Laurel Oke Logan Books in Order

Laurel Oke Logan Books in Order

Laurel Oke Logan is one of the most natural and flawless writers and it reflects in her writing style only. She is the only girl-child of one of the World’s Most Renowned & Beloved Writer named “Janette Oke” and Dr. Edward Oke. Let’s see Laurel Oke Logan Books in Order written by this inherited-writer with her biography and real-life in detail.

Initially, Laurel didn’t find the path to pave her career as a writer but, sooner inheritance dominates over real-life experience. This inherited gift soon helped her to achieve the highest level of her writing career with her first book.

Laurel Oke Logan Books in Order

  1. Gillian – 1986
  2. Where Courage Calls – 2014
  3. Where Truth Lies – 2015
  4. Unyielding Hope
  5. Impasse – 1997
  6. Where Hope Prevails – 2016
  7. In the Quiet of This Moment – 1995
  8. Janette Oke: A Heart for the Prairie
  9. Unyielding Hope – 2020
  10. Dana’s Valley
  11. Sustaining Faith -2021

Laurel Oke Logan: Early Life

She grew up in a small town with her 3 brothers that helped her to live childhood very exciting and made each day eventful. She spent her childhood in a small town on the Canadian prairie.

Laurel Oke Logan: Later Life

With no interest in writing, she went to college to complete for education. However, during her further studies, she fell in love and got married. After marriage, she and her husband “Marvin” has 4 children.

A few years later, she continued her education at Bethel College in Mishawaka (Indiana) and Purdue University. After finishing her education, she taught high-school students to writing seminars.

Other than this, she also assists her mother Janette Oke (who has managed to sell more than Eleven Million copies) with her writing projects. Moreover, she moved to Indiana to their home with her husband and children.

Laurel Oke Logan: Writing Career

Soon after her marriage, she began writing her very first novel, Gillian. With time she became a mother and stopped writing novels. Later at a certain period, when she home-schools her children, resumed her writing on a part-time basis. 

Apart from writing her novels, she also joined with her mother to complete the writing of Janette’s life story.

Laurel Books in Order: Synopsis of Best Books

1. “Where Hope Prevails” [Return of Canadian West Series, Book 1]

This “Where Hope Prevails” novel is the first book in the Return of Canadian West Series. Well, in this book, the story is all about the “Beth Thatcher”. This book has an inspiring conclusion for all the women in the world.

When Beth returns to her Coal Valley, she was excited as hell. She anticipates a proposal of marriage from Jerrick and perhaps a spring marriage. In this story, she is a school teacher. The mine was expanding with the increase in the school children number.

However, the town’s rapid growth brings an undisputed challenge to the teacher. As the story moves, Beth struggles to know how to respond as she encounters herself against a man who has a completely different philosophy for education.

It becomes fearful for the children who were being taught by Robert Harris Hughes as he doesn’t believe in religion and rejects the god. Apart from his trouble in professional life, she also had issues to take a decision. The decision was all about Jarrick, whether she should convince him to work under her father’s company or let him take the decision.

2. “Where Truth Lies” [Return of Canadian West Series, Book 2]

In the Laurel Oke Logan Books in Order, the Return of the Canadian West Series, Where Truth Lies is the second book. In this book, the story revolves around a character named “Beth Thatcher”. And, the story is the extension of the story from her last book named “Where Hope Prevails”, which is the first book of this series.

In this story, Bath Thatcher returns home as a schoolteacher in the mining town of Coal Valley. Later, her life back from a wealthy Eastern family to primitive life, which was a life turning moment. As a result, she gets confused and wasn’t sure about her where she belongs.

As the story moves further, she finds it difficult to settle herself. As she settles herself with time, her mother announces a family holiday plan which includes a premium and luxurious steamship tour to Canada and the USA along the Eastern Coast. However, she finds herself at odds with her mother expectations after a quick agreement on the tour decision for re-establishment of connection with mother and sister.

She gets complete freedom for the tour in the western wilds; Beth wasn’t sure how to ensure her mother on-going efforts to direct her life and heart. As the story moves forward, Beth gets herself in touch with her Mountie beau, Jerrick. She catches her eye once again at him at the station.

As the story moves forward, will Beth give her heart to Jerrick again or not, as she has to leave her family behind for him and adding more privilege to her life. Will Jerrick help her come out of the trauma as the distance between them has been stretched?

Faq On Laurel Oke Logan

  1. Who is Laurel Oke Logan?

    Laurel Oke Logan is the daughter of Janette Oke, awarding-winning author of Christian fiction, whose bestselling books have sold over eleven million.

  2. In which genre Laurel has written her books?

    Laurel’s book belongs to fantastic fiction genre.

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