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Andy McDermott Books in Order

Andy McDermott Books in Order – Andy is famous for his The Hunt for Atlantis novel that got him ranking in New York Times bestsellers authors. Before starting the writing journey, Andy was interested in graphic designing and making cartoons. He was doing the job for the same and also worked as a video game reviewer as well. Andy also contributed as a scriptwriter in Lies We Tell. Let’s see, some of the best thriller novels that are included in Andy McDermott Books

Who is Andy McDermott?

Andy McDermott is a British author who wrote some amazing thriller series like Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase novels. Before starting his writing journey, he was a journalist and editor in various magazines like Hotdog magazine and DVD review. Leaving all this behind, he started his writing journey and turned into a full-time writer.

Andy McDermott got his graduation degree from Keele University. Andy was born in Halifax, England and currently, he is living in Bournemouth with a son and his wife. He loves to explore adventures across the world that help him get inspiration for his writing. 

Andy McDermott Books in Order of Publication

Before becoming a full-time writer, Andy was a journalist and helped in editing in magazines like Hotdog. Andy is famous for his series Eddie Chase, Nina Wilde, and others. We have listed some of his popular novels with a glimpse further in this article.

Publication Order of Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Hunt for Atlantis(2007)Buy Now
The Tomb of Hercules(2008)Buy Now
The Secret of Excalibur(2008)Buy Now
The Covenant of Genesis(2009)Buy Now
The Cult of Osiris(2009)Buy Now
The Sacred Vault(2010)Buy Now
Empire of Gold(2011)Buy Now
Temple of the Gods / Return to Atlantis(2011)Buy Now
The Valhalla Prophecy(2014)Buy Now
Kingdom of Darkness(2014)Buy Now
The Last Survivor(2015)Buy Now
The Revelation Code(2015)Buy Now
The Midas Legacy(2016)Buy Now
King Solomon’s Curse(2018)Buy Now
The Spear of Atlantis(2018)Buy Now
The Resurrection Key(2019)Buy Now

Publication Order of Alex Reeve Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Operative 66(2020)Buy Now
Rogue Asset(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of The Curious Case Files of Leviticus Gold Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Murder on the Orient Excess(2012)Buy Now
The Girl With The Dragon 32(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Persona Protocol(2013)Buy Now

Andy McDermott Some Top Books

The Hunt Of Atlantis

It is the first novel of the famous novel series Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase from Andy McDermott books in order. The novel is also listed in New York Times bestsellers. The novel series is based on the adventure of archaeologist Nina Wilde.

After her parents died in the quest of the Lost City of Atlantis, Nina Wilde continues with their journey and is now convinced that she knows the location. With the funding and assistant of ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase and heiress Kari Frost. On their journey, she travels all around the world to find the most shocking facts and the greatest threat to life.

The Tomb Of Hercules

This is the second novel from the famous novel series Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. It continues with the adventures of Nina Wilde.

After the quest of Atlantis city, Nina is now after proving the existence of another historical legend, ‘tombs of Hercules’. She knows if she proves it that will be the greatest historical finding ever. But she is not alone on this quest. A group of greedy people is also after the treasure that stays hidden in the tomb. These people only want that treasure and don’t care about historical invention. 

Nina and Eddie have to stay ahead of these greedy people and find both the tomb and treasure first. They also have to deal with a beautiful and cunning lady from Eddie’s past who makes things dangerous for them.

The Secret Of Excalibur

It is the third novel that belongs to Andy McDermott’s famous series Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. The novel is continuing to show yet another adventures journey of the main character, archaeologist Nina Wilde.

This time Nina should locate the lost sword of King Arthur, Excalibur. The sword is famous for the legend saying whoever holds it makes them unstoppable in battles. Because of this legend, the sword was kept in secrecy for over years and is now said to be lost.

A historian named Bernd Rust claimed to know two things, one being the location of Excalibur, and the second is using the sword for producing an incredible source of energy. After receiving the cryptic message about the sword, Nina and her now partner Eddie Chase must find the Excalibur first to protect the Bernd and the sword itself. They must not forget that they are standing against the deadliest enemies that want nothing but to rule the world by creating wars.

The Covenant Of Genesis

It is the fourth novel belongs to the famous novel series of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase from Andy McDermott books in order. This time a daring archaeologist is working after the most fascinating discovery of all time.

Nina has almost found the proof of the settlement that was written a hundred thousand years ago and clearly indicates the possibility of the existence of undiscovered civilization. Before she could proceed further, her research boat was attacked and the most important proofs that will prove her discovery gets stolen.

Now, she is determined to find those proofs with the help of her future husband, Eddie Chase. In trying to do so, they were stopped at every step by a religious group claiming themselves as the Covenant of Genesis.

Three individuals who are representative of the most powerful religious groups are possibly trying everything to make Nina and Eddie stop from finding the truth that will lead to blowing up the mythologies they are based on or perhaps more.

The Cult Of Osiris

The fifth book of the famous series is Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. It takes us on yet another interesting adventurous journey of Nina Wilde, an archaeologist. 

The news reporters are waiting for archaeologists to open the long-hidden vault beneath the Great Sphinx. During the coverage, a cult was preparing to loot the site to find the more astounding discovery, the lost pyramid of Osiris, but Mary, a student discovers the truth. She was framed by the corrupt officials but she runs away to her only help, the famous archaeologist Nina Wilde, Nina who is struggling to prove herself after being blacklisted by her colleagues, takes up Mary’s plea and is all set to find the lost legend with her partner ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase.

Thus, begins the trail of finding 6000 years old secret and discovering fascinating yet horrifying things lying beneath the lost pyramid of Osiris with some secrets kept by the ancient god of death.

Conclusion – Andy McDermott

Andy McDermott’s books in order are worth reading if you like the thrilling quest of historical adventures. Andy McDermott has always shown his interest in the movies like Star Trek that certainly reflects in his writing style. We would highly recommend reading his novels at least once.

Top Faq on Andy McDermott

  1. When Andy McDermott was born?

    Andy was born on 2 July 1974 (age 47 years).

  2. In which genre Andy McDermott has written his books?

    Andy McDermott has written has books in Action, thrillers.

  3. How to follow Andy McDermott?

    You can follow Andy McDermott on Twitter.

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  1. Chris

    Nina Wilde series order is wrong.

    1. Hi Chris, Let us know the missing or wrong part. It looks good to us in the order of publication.


  2. Max Garrod

    I am an avid reader and have been absolutely fascinated by this series of books. Having been in the military, I find sarcasm of Eddie akin to my own attempts to survive the rigors of the sorties that we were sent on, and the accuracy of the description of the weaponry being used is very honest. The historical accuracy, and the use of the corresponding cultural mythologies being used in context, are quite entertaining too. I have read just about anything this bloke has written to date and can’t wait to see what will eventuate in the future. Could be the love child of Clive Cussler, and the brother of Matthew Reilly, with a touch of Billy Connolly thrown in for comic relief.

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