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J.D. Robb Books in Order

J.D. Robb Books in Order – Are you a diehard fan of romantic novels that has a blend of thriller? Well, if your answer is Yes, then you must go for J.D. Robb Books as she wrote more than 225 novels and each one of them is best in a class. Robb’s In Death Series is quite popular and she got the famous pseudonym (J.D. Robb) from this series only. Moreover, she has other pen names too such as Jill March and Sarah Hardesty.

Pseudonym as J.D. Robb- A Short story

Nora Roberts believes that a writer must have a pen name and even the publisher was not happy with the profile Robert. So, her agent (Amy Berkover) approached one of the publishers to allow Nora to write a romantic novel under a pen name, J.D. Robb.

Initially, she planned to go with D.J. MacGregor as a pseudonym but the name was already in use by another writer. So, she chooses J.D. Robb’s name, where the initials reflect the name of their two children, i.e., Jason, and Dan and Robb is the short name of Roberts.

Best J.D. Robb Books in Order

Nora Roberts wrote many romantic novels and most of them were on the bestseller list. Moreover, due to some popular novels, she even received awards. So, let’s have a glimpse at a few novels by J.D. Robb.

In Death Book Series in Order of Publication

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Naked in Death-1995Buy Now
Glory in Death-1995Buy Now
Immortal in Death-1996Buy Now
Rapture in Death-1996Buy Now
Ceremony in Death-1997Buy Now
Vengeance in Death-1997Buy Now
Holiday in Death-1998Buy Now
Conspiracy in Death-1999Buy Now
Loyalty in Death-1999Buy Now
Witness in Death-2000Buy Now
Judgment in Death-2000Buy Now
Betrayal in Death-2001Buy Now
Seduction in Death-2001Buy Now
Reunion in Death-2002Buy Now
Purity in Death-2002Buy Now
Portrait in Death-2003Buy Now
Imitation in Death-2003Buy Now
Remember When-2003Buy Now
Divided in Death-2004Buy Now
Visions in Death-2004Buy Now
Survivor in Death-2005Buy Now
Origin in Death-2005Buy Now
Memory in Death-2006Buy Now
Born in Death-2006Buy Now
Innocent in Death-2007Buy Now
Creation in Death-2007Buy Now
Strangers in Death-2008Buy Now
Salvation in Death-2008Buy Now
Promises in Death-2009Buy Now
Kindred in Death-2009Buy Now
Fantasy in Death-2010Buy Now
Indulgence in Death-2010Buy Now
Treachery in Death-2011Buy Now
New York to Dallas-2011Buy Now
Celebrity in Death-2012Buy Now
Delusion in Death-2012Buy Now
Calculated in Death-2013Buy Now
Thankless in Death-2013Buy Now
Concealed in Death-2014Buy Now
Festive in Death-2014Buy Now
Obsession in Death-2015Buy Now
Devoted in Death-2015Buy Now
Brotherhood In Death-2016Buy Now
Apprentice in Death-2016Buy Now
Echoes in Death-2017Buy Now
Secrets in Death-2017Buy Now
Dark in Death-2018Buy Now
Leverage in Death-2018Buy Now
Connections in Death-2019Buy Now
Vendetta in Death-2019Buy Now
Golden in Death-2020Buy Now
Shadows in Death-2020Buy Now
Faithless in Death-2021Buy Now
Forgotten in Death-2021Buy Now
Abandoned in Death-2022Buy Now
Desperation in Death-2022Buy Now
Encore in Death-2023Buy Now

In Death Short Stories in order

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Midnight in Death-1998Buy Now
Remember When-2003Buy Now
Haunted in Death-2006Buy Now
Interlude in Death-2006Buy Now
Eternity in Death-2007Buy Now
Ritual in Death-2008Buy Now
Missing in Death-2009Buy Now
Big Jack-2010Buy Now
Possession in Death-2012Buy Now
Chaos in Death-2013Buy Now
Taken in Death-2013Buy Now
Wonderment in Death-2016Buy Now

Publication Order of Anthologies

Book TitlePublication YearBuy on Amazon
Silent Night(1998)Buy Now
Naked Came the Phoenix(2001)Buy Now
Out of this World(2001)Buy Now
Bump in the Night(2006)Buy Now
Dead of Night(2007)Buy Now
The Lost(2008)Buy Now
Suite 606(2008)Buy Now
The Other Side(2010)Buy Now
The Unquiet(2011)Buy Now
Down the Rabbit Hole(2015)Buy Now
Fourteen Days: An Unauthorized Gathering(2023)Buy Now

Biography of Nora Roberts a.k.a J.D. Robb

Nora Roberts was born in Silver Spring; Maryland but her ancestors were Irish, so she portrays herself as Irishwomen. She attended catholic school for primary education and further moved to Montgomery Blair High School. In this school, she had an affair with Ronald Aufdem Brinke and after completing graduation, she married her love in 1968. 

After marriage, she settled down in Boonsboro, Maryland where her husband worked in a sheet metal firm and Nora was enjoying the housewife life. She gave birth to two children, Jason and Dan, and was very happy in her life. In 1979, she started her writing career by creating six manuscripts and producing them in front of Harlequin (publisher) but they same were rejected. With time, her personal life also changed and that results in her divorce in 1983.

After getting rejection by Harlequin, Nora Roberts moved to a new publisher, i.e., Silhouette, and finally her first novel Irish Thoroughbred was published in 1981. With Silhouette, Nora wrote 23 novels, and each of them was highly appreciated by the readers. Later on, in 1985, she wrote Playing the Odds novel, the first in the series of MacGregor series and it became a bestseller.

Nora Robert went for second marriage with a bookshelf carpenter, Bruce Wilder in 1985. In her life, she was devoted to the writing field and wrote few books in a series such as In Death series and many more. The story creation skill made her popular and even the readers liked her a lot. 

Her passion for writing a novel didn’t slow down and she wrote single-titled books also. Nora wrote her hundred novels in 1996 and it was Montana Sky and the count reached double with The Witness novel in 2012. In one decade, i.e., from 1991-2001 she received New York Bestseller achievements for her novels including hardbacks and paperbacks. Moreover, she also retains the first and second ranks for “Time and Again” & “Seduction in Death” respectively on The Publishers Weekly bestseller. 

Nora Roberts is also involved in social welfare work and for that, she has a Foundation. The prime aim of this foundation is to enhance the arts, assist for children, and deprived people. 

J.D. Robb Achievements

Nora Roberts has bagged many prestigious awards for her novels such as Golden Medallion, RITA, and Quill.

J.D. Robb Books Short Summary

Naked In Death

The story starts with Eve Dallas, a police officer who is investigating a murder case in New York. She believes in her instinct and using the same, she solves most of the cases. But in one murder case, she pinpointed an Irish billionaire, Roarke and since then her life changed a lot because of the chemistry between Roarke and Eve. Will Eve believes Roarke or Will she find the murderer? The Naked in Death will give you the answer to all these questions.

Glory in Death

Eve Dallas found two dead bodies, one lying on the sidewalk and another in the apartment. In the prime investigation, Eve found that both the victims were successful women and they had affairs with wealthy people. The popularity of victims gave a long list of suspects to Eve and her lover Roarke was also on the list. Eve was astonished after knowing involvement of Roarke with the ladies, but her job is to find the real murderer. Is Roarke is connected with the murder and how Eve will handle her relationship while solving the case?

Immortal in Death

A popular model who believes to get anything by hook or crook was murdered. Eve started to investigate the case and peers into the life of a model. She found that there was a love triangle and also the connection of high-profile models. Moreover, Eve discovered the dark side of New York City where the consumption and sale of drugs were in high demand. How Eve will solve the case and who is the real murderer? Once you go through Immortal in Death, then all your queries will be solved.

Few quotes by J.D. Robb

Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.I need to write to be happy.I don’t think you can write – at least not well – if you don’t love stories, love the written word.

J.D. Robb

I don’t think you can write – at least not well – if you don’t love stories, love the written word.

J.D. Robb

Conclusion – J.D. Robb

Nora Roberts wrote many such novels that will give you a blend of romance and crime- thriller. In J.D. Robb Books in Order, you will get more than 200 novels and most of the novels will give you an amazing experience. Hence, go with them and taste the savor of romance with crime.

Top FAQ on J.D. Robb

  1. How old is J.D. Robb?

    J.D. Robb was born on 10th October 1950 (age 70 years).

  2. J.D. Robb belongs to which genre?

    J.D. Robb is a romance writer.

  3. Which is the new Book of J.D. Robb?

    Forgotten in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel (In Death, 53) which is launched on 7th September 2021 is the latest book by J.D. Robb.

  4. Which are the upcoming books by J.D.Robb?

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