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Cherith Baldry Books In Order

Cherith Baldry Books In Order – Fantasy Stories are always in a demand because of the storyline, drama, and suspense. These stories attract more to the kids and if your kids are seeking a good storybook from you. Then you should provide Cherith Baldry Books in Order series as it contains ample fictional stories such as The Silver Horn, The Emerald Stone, and many more.

Now, you may be wondering why to go with Cherith Baldry’s books or novels. Well, the answer lies beneath her storybooks because the author has created an amazing storyline that will drive the readers to go for the next book. This is the prime reason that the demand for Cherith books has significantly increased and she wrote many novels in order. 

Cherith Baldry – Bio

Cherith Baldry lies in Reigate and she completed her studies at Manchester University and St. Anne’s College in Oxford. After completing the course, she joins the University of Sierra Leone, Africa as a lecturer. 

The thrust towards writing the books led her to leave the job and she planned to give full time to write a novel. The idea of writing was built in childhood, where she heard various fantasy stories from her grandfather. She applies the same concept in her storybooks and mostly uses the cats in her stories. 

Moreover, she kept the pen name Erin Hunter for her Warrior Series novels and she got appreciation from the reader. Now, let’s see Cherith Baldry Books in Order list including the Abbey and Six world series.

The saga of Six World by Cherith Baldry

Apart from writing the Abbey and Eaglesmount series, Cherith Baldry wrote another famous story in a series, named Saga of Six World. The series contains 6 books named ‘Book and the Phoenix’, ‘Hostages of the Sea’, ‘The Carpenter’s Apprentice’, ‘Cradoc’s Quest’, ‘Storm Wind’, and ‘Rite of Brotherhood’. 

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Book and the Phoenix(1989)Buy Now
Hostage of the Sea(1990)Buy Now
The Carpenter’s Apprentice(1992)Buy Now
Cradoc’s Quest(1994)Buy Now
StormWind(1994)Buy Now
Rite of Brotherhood(1994)Buy Now

Eaglesmount Series by Cherith Baldry

This series comprises 3 different books named ‘The Silver Horn’, ‘The Emerald Throne, and ‘The lake of Darkness’. These storybooks were highly applauded by the readers and now let’s see a glimpse of the same.

Book Title Publication Year Buy at Amazon
The Silver Horn(2001)Buy Now
The Emerald Throne(2001)Buy Now
The Lake of Darkness(2004)Buy Now

The Silver Horn

This storybook is about the Vair who is enhancing his swordfight skills. But in the meantime, his father was killed by a gang of thieves and this incident was the turning moment of Vair’s life. Will Vair take revenge or will utilize his sword skills for the welfare of the animal kingdom?

The Emerald Throne

The story revolves around the powerful Owl and the Vair for the emerald throne. In this story, you will get to know about the powerful Owl who planned to get the emerald throne of Eagle kings to become the king of Riverbourne. 

To stop the triumphal cart, the Vair (Pine marten) with Flora (wildcat) and his disciplines take a tough fight with the Powerful Owl. Now, the question arises, will the Vair succeed on his plan or the Owl?

Abbey Series by Cherith Baldry

Cherith Baldry Book in order comprises Abbey Series that includes 4 books named as ‘The Buried Cross’, ‘The Silent Man’, ‘The Scarlet Spring’, ‘The Drowned Sword’. Now, let’s see why these books were so special and who are the characters.

Book Title Publication Year Buy at Amazon
The Buried Cross (2004)Buy Now
The Silent Man (2004)Buy Now
The Scarlet Spring (2004)Buy Now
The Drowned Sword (2004)Buy Now

The Buried Cross

It is a story about the ancient coffin of King Arthur that was found beneath the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. But after the discovery of a coffin, the monks realized that the bones of a king & queen and a crude laden cross are missing. To find the same, Gwyneth and Hereward move ahead and starts the mission.

The Silent Man

In this storybook, there are lots of twists and turn as it revolves around many characters. The story begins with the missing case of Lord Ralph’s daughter and lord framed mute Bedwyn. Although he is innocent, there is no such evidence to prove the same. So, there was a tough challenge in front of Gwyneth and Hereward to solve the case.

The turning moment arises when the Lord found a letter that mentions his daughter is alive but he needs to keep this information secret. Now, the question arises as to how Lord Ralph’s daughter will get his daughter back and how Bedwyn will be released from the Abbey dungeons? How Gwyneth and Hereward will take the case and what are the challenges they will face on it? The answers to all the questions will be found only in The Silent Man book.

The Scarlet Spring

It is a mystery storybook that starts with Glastonbury Tor where the color of spring water is red. The residents of that region believe that the red color of the water is due to the blood of Christ, which means the spring is blessed by Lord Jesus.

One day, a friend of Gwyneth and Hereward, Brother Timothy visited this place and found the real reason behind the color of the water. As per him, the merchant was killed and it’s his blood moving on the water resembles the red color. Now, the entry of Gwyneth and Hereward takes place and they are desperate to solve this murder mystery.

The Drowned Sword

This story is about the sword and the challenges to be faced by Hereward. The story starts with Hereward and he found one buried sword that is a powerful one. But soon he realized that the sword is an Excalibur and many people are behind the same. Those people intend to get the throne of England through the sword. Now, what Gwyneth and Hereward will do? Will they bury the sword in the original place or they will expose the traitors of England?

Novels written by Cherith Baldry

Cherith Baldry wrote many fantasy storybooks in a series and also given the ultimate novels to the readers. Each novel is beautifully crafted and the storyline is just amazing. Here, a list of few novels is provided and once you go through the same, then you will realize the true essence of a novel.

Book Title Publication Year Buy at Amazon
A Rush of Golden Wings (1991)Buy Now
Drew’s Talents(1997)Buy Now
Mutiny in Space(1997)Buy Now
Exiled from Camelot(2001)Buy Now
The Reliquary Ring(2003)Buy Now
The Roses of Roazon(2004)Buy Now
Brutal Terminations(2018)Buy Now
Dangerous Deceits(2018)Buy Now

Anthologies containing stories by Cherith Baldry

Book Title Publication Year Buy at Amazon
Fantasy Stories (1996)Buy Now
Royal Whodunnits(1999)Buy Now

Bottom Line

This was all about Cherith Baldry Book in Order series. If you love a fantasy book, then you can go with the Eaglesmount series as the stories of Flora and Vair are outstanding. However, if you love mystery stories, then Abbey Series is a good option for you. 

The Abbey Series is outstanding as each book is well framed with the characters and also the author holds the suspense grip.

Top FAQ on Cherith Baldry

  1. What are some pseudonyms of Cherith Baldry?

    Cherith’s works were published under the pseudonyms Adam Blade, Jenny Dale, Jack Dillon, and Erin Hunter.

  2. Where Cherith Baldry Lives at present?

    She currently lives in Reigate with her two cats, Bramble and Sorrel, who were the inspirations for two characters in the Warriors books (Brambleclaw and Sorreltail, respectively).

  3. Who was the husband of Cherith Baldry?

    She was married to the late Peter Baldry, a scientist. She had two sons named Will and Adam, who grew up in the company of a ginger and white cat named Schrodinger.

  4. How old is Cherith Baldry?

    She is 74 years old born on 21 January 1947.

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