Benjamin H. Milligan Books In Order

Benjamin H. Milligan Books In Order

A native of Indianapolis, Benjamin H. Milligan Books In Order consists of the novel, By Water Beneath the Walls: The Rise of the Navy SEALs, which was published in the year, 2021. Benjamin H. Milligan served in the US Navy as a SEAL from 2001 to 2009. He became the recipient of the Bronze Star and other awards while serving in the US Navy. He completed his BA in History at Purdue University and an MA in International Relations at the University of San Diego.

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By Water Beneath the Walls: The Rise of the Navy SEALs is Milligan’s first book which is written with insight from a combat veteran. The book gives an account of American special operations and the ultimate rise of the Navy SEALs to elite from frogmen. This concise volume, published in 2021, contains all the legacies of wars, challenges, and the heroics of the US SEALs. 

By Water Beneath the Walls: The Rise of the Navy SEALs

The novel is based on years of research that spans eight decades. It vividly details the lineage of the SEALs, showing their evolution to become the elite commandos that they are today. Their expansion of the role of the Navy SEALs from a maritime/littoral-centric force to inland is written in a well-researched and nuanced manner. 

The incidents are taken from the real-life experiences of remarkable leaders. The chronicles of early missions undertaken by units such as the Marine Raiders, Army Rangers, and Green Berets show the readers how these fateful moments helped create the modern American commando and opened up pivotal opportunities for the Navy.

It is a story of individual champions who get repeatedly shut down by their leaders steeped in conventional thinking. The book also chronicles the hidden stories of the battles between staffs, battles fought by intrepid early special operators, who were often under-trained, under-resourced, and poorly supported against the nation’s enemies in war. 

The book ends with the end of the US involvement in Vietnam, where the SEALs were the last units to leave and established themselves as the power unit that they are today. 

Benjamin H. Milligana’s Words In “By Water Beneath The Walls: The Rise Of The Navy Seals.”

In an interview with Paul Davis, Benjamin says that his book is not a comprehensive history of the SEAL teams. He has written the book wanting to put some context around the SEALs community because he felt the SEALs community deserved this. Moreover, he didn’t see anyone else doing what compelled him to write the book, which turned into a ten-year obsession.

He agrees that choosing the title for the book was the most difficult. He first thought it to name ‘The Evolution,’ which explains the drastic transformation the Navy special operation teams went through.

But he later found out that the title wasn’t working for him, so he changed the name at the last moment. According to him, the Navy seemed to always pick the path that was leading them towards the greater contribution ashore, and every move of theirs was decisive. 

Talking about the characters that he has mentioned in this Benjamin H. Milligan Books In Order, he names three figures that he finds the most influential in the development of SEALs.

The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Arleigh Burke, is an indispensable character in the creation of the SEAL teams without whom the SEAL teams would not have happened.

Another personality Phil Bucklew acted as the vessel of naval special warfare history and has been there since the beginning. One with the Scouts and Raiders, he had a hand in preserving the NCDUs at Omaha Beach.

He was an ever-present advocate of unconventional Navy operations and has visited China and Korea and led Guerrillas. He was the commander of West Coast UDTs and SEALs. He was the person in charge when the Navy was trying to kick the SEALs out of Vietnam. 

Another two personalities that were imperative in the development of SEALs were Bob Wagner, a wheeler-dealer that convinced the CIA to let the SEALs run the PRO program, and Bob Gallagher, who is the archetypal SEAL chief. He was constantly pushing Second Platoon to do more and taught the SEAL teams how to fight. 


Benjamin H. Milligan books in order were written in order to honor the SEALs and their evolution. You must consider reading the book if you are interested in knowing more about the US Navy SEALs and are looking forward to an exciting read.

It’s an interesting and well-researched work of narrative history that is intriguing and written with an engaging writing style that shifts back and forth between intense to serious moments.

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