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Andrzej Sapkowski Books In Order

Andrzej Sapkowski Books in Order consist of a great collection of fantasy novels. Andrzej Sapkowski has been famous for writing fantasy novels over the years. He is renowned for his novel series ‘Witcher.’

Andrzej Sapkowski Biography

Andrzej Sapkowski is a polish author who enjoys writing in the fantasy genre. He was an economist before turning into a hands-on writer. He was born in Poland in 1948. Andrzej’s upbringing made him a strong individual with perception and a clear voice.

He had also worked in the sales and marketing sector before writing his first novel from his famous series ‘Witcher.’ Working as a sales executive has helped him promote his work as well.

Andrzej Sapkowski Achievements

Andrzej got insanely famous for his novel series, ’Witcher.’ This novel is translated into 37 languages, and approximately 15 million copy has been sold to date. Due to this grand success and hard work, Andrzej won the David Gemmell Award and the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award.

Andrzej Sapkowski Books in Order

Andrzej’s son was an avid reader of Polish Fantastyka magazine; for that, the author wrote the first novel of his famous series, ‘Witcher’ in Andrzej Sapkowski Books in Order. Witcher was world widely acclaimed and even adapted as TV series on Netflix in 2019. Andrzej was a creative consultant for this project too.

Publication Order of The Witcher Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Blood of Elves(2008)Buy Now
The Time of Contempt(2013)Buy Now
Baptism of Fire(2014)Buy Now
The Tower of Swallows(2016)Buy Now
Lady of the Lake(2016)Buy Now
Season of Storms(2018)Buy Now
The Lady of the Lake(2022)Buy Now

Chronologically, it is advised to read The Last Wish then Sword of Destiny, and finally, Season of Storms prior to Blood of Elves then read in publication order.

Publication Order of Witcher Collections Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Sword of Destiny(1992)Buy Now
The Last Wish(1993)Buy Now

Publication Order of Hussite Trilogy Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Tower of Fools(2002)Buy Now
Warriors of God(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Malady and Other Stories(2013)Buy Now

Quick Summary of Andrzej Sapkowski few Books


Witcher consists of seven fantasy novels and fifteen short stories written by Andrzej. The main character of the novel series is Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. Witchers are mainly beast hunters and inherit this power at a young age.

Andrzej started writing Witcher in 1986 with short stories. He wrote these stories to participate in a competition held by Polish Fantastyka magazine. He wrote 15 short stories before he started writing his first installment in the novel series after huge public demand. 

In this article, we have summarized a few novels from the Witcher series.

The Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher

The Last Wish introduced its reader to the courageous and ruthless hunter, Geralt the Witcher. His sole purpose is to hunt down the evil monsters who are a plague to the world.

While on the quest to eliminate monsters, he will soon learn that not every monster is evil and that not every saint is innocent.

Seasons of Strom

Season of Strom continues the saga of Geralt the Witcher in Andrzej Sapkowski Books in Order. Geralt was born with the magical power to hunt down the beast and monsters. With rigorous training and a mysterious elixir, he becomes more powerful.

He knocks down monsters with every Witcher’s tremendous powers and pride – his silver and steel swords. But he soon becomes helpless as his pride is lost somewhere. Geralt must find them as clouds have started gathering and a storm is coming.

Blood of Elves

Blood of Elves is a part of the Witcher novel series written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Humans, dwarfs, elves, and gnomes have been living peacefully for centuries. But soon, this treaty is in danger, and war is coming after the only good elf is dead.

Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher, who hunts down monsters and beasts, and is waiting for the birth of a prophesied child who holds the power to change the world for good or evil.

The child is born with some extraordinary powers and is being hunted down on the verge of the battle. Geralt must protect this child and emerge as a winner.

The Time of Contempt

The Time of Contempt is another installment in the Witcher series. Geralt, the Witcher, is the protector of the needy, guardian of innocents, and a ruthless fighter against evil.

It is Geralt’s responsibility to protect his ward Siri, a child with the power that can change the world for good or evil. To train her, Geralt has sent her to his sorceress. But soon, he realizes not all is well in his world.

Baptism of Fire

Baptism of Fire is one of the novels from famous fantasy novels in Andrzej Sapkowski Books in Order. It continues the saga of Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher.

Geralt – the Witcher got seriously injured in one of the sudden coups, and everyone in the Wizards Guild is in danger. Now, when the dark times are ahead, Geralt must do something to overcome his injuries.

As the war progressed, everyone who survived was determined to keep fighting and protect the power of magic. In an impossible situation, the prophesied girl, Siri, got missing. But the rumors are spread that Siri is all set to marry an Emperor. Geralt must gather all his strength to find the truth.

Conclusion – Andrzej Sapkowski

Andrzej Sapkowski is one of the famous fantasy novelists and is widely acclaimed. He is widely renowned for his fantasy novel series, the Witcher. Witcher consists of novels that will take its readers intrigued while reading Andrzej Sapkowski Books in Order. The novel series is popular across many countries. It also has been adapted as a TV series by Netflix and video games.

Top faq on Andrzej Sapkowski

  1. Which is the latest book by Andrzej Sapkowski?

    “The Lady of the Lake” from “The Witcher Book series” is the latest book by Andrzej Sapkowski released in 2022.

  2. How old is Andrzej Sapkowski?

    Andrzej Sapkowski was born on 21 June 1948 age 74 years now.

  3. How many books are there in “The Witcher” series?

    There are a total of seven books in “The Witcher” series as of August 2022. The book list is provided at the top of this article.

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