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Jan Karon Books In Order

Jan Karon Mitford Books in Order – This is a series of book which is written by American novelist Jan Karon. Stories are based on the fictional town of Mitford which is located in North Carolina.

All the books are based upon fictional stories and all the stories around Mitford. We will talk about the author and the Mitford series and in addition to this, we will provide a list of all the books in the Mitford series.

Different books in the series are very interesting. All the stories show different characters in the life of a character, His daily struggles, and the way he lives in Mitford.

The Mitford Years Complete Set All Volumes
The Mitford Years Complete Set All Volumes

In total there are 7 novels in Mitford books in the order list. And in addition to that, there are some companion works but in the seventh book, the Mitford years were officially ended.

Mitford years is a series book that tells you the story of different events happing in Mitford’s life this is an amazing series and the best part is that you can also allow your children to read Mitford stories

The series is filled with unusual happenings which are taking place in the town, all Mitford books in order have something different and unusual which will fill you with excitement and joy.

Mitford Books in the Order of Publication

  • There are 14 Mitford books in order. Including companion books.
  • The series starts with the first book at home in Mitford which was released in the year 1994. 
  • And the last book in the series is where you are in 2017. 
  • There are many Mitford books in order in the nonfiction section and books for children. Which he wrote other than fictional books.

Publication Order of Mitford Years Books

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
At Home in Mitford-1994Buy Now
A Light in the Window-1995Buy Now
These High, Green Hills-1995Buy Now
Out to Canaan-1997Buy Now
A New Song-1999Buy Now
A Common Life-2001Buy Now
In This Mountain-2002Buy Now
Shepherds Abiding-2003Buy Now
Light From Heaven-2005Buy Now
Home to Holly Springs-2007Buy Now
In the Company of Others-2010Buy Now
Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good-2014Buy Now
Come Rain or Come Shine-2015Buy Now
To Be Where You Are-2017Buy Now

Mitford Gift Books

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
Esther’s Gift – A Mitford Christmas Story-2001Buy Now
The Mitford Snowmen – A Mitford Christmas Story-2001Buy Now
Patches of Godlight – Father Tim’s Favorite Quotes-2001Buy Now
Trellis and the Seed – A Book of Encouragement for All Ages-2003Buy Now
Jan Karon’s Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader-2004Buy Now
The Mitford Bedside Companion-2006Buy Now

Publication Order of Mitford Collections

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Bathed in Prayer(2018)Buy Now

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Jan Karon Biography

Jan Karon is an American novelist who writes for both adults and young readers. She is the author of the New York Times-bestselling Mitford novels, featuring Father Timothy Kavanagh, an Episcopal priest, and the fictional village of Mitford.

She was passionate about her writing a lot and she is one of the New York Times bestsellers and has sold millions of copies of the books she wrote.

Born Janice Meredith Wilson in 1937, Jan Karon was raised on a farm near Lenoir, North Carolina. Jan knew at a very early age that she wanted to be a writer. She penned her first novel when she was 10 years old, the same year she won a short-story contest organized by the local high school.

At 18, Jan began working as a receptionist for a Charlotte, N.C. advertising agency. She advanced in the company after leaving samples of her writing on the desk of her boss, who eventually noticed her talent. Jan went on to have a highly successful career in the field, winning awards for ad agencies from Charlotte to San Francisco. In time, she became a creative vice president at the high-profile McKinney & Silver. While there, she won the prestigious Stephen Kelly Award, with which the Magazine Publishers of America honor the year’s best print campaign.

During her years in advertising, Jan kept alive her childhood ambition to be an author. At the age of 50, she left her career in advertising and moved to Blowing Rock, North Carolina, to pursue that dream. After struggling—and failing—to get a novel underway, Jan awoke one night with a mental image of an Episcopal priest walking down a village street. She grew curious and started writing about a character she named Father Tim Kavanagh. Soon, Jan was publishing weekly installments about Father Tim in her local newspaper, The Blowing Rocket, which saw its circulation double as a result. “The installment plan certainly worked for Mr. Dickens”, says Jan.

The installments became Jan’s first Mitford novel, At Home in Mitford. That book has since been reprinted more than eighty times and was nominated three times (1996, 1997, and 1998) for an ABBY (American Booksellers Book of the Year Award), which honors titles that bookstore owners most enjoy recommending to customers. A New Song won the Christy and Gold Medallion awards for outstanding contemporary fiction in 2000. A Common LifeIn This Mountain, and Shepherd’s Abiding have also won Gold Medallion awards. Since the publication of Out to Canaan, Jan’s books have ridden high atop the New York Times bestseller list, frequently landing at #1.

Jan has also published two Christmas-themed books based on the Mitford series, The Mitford Snowmen and Esther’s Gift, as well as Jan Karon’s Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader. Other Mitford books include Patches of Godlight: A Compilation of Wit and Wisdom and A Continual Feast: Words of Comfort and Celebration. In addition, Jan has written two children’s books, Miss Fannie’s Hat and Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny, and an illustrated book for all ages, The Trellis and the Seed. For readers interested in Cynthia’s legendary cat books, Jan presents Violet Comes to Stay and Violet Goes to the Country.

Jan says her character-driven work seeks to give readers a large, extended family to call their own.

Jan’s daughter Candace Freeland, is an award-winning photographer who took the author’s cover photos for Somewhere Safe With Somebody GoodCome Rain or Come Shine, and To Be Where You Are.

CONCLUSION – Mitford Books in Order

Here in this article, we have provided complete information about the Mitford series. In addition to that, we have provided complete information about the writer of Mitford and listed all the books of Mitford in order.

If you are interested in knowing all the books which are written by him then you can definitely check out the list of books. Mitford is an amazing story of a fictional town which I would highly recommend you to watch. 

Trellis and the Seed – A Book of Encouragement for All Ages

When the little seed becomes discouraged with its size and appearance, Earth provides it with some encouraging words and tells it that it will blossom into something spectacular with a little time and patience, in an inspiring tale from the author of the Mitford Years series.

FAQ on Mitford Books in Order

  1. Which was the first book of the Mitford Series?

    October 28, 1994, saw the release of At Home In Mitford, the first book in the Mitford series by Jan Karon. She’d originally published 14 novels in the series with the final installment – To Be Where You Are – released in 2017.

  2. What is “The Mitford Years”?

    The Mitford Years is a series of fourteen novels by American writer Jan Karon, set in the fictional town of Mitford, North Carolina. The novels are Christian-themed, and center on the life of the rector, Father Tim

  3. Do you need to read the Mitford series in order?

    Yes! And the best way would be to read them in publication order

  4. What genre is the Mitford series?

    The Mitford Years is a series of fourteen novels by American writer Jan Karon, set in the fictional town of Mitford, North Carolina. The novels are Christian-themed, and center on the life of the rector, Father Tim.

  5. What town is the Mitford series based on?

    Blowing Rock became the fictional town of Mitford.

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  1. Karen Kingsley

    You have the genre of the mitford books as ‘non-fiction’. I don’t think so?

    1. Books In Order

      Thank You Karen. We have updated it.

  2. I am trying to order books and the check out won’t let me. I love Jan Karin books, I want to order more.

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    Is there a new book coming out soon?

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  4. Larry Kelley

    I want more! I want to know if Dooley & Lace has a girl & name her Sadie. Are there any more books to follow, To Be Where You’re? I have arthritis & can’t so, crochet, or do needlepoint anymore, your books give me hope. I’m only 68, but feel 108, not being able to use my hands like I used to.

    Thanks, Jeannie Kelley

  5. Carole Jo Scott

    Please check this website page. There are many references to Jan Karon as “he” or “him.” Jan is most assuredly a lady.

    You also have many photos of her on the same website. Also, the following sentence(s) in that area confuses me. “She stopped from his schooling life when he was in his 8th Grade. And started working in order to support his family. The thing to consider about her is that she was married at seventeen….”

    Was it Ms. Karon that stopped schooling from HER schooling when SHE was in HER 8th Grade? And, of course,…” to support HER family?” Or is there another person involved we know nothing about?

    Thanks, Carole Jo

  6. Bert

    I too am past ready for the next book. These books have such great messages for all of us! I have read all the books several times.
    Thank you Jan Karon!

  7. Julia Saunders

    I am finally finishing the last book “To Be Where You Are” & I’ve loved every one of them! I feel like they are really part of me & my family! I’m sad that there are not going to be any more books to carry on this wonderful story of Mitford!!! Thanks so very much for the wonderful, Godly characters & their lives that you gave us!! God Bless you much!❤️❤️❤️

  8. Kate

    I live in the Great Plains where winter weather can keep you home for long periods of time. I use this time annually to reread the entire series and reconnect with what’s important in life. The Mitford series continuously reminds me to keep my priorities in order! Additionally, my annual reading of the series provokes my faith and keeps me spiritually challenged because every year I am in a different place as I begin to read the books. Thank you for a lifetime of reading AND a lifetime of guidance that comes from what these wonderful books have to offer! Thank you!

  9. Melissa

    I am on book 14 now and find myself delaying so I don’t have to leave Mitford. I am in love with this series. Please write more Jan Karon!
    If my memory serves me right, Jan wanted to be minister and was told by her grandmother that girls couldn’t do that. We’ll…she did do just that through the Mitford books. What a wonderful ministry!

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