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Sasha Grey Books In Order

Sasha Grey Books in Order – Sasha Grey’s original name was Marina Ann Hantzis. She was a famous model. She, during her model assignment, has finished campaigns for French-style designers. Moreover, she modeled for Italian shoe brands, and American Apparel, among others. Sasha Grey, before she started her career as an author, was a porn movie actress.

She shot to a known figure after venturing into adult movies.

However, she grabbed media interest in a brief span and gained many awards for her works to create the best Sasha Grey Books in Order.

Steven Soderbergh’s ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ was her debut film in the lead role. Thereafter, she did a Canadian horror film ‘Smash Cut’ .‘Then she portrayed herself in the HBO drama series ‘Entourage’ .’Sasha became a member of the musical collaboration. She has contributed her vocals to the bands and also appeared in their music videos.

Sasha modeled for renowned fashion designers. She was a model for French fashion designer Max Azria’s clothing line. Besides, Italian footwear brands Forex, Manoukian, and Richard Kern for Vice magazine.

She also became a model for James Jean, Zak Smith, Fredric Poncelet, and David Choe. She was in the famous adult magazine, ‘Playboy’ twice. An active member of animal birth control, she appeared in an ad for PETA in 2010.

Sasha Grey Books in Order

Let’s have a look at some of the novels of Sasha Grey.

Publication Order of The Juliette Society Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Juliette Society(2014)Buy Now
The Janus Chamber(2016)Buy Now
The Mismade Girl(2018)Buy Now

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Short and Sexy Stories(2016)Buy Now

Neu Sex (2010)

In the first book, Sasha Grey takes control in her new monograph Neu Sex. Sasha is a rising adult film and pop-culture star; she is trying to move out from in front of the camera to behind it. She is trying to show the wild she inhabits.

Sasha writes that when she first entered the adult industry, she took her photography much more seriously. She started taking a camera with her to capture her experiences on set, so it was a moment in time, a memory for herself—not the video that thousands of people would see.

On days when she physically could not capture an image, Ian, her fiancé, became her third arm. He understands her aesthetic, or lack thereof.

Ian is a photographer. However, the activities in this book differ from his standard style. When a person is so near to an individual, there’s a shorthand and proper expertise of what the opposite individual is attempting to accomplish.

If there’s something she bodily couldn’t photograph, she ought to say one phrase, and Ian can help her together along with her vision. Ian can seize intimate moments together along with her that no one can fabricate because of their relationship. The sturdy feel of familiarity gets rid of all barriers between the issue and the photographer.

“Documenting herself has almost become a necessity.”

There are uncounted numbers of photos of her, taken by other people, that gracefully she has no control over. Documenting herself allows her to reflect on the day, on the feelings she is having at that moment. 

When anyone works in the entertainment industry, there are always surprises. Every day is different. Personally, it’s important for her to embrace this and appreciate it every day.

Still, images vividly capture her emotions. A second in time, the viewer and the creator can leave that open for interpretation.

The work of Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin inspired her. Sherman’s work continues to inspire her to develop certain characters.

She figured if she was on set, she might as well take advantage of her surroundings and document her life in an exciting, nontraditional manner. She looks back at photos and sees how much she has grown, how her opinions have changed, and how they will continue to change.”

The Juliette Society – Debut Novel (2014)

The next Sasha Grey Book in Order is The Juliette Society. A tantalizing debut. Undoubtedly, the composition is fantastic; her take on life and sex and everything in between is amazing, and Catherine was a very complex character.

The Juliette Society is a very interesting novel to read. Sasha Grey knows what she’s writing about. The Juliette Society is erotica with a difference and typical composition.

She says that before we go any further, let’s get this out of the way; I want you to do three things for me. First one, Do not get offended by anything you read beyond this point. The second one is to leave your inhibitions at the door.

And the third, and most important one, Everything you see and hear from now on must remain between us. It is a novel by Catherine, a flourishing film student. Something has recently stirred her sexuality. 

She finds herself drawn into a secret club wherein the world’s most powerful people meet to explore their deepest and darkest sexual fantasies. These experiences, which were new to her, opened intense new pleasures for Catherine.

But they threaten to destroy everything she holds dear. In her debut novel, Sasha Grey writes that in a private, high-profile, sex society where anything and everything can happen.

Janus Chamber (2016)

A small period has passed since Catherine was in the Juliette Society. But things were different, and it was against her plans. Her life with her fiancé Jack was not only predictable but boring too. She was not getting her satisfaction, especially in the bedroom. Now she started working as a journalist. She could not find inspiration in her work or even at her home.

Ultimately, she starts writing about the death of a model who was famous in public. The model was Inana Luna, whose experiences reflect Catherine’s own grooming sexuality. The routine story rapidly became Catherine’s obsession. She follows the story of a woman. The track takes her down a road with too many familiar dimensions. 

However, those were a fascination with kink, lustful men, and some very sexy intrigue. Similar to the Roman god Janus, Catherine is one by one looking to the past and the future. There was a concern about Catherine’s experience with The Juliette Society and along with Inana’s diary.

This similarity helps her figure out what she really wants in life. It is love or sex? Or does the story drag her back down into Juliette’s Society, from which she might not escape a second time.

Mismade Girl (2018)

A creation of Sasha Grey Books in Order, the pendulum of Catherine’s life has shifted once again. After four years, by removing the cover and discovering the salacious secrets of The Janus Chamber, we can find her now jocosely working as a political journalist.

She settled her into a tedious routine and dating life because she told the truth about Inana Luna. Without embracing a life of perversion with The Juliette Society.

A person reignites her passion for cinema. Invoking guilt-free sex makes her realize what she’s been missing. But a scandal extinguishes the flames of their passion. So it compelled her to lie low.

But she finds an opportunity to take back her career. But there are people who know that Catherine’s article is a threat and will do everything they can to stop her from writing.

Top Faq on Sasha Grey

  1. Which is the debut novel of Sasha Grey?

    The Juliette Society is the debut novel of Sasha Grey which was released in 2014.

  2. What is the birth date of Sasha Grey?

    Sasha Grey was born on 14 March 1988 in North Highlands, California, United States.

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