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Mark Greaney Books in Order

Mark Greaney Books In Order – Mark Greaney is one of the well-known international writers who have achieved plausible prestige for his remarkable works. He is an American novelist born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1967. He is popular among the whole world for his Gray-Man series.

In Greaney’s writing career, his degree in political science and international relations played a significant role. It turned his dull career into a luminous path.

Before 2009, he was not known for his writings, and the ideas and the fictions that he wrote were not fruitful.

Mark Greaney Books In Order Of Publication

Mark Greaney debuted his successful career from The Gray Man series, and he initiated his bright career in writing and established exceptional work with a lot of efforts. In the research work of The Gray Man’s series, he traveled to more than dozens of countries and researched the army.

Alongside this, he trained himself in law enforcement and the military. It is seen that legendary authors primarily write about their life, own experience, and the things that are familiar to them, but Greaney’s work reflects a unique kind of amorousness.

Many readers think that Greaney belongs to a military family and has an army background. Still, Mark Greaney didn’t have any military experience, but his writings are sophisticated with the military’s highly influenced information.

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His novels and books reflect his military-influenced nature. In an interview, he said that he wanted to join an army school, but because of some reasons, he couldn’t enter the program. However, his proper research and writing work about the military reveals his profound research works.

Publication Order of Court Gentry / Gray Man Books

Book NamePublication Year
The Gray Man(2009)
On Target(2010)
Dead Eye(2013)
Back Blast(2016)
Gunmetal Gray(2017)
Agent in Place(2018)
Mission Critical(2019)
One Minute Out(2020)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book NamePublication Year
Red Metal(2019)

Publication Order of Jack Ryan Universe Books

Mark Greaney writes as a co-author on the Jack Ryan, Jr. series alongside Tom Clancy. This is the publication order of the Tom Clancy series of books that contain the primary characters of Jack Ryan, John Clark, Jack Ryan Jr. If you are looking for the chronological order then keep reading this article.

Book NamePublication Year
The Hunt for Red October – (By Tom Clancy)(1984)
Patriot Games – (By Tom Clancy)(1987)
The Cardinal of the Kremlin – (By Tom Clancy)(1988)
Clear and Present Danger (By Tom Clancy)(1989)
The Sum of All Fears – (By Tom Clancy)(1991)
Without Remorse – (By Tom Clancy)(1993)
Debt of Honor – (By Tom Clancy)(1994)
Executive Orders – (By Tom Clancy)(1996)
Rainbow Six (By Tom Clancy)(1998)
The Bear and the Dragon – (By Tom Clancy)(2000)
Red Rabbit – (By Tom Clancy)(2002)
The Teeth of the Tiger – (By Tom Clancy)(2003)
Dead or Alive – (By Tom Clancy, Grant Blackwood)(2010)
Locked On – (With Tom Clancy)(2011)
Threat Vector (With Tom Clancy)(2012)
Command Authority – (With Tom Clancy)(2013)
Support and Defend(2014)
Full Force and Effect(2014)
Under Fire (By Grant Blackwood)(2015)
Duty and Honor – (By Grant Blackwood)(2016)
True Faith and Allegiance – (With Tom Clancy)(2016)
Point of Contact – (By Mike Maden)(2017)
Power and Empire – (By Marc Cameron)(2017)
Line of Sight – (By Mike Maden)(2018)
Oath of Office – (By Marc Cameron)(2018)
Enemy Contact – (By Mike Maden)(2019)
Code of Honor – (By Marc Cameron)(2019)
Firing Point – (By Mike Maden)(2020)
Shadow of the Dragon – (By Marc Cameron)(2020)
Target Acquired – (By Don Bentley)(2021)

Chronological Order of Jack Ryan Universe Books

Book NamePublication Year
Without Remorse(1993)
Patriot Games(1987)
Red Rabbit(2002)
The Hunt for Red October(1984)
The Cardinal of the Kremlin(1988)
Clear and Present Danger(1989)
The Sum of All Fears(1991)
Debt of Honor(1994)
Executive Orders(1996)
Rainbow Six(1998)
The Bear and the Dragon(2000)
The Teeth of the Tiger(2003)
Dead or Alive(2010)
Locked On(2011)
Threat Vector(2012)
Command Authority(2013)
Support and Defend(2014)
Full Force and Effect(2014)
Under Fire(2015)
Duty and Honor(2016)
True Faith and Allegiance(2016)
Point of Contact(2017)
Power and Empire(2017)
Line of Sight(2018)
Oath of Office(2018)
Enemy Contact(2019)
Code of Honor(2019)
Firing Point(2020)
Shadow of the Dragon(2020)
Target Acquired(2021)

Publication Order of Jack Ryan, Jr / Campus. Books

Book NamePublication Year
The Teeth of the Tiger – (By Tom Clancy)(2003)
Dead or Alive – (By Tom Clancy, Grant Blackwood)(2010)
Locked On – (With Tom Clancy)(2011)
Threat Vector (With Tom Clancy)(2012)
Command Authority – (With Tom Clancy)(2013)
Support and Defend(2014)
Full Force and Effect(2014)
Under Fire – (By Grant Blackwood)(2015)
Duty and Honor – (By Grant Blackwood)(2016)
Point of Contact – (By Mike Maden)(2017)
Line of Sight – (By Mike Maden)(2018)
Enemy Contact – (By Mike Maden)(2019)
Firing Point – (By Mike Maden)(2020)
Target Acquired – (By Don Bentley)(2021)

Mark Greaney Novels

Mark Greaney entered the world of literacy in an astounding manner, from his new launch in 2009, he gained a national bestseller prize and was nominated for a Barry Award in the Best Thriller category for the Gray Man.. He co-wrote with Tom Clancy and made successful writing Threat Vector and Locked On, both novels were considered as the No.1 bestseller’s list in the New York Times.

Command Authority was also a collaboration of work with Tom Clancy in 2013, and he sent Tom Clancy as a best friend and capable preacher. He helped him in getting new and innovative ideas and advised several effects methods for his story writing in more depth along with this he is a better research advisor.

Mark Greaney has several beautiful writings; however, he was a great fan of Tom Clancy for years and read all his books. Mark Greaney collaborated with Tom Clancy in three writings, and all are at the peak of novels. After Clancy’s death, Tom Clancy influenced four novels and all.

He wrote Tom Clancy: Support and Defend in 2014 and in the same year he launched Tom Clancy: Full Force and Effect, 2015 he wrote Tom Clancy: Commander in Chief and the last one is Tom Clancy: True Faith and Allegiance in 2016. In 2017, he left the franchise of Jack Ryan Universe.

Mark Greany’s standalone work was started from a novel, Red Storm Rising in 1986 and he published his first successful standalone work in 2019 which is Red Metal and H. Ripley Rawlings IV, USMLE, and got the reward as New York Times Best sellers’ list. Greaney’s name appeared in the NYT Bestseller list twice in 2019.  

Mark Greany- The Gray Man 

Mark Greaney’s book is published in various countries in several languages and also on audiobooks. Furthermore, he writes many novels and books, along with other writers and even as an independent writer. Though, he is primarily known for his The Gray Man series. It includes nine books, and all are separated from each other, wholly based on his research work and showing his passion for the military.

This series focuses on Court Gentry and the adventures of former CIA actinic and international killers. This series is marvelous.

There are nine series of The Gray Man, and the latest will be launched in 2021. The Gray Man is the debut of this series in 2009. The second novel is On Target, 2010, the third book is Ballistic (2011), Dead Eye in 2013, Back Blast which is published in 2016, Gunmetal Gray in 2017, Agent in place in 2018, Mission Critical in 2019, One Minute Out is the latest one which is launch in 2020. The upcoming novel is Relentless, which will come in 2021.  

There are also Mark Greany books in order which are in a series named Jack Ryan series, and Tom Clancy forms the featured characters.

The Jack Ryan series is a set of seven books in order debuted from Locked On in 2011, Threat Vector (2012), Command Authority (2013), after the death of Clancy he continued this series. He made it a fruitful work, and in 2014 he published two books in order which are Tom Clancy: Support and Defense and Tom Clancy: Full Force and Effect, Tom Clancy: Commander in Chief in 2015 and the last one is Tom Clancy: True Faith and Allegiance in 2016. 

Mark Greaney Books

Mark’s books and novels have a great kind of story and actions that are fit for the screen. New Regency Pictures featured a film based on the novel The Gray Man, and Adam Cozad writes the screenplay. Many more series scripts are written by him and planned to launch the films, but the date is not final yet. 

World’s prestigious publications introduced The Gray Man series as a brilliant piece of work and sexy read, and it is the most popular thriller in history written by Mark Greaney. 

Mark’s novels are available in paperback, ebooks and also audiobooks. In all his writing, there are a lot of characters. Readers are waiting passionately for his upcoming books and novels and even for the TV series. 

Relentless and Novel of Gray Man 10 (untitled) will be launched in 2021, and the audience is captivated by his upcoming latest writings. 

FAQ on Mark Greaney

  1. Who is Mark Greaney?

    Mark Greaney

    Mark Greaney is an American novelist. He is best known as Tom Clancy’s collaborator on his final books during his lifetime, and for continuing the Jack Ryan character and the Tom Clancy universe following Clancy’s death in 2013. He is also known for the “Gray Man” series of novels

  2. Is it necessary to read the “Gray Man” series in order?

    Each book is action-packed and while the cases he takes on are separate, there is an underlying thread that is worth following. That’s why reading The Gray Man series in order is important for anyone who doesn’t want to miss crucial details

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