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John Flanagan Books In Order

John Flanagan Books In Order – If you enjoy adventure and fantasy, then John Flanagan Books is best for you. Flanagan made his name in the television and advertising industries before embarking on his writing career. John Flanagan’s current jobs are novelist and screenwriter.

Flanagan currently resides in an Australian suburb with his wife, one son, two daughters, and four grandsons.

Childhood and Biography of John Flanagan

His full name is John Anthony Flanagan, and he was born in Sydney, Australia, on May 22, 1944. He went to Waverley College to pursue a writing career. As he grew older, he changed careers and landed a job at an advertising agency. He had planned to train as a copywriter, but the agency assigned him to train as a media researcher instead. 

He wrote a disrespectful poem targeting one of his senior executives while working as a media researcher trainee. The poem ended up on the desk of one of the company’s directors. Before being offered the role of copywriter in training, Flanagan was called to the director’s office and congratulated on his writing ability.

Flanagan worked for an advertising agency for two decades as a successful copywriter. Following that, he moved on to television, where he collaborated with an old friend, writer Gary Reilly, to create a TV show. They co-created the hilarious sitcom Hey Dad! The show aired 200 successful episodes on Australian television between 1987 and 1994.

In the 1990s, Flanagan wrote twenty short stories in the Ranger’s Apprentice adventures to encourage his son. Michael, his 12-year-old son, was going through a rough patch because he was small in stature in comparison to his friends, who appeared bigger and more mature. Flanagan suggested that Michael read to help him cope. 

To provide appropriate reading material for his son, he began writing short stories in which the heroes were not always expected to be all-powerful and muscular. In his fantasy novel The Ranger’s Apprentice, he demonstrated this concept. after writing them for ten years, he decided to publish them as novels.

John Flanagan Books in Order

Here is the list of John Flanagan’s books in publication order.

Publication Order of Brotherband Chronicles Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Outcasts / Brotherband(2011)Buy Now
The Invaders(2012)Buy Now
The Hunters(2012)Buy Now
Slaves of Socorro(2014)Buy Now
Scorpion Mountain(2014)Buy Now
The Ghostfaces(2016)Buy Now
The Caldera(2017)Buy Now
Return of the Temujai(2019)Buy Now

Publication Order of Ranger’s Apprentice Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Ruins of Gorlan(2004)Buy Now
The Burning Bridge(2005)Buy Now
The Icebound Land(2005)Buy Now
The Battle for Skandia /
Oakleaf Bearers
(2006)Buy Now
The Sorcerer of the North /
The Sorcerer in the North
(2006)Buy Now
The Siege of Macindaw(2006)Buy Now
Erak’s Ransom(2007)Buy Now
The Kings of Clonmel(2008)Buy Now
Halt’s Peril(2009)Buy Now
The Lost Stories(2011)Buy Now
The Emperor of Nihon-Ja(2011)Buy Now
Death of a Hero(2012)Buy Now

Publication Order of Ranger’s Apprentice: The Early Years Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Tournament at Gorlan(2015)Buy Now
The Battle of Hackham Heath(2016)Buy Now

Publication Order of Ranger’s Apprentice: The Royal Ranger Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Royal Ranger(2013)Buy Now
Duel at Araluen(2018)Buy Now
The Red Fox Clan(2018)Buy Now
The Missing Prince(2020)Buy Now
Escape from Falaise(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Jesse Parker Mystery Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Storm Peak(2009)Buy Now
Avalanche Pass(2010)Buy Now

The Ruins of Gorlan

This is the Debut Book for John Flanagan Books in Order In series of Rangers Apprentice.

“Meet Will, a fifteen-year-old orphan who believes his father was a powerful warrior who was killed in battle. He sincerely hopes that he will be picked for Battleschool training as Selecting Day approaches when young men and women are irrevocably bound to a vocation, in order to respect his family’s job. Instead, he joins the Army’s Ranger Corps. Will, a reluctant recruit at first, is gradually drawn to the Rangers’ powers and secrets.“

The Burning Bridge 

This is the second book in the series of Ranger Apprentice John Flanagan Books.

Will and his apprentice knight companion Horace travel to a nearby village on a special task for the rangers and discover a frightening truth: all of the villagers have been dead or abducted. However, why is this the case? Is it possible that Morgarath, the evil lord, has found a tactic for penetrating the reputedly impenetrable pass?

The Icebound land 

Will and Evanlyn have been kidnapped after a fierce battle with Lord Morgarath and are being transported to Skandia as captives aboard a fearsome wolfship. Halt has vowed to save Will and will go to any length to do so.

The battle of Skandia

Evanlyn is kidnapped while still far from home after escaping enslavement in the icebound kingdom of Skandia, foiling Young Will and Evanlyn’s efforts to return to Araluen. Despite his weaknesses, Will uses his Ranger training to locate his companion, but he quickly finds himself severely outmatched

The sorcerer in the North

Will, the apprentice, has spent several years with his master, Halt, and is now a full-fledged Ranger with his own fief to administer. Until Lord Syron, the master of a castle far to the north, dies of an unknown disease, the fief appears to lie inactive. Will is thrown into an incredible adventure with his pal Alyss.

Halts Peril

The Outsiders, a renegade bandit band, traveling from kingdom to kingdom has been robbing the innocent of their little possessions. Will and Halt are assaulted again by the cult’s lethal assassins after Halt is injured by a poisoned arrow. Will now has to travel at all hours of the day and night in order to find the one person who can heal Halt.

The missing price

On short notice, Will Treaty and his apprentice, Maddie, have been summoned to Castle Araluen. When they arrive, they learn a startling truth: the Prince of Gallica has vanished, and the King of Gallica has asked aid. according to all reports, The young prince has been kidnapped, by the deadly and powerful Baron Joubert de Lassigny. King Duncan realizes that a war may be waged. With warriors deployed to Gallica to retrieve the prince and Gallica’s open aid in settling internal concerns, But there is another way to save the Prince: the Ranger Corps.

The Royal Ranger

This first book for John Flanagan Books in Order in series of Ranger Apprentice is Royal Ranger

Will Diplomacy certainly made a lot of progress since his childhood goal of being a warrior. Life had other things for him, and he rose quickly as an apprentice Ranger with Halt to become a legend—the finest Ranger the empire had ever seen. 

Will, on the other hand, is going through a rough period in his life that has left him feeling depressed and alone. Sadly, the time has come for him to select an apprentice and the person he’s picked is the absolute last person he expected. Will must overcome his problems in order to gain the confidence and respect of his difficult new companion, which can be a near-impossible task at times.

Touranament at Gorlan

When Halt and Crowley learn that Morgarath has infiltrated the Rangers with the intent of corrupting the Corps, they travel north to meet Prince Duncan in order to obtain a royal warrant to stop Morgarath before it’s too late. Morgarath’s objective is to weaken the Rangers and take the kingdom. The King’s most powerful ally,

Awards And Achievement For His Work

2008: Erak’s Ransom won the Australian Publishers Association’s Book of the Year for “Older Children” in, as well as the International Success Award.

2013: Brotherband: The Hunters Won award from Random House Australia – children’s fiction 

Conclusion – John Flanagan

It also covers the sister series of Band and Ranger’s Apprentice: The Early Years Novels, Royal Ranger books, and Jesse Parker, as well as the adult novel The Grey Raider, in addition to the Ranger Apprentice’s John Flanagan Books in Order. He has won over eight accolades in the last few years and is currently working on new Ranger’s Apprentice novels to provide people with a new story.

Top Faq About John Flanagan

  1. Who is John Flanagan?

    John Flanagan Author

    John Anthony Flanagan is an Australian fantasy author best known for his medieval fantasy series, the Ranger’s Apprentice series, and its sister series, the Brotherband Chronicles. Some of his other works include his Storm Peak duology, as well as the adult novel The Grey Raider

  2. How old is John Flanagan?

    John was born in Sydney, Australia, on May 22, 1944. He is 77 years old.

  3. Which is the upcoming book of John Flanagan?

    The Royal Ranger: Escape from Falaise (Ranger’s Apprentice: The Royal Ranger) Hardcover – November 2, 2021. International bestselling author John Flanagan returns to the world of Ranger’s Apprentice in the fifth installment of the Royal Ranger series starring Maddie, Will Treaty’s fearless young apprentice.

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