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In Death Series Books In Order

In Death Books in Order – Going under the pen name J.D. Robb, the writer Nora Roberts, has written Death Books. She is an American author of imagination, sentiment, and anticipation books, as she holds both long and celebrated inheritance behind her with more than 209 books added to her repertoire and tallying.

Naked in Death was the first of J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series, published in 1995. It has received acclaim from the Gothic Journal, though it was not a big hit then. The term they used was “a unique blend of hardcore police drama, science fiction, and passionate romance”. That is one heck of a review to receive for a first book. The Paperback Forum was far less romantic in its review, as they simply labeled the book “a fantastic new detective series”. Still, it said a lot.

Nora has various brands and marks that she uses to put out her different distinctive arrangements and establishments. One significant name that she uses is her J.D. Robb nom de plume, which she uses to put out her ever-prevalent ‘in Death’ arrangement of continuous books.

In Death Books Full List

Before going to join her folk’s work and in their lighting organization, during which time they had two children; Jason and Dan. While undertaking her job, she additionally kept up energy for expressions and specialties, working with youngsters’ garments and earthenware production.

All of which enabled her to locate an innovative outlet and assemble a feeling of what her identity was. At that point, in 1983, they finished their marriage, as she at that point met her second spouse Bruce Wilder, a woodworker who she wedded in July of 1985.

In Death Book Series in Order of Publication

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Naked in Death-1995Buy Now
Glory in Death-1995Buy Now
Immortal in Death-1996Buy Now
Rapture in Death-1996Buy Now
Ceremony in Death-1997Buy Now
Vengeance in Death-1997Buy Now
Holiday in Death-1998Buy Now
Conspiracy in Death-1999Buy Now
Loyalty in Death-1999Buy Now
Witness in Death-2000Buy Now
Judgment in Death-2000Buy Now
Betrayal in Death-2001Buy Now
Seduction in Death-2001Buy Now
Reunion in Death-2002Buy Now
Purity in Death-2002Buy Now
Portrait in Death-2003Buy Now
Imitation in Death-2003Buy Now
Remember When-2003Buy Now
Divided in Death-2004Buy Now
Visions in Death-2004Buy Now
Survivor in Death-2005Buy Now
Origin in Death-2005Buy Now
Memory in Death-2006Buy Now
Born in Death-2006Buy Now
Innocent in Death-2007Buy Now
Creation in Death-2007Buy Now
Strangers in Death-2008Buy Now
Salvation in Death-2008Buy Now
Promises in Death-2009Buy Now
Kindred in Death-2009Buy Now
Fantasy in Death-2010Buy Now
Indulgence in Death-2010Buy Now
Treachery in Death-2011Buy Now
New York to Dallas-2011Buy Now
Celebrity in Death-2012Buy Now
Delusion in Death-2012Buy Now
Calculated in Death-2013Buy Now
Thankless in Death-2013Buy Now
Concealed in Death-2014Buy Now
Festive in Death-2014Buy Now
Obsession in Death-2015Buy Now
Devoted in Death-2015Buy Now
Brotherhood In Death-2016Buy Now
Apprentice in Death-2016Buy Now
Echoes in Death-2017Buy Now
Secrets in Death-2017Buy Now
Dark in Death-2018Buy Now
Leverage in Death-2018Buy Now
Connections in Death-2019Buy Now
Vendetta in Death-2019Buy Now
Golden in Death-2020Buy Now
Shadows in Death-2020Buy Now
Faithless in Death-2021Buy Now
Forgotten in Death-2021Buy Now
Abandoned in Death-2022Buy Now
Desperation in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel-2022Buy Now

In Death Short Stories in order

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Midnight in Death-1998Buy Now
Remember When-2003Buy Now
Haunted in Death-2006Buy Now
Interlude in Death-2006Buy Now
Eternity in Death-2007Buy Now
Ritual in Death-2008Buy Now
Missing in Death-2009Buy Now
Big Jack-2010Buy Now
Possession in Death-2012Buy Now
Chaos in Death-2013Buy Now
Taken in Death-2013Buy Now
Wonderment in Death-2016Buy Now

J.D. Robb New Releases 2022-23

Abandoned in Death – An Eve Dallas thriller (In Death 54)

If you’re a crime fiction fan and haven’t discovered them yet, welcome to the very best day of your life’ Heat Magazine

In this brand new thriller in the Sunday Times bestselling series, Lieutenant Eve Dallas races to untangle a twisted family history while a hostage’s life hangs in the balance

Abandoned in Death
Abandoned in Death

Say goodnight, baby darling

Three young women have gone missing. They’re all pretty, mid-twenties – someone clearly has a type. But no one links their disappearances until the first – Lauren Elder – is found lying peacefully on a bench in a children’s playground. She is neatly dressed with a wide black velvet ribbon covering where her neck has been precisely slit. Her hands are folded over a childish sign on which is written in black crayon – BAD MOMMY.

Lt Eve Dallas and her team are brought in to investigate Lauren’s murder and uncover the links to the other two women. Can they find out enough about the missing women and unmask their captor before they kill again….?

Book 1 – Faithless in Death – Released Feb 2021

In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it.

The scene in the West Village studio appears to be a classic crime of passion: two wine glasses by the bed, music playing, and a young sculptor named Ariel Byrd with the back of her head bashed in. But when Dallas tracks down the wealthy Upper East Side woman who called 911, the details don’t add up. Gwen Huffman is wealthy, elegant, and comforted by her handsome fiancé as she sheds tears over the trauma of finding the body—but why did it take an hour to report it? And why is she lying about little things?

Faithless in Death JD Robb
Faithless in Death JD Robb

As Eve and her team look into Gwen, her past, and the people around her, they find that the lies are about more than murder. As with sculpture, they need to chip away at the layers of deception to find the shape within—and soon they’re getting the FBI involved in a case that involves a sinister, fanatical group and a stunning criminal conspiracy.

Book 2 – Forgotten in Death – Releasing September 7, 2021

In the latest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, homicide detective Eve Dallas sifts through the wreckage of the past to find a killer.

The body was left in a dumpster like so much trash, the victim a woman of no fixed address, known for offering paper flowers in return for spare change—and for keeping the cops informed of any infractions she witnessed on the street. But the notebook where she scribbled her intel on litterers and other such offenders is nowhere to be found.

Forgotten in Death by JD Robb
Forgotten in Death by JD Robb

Then Eve is summoned away to a nearby building site to view more remains—in this case, decades-old, adorned with gold jewelry and fine clothing—unearthed by recent construction work. She isn’t happy when she realizes that the scene of the crime belongs to her husband, Roarke—not that it should surprise her, since the Irish billionaire owns a good chunk of New York. Now Eve must enter a complex world of real estate development, family history, shady deals, and shocking secrets to find justice for two women whose lives were thrown away.

Abandoned in Death (In Death, 54) – Released 2022

Abandoned in Death By JD Robb
Abandoned in Death By JD Robb

Desperation in Death (In Death, 55) – Latest Release

New York, 2061: The place called the Pleasure Academy is a living nightmare where abducted girls are trapped, and trained for a life of abject service while their souls are slowly but surely destroyed. Dorian, a thirteen-year-old runaway who’d been imprisoned there, might never have made it out if not for her fellow inmate Mina, who’d hatched the escape plan. Mina was the more daring of the two―but they’d been equally desperate.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get away fast enough. Now Dorian is injured, terrified, and wandering the streets of New York, and Mina lies dead near the waterfront while Lt. Eve Dallas looks over the scene.

Desperation in Death Book 55 In Death Series

FAQ based on “In Death Series”

  1. Who is the author of “In Death Book Series”?

    Nora Roberts has written, “In Death Series”.

  2. Which is Death Series First Book Name?

    Naked in Death, which was released in 1995.

  3. What is Nora Roberts’s Pen Name?

    Nora Roberts’s Pen Name is J.D. Robb

  4. Nora Roberts Children’s Name

    Nora Roberts’s Children’s Names are Jason and Dan

  5. How many books are there in the “In Death” Series?

    There are a total of 55 books in the “In Death” series. The latest one is “Desperation in Death”.

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  1. Anne

    Abandoned in Death -2020

    See your list above: WRONG! – try 2022

    1. Books In Order

      Thank You, Anne, We have updated it.

  2. Susan Bolt

    Could I possibly ask for the latest 6 titles of the “In Death” series? I’ve read 50 definitely! They kept me sane during the lockdown in 2019, but I know there have been quite a few more since then?
    Thank you so much, they are a fabulous series!

  3. Linda

    Love this series. I’ve read every one, some more than once, and am looking forward to reading the latest one. I keep hoping that Eve and Roarke will become parents in the future, even accidentally. They would make great parents and I could foresee a hilarious situation developing from the very first page.

  4. Peggy Houston

    I am looking for the title of the book where Eve and her office nearly got blown up by the killer.

    Peggy Houston

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