen of mystery and a fantastic crime writer

  3. Which was the last release of Tana French?

    The latest book she has written is The Searcher.

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  1. jim pettit

    Absolutely loved her first two books. Intelligently written, suspenseful stories you aren’t likely to figure out before you finish reading. The conversations she invents between characters come across as real, not tortuously written to move the reader quickly and unerringly in the direction of the plot. The two books are companion pieces even though the cases themselves are quite different. Now I must read more of Tana French!

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