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Ashley Marie Witter Books In Order

Ashley Marie Witter Books in Order – Ashley Marie Witter was born on 18th May 1985. She spent her childhood in Madison, Wisconsin. She gained a degree in animation and Conceptual Development and graduated from Madison Area Technical College. At the young age of 36, she got a huge achievement after publishing several Ashley Marie Witter Books.

Presently, Marie Witter is living in Chicagoland and working as a professional artist cum illustrator.

Ashley Marie Witter Books in Order

Let’s have a look at the Ashley Marie Witter books and novels.

An Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story (The Vampire Chronicles)

It is the ideal illustration and adaptation of “The Interview with the Vampire” by Anne Rice. Ashley Marie Witter composed this story, actually told through the eyes of the vampire Claudia, who was just a little girl when she became a vampire by the vampire Lestat. 

She spends so many years of happiness with her two vampire fathers. Besides, she gradually grows discontent with their insistence on treating her like a little girl. Although she lived as long as any mortal man lives, her lust to kill is certainly no less than theirs.

A Graphic Novel: The Wolf Gift

The reporter, Reuben Golding, arrives at a secluded mansion. He was there at the request of the home’s mysterious owner. He never expects this assignment can lead him to be attack-bitten by a beast shadowed in darkness.

This event says about a terrifying but seductive transformation, which opens Reuben’s eyes to what was previously unseen and unknown and leads to even more questions. 

Why was he giving this wolf gift? Is its nature good or evil? And he is now all alone in this mysterious new world. The composition of this story by Ashley Marie Witter attracted the youngsters a lot.

Garlic And The Vampire

It is another best-selling Ashley Marie Witter Books In Order where the writer expressed; Garlic feels that she’s always doing something wrong. Moreover, she felt that at least her friend Carrot was by her side and the kindly Witch Agnes encouraged her. Garlic is happy to take care of her garden, where it’s nice and safe.

But the village of vegetable folk learns that a bloodthirsty vampire is moving into the nearby castle. Then they all agreed that Garlic was the obvious choice to confront him despite her fear and self-doubt. Further, she agrees to face the mysterious vampire.

Scorch – 2015

Scorch is a monster living an immortal life. She is a young teen in suburban America. To achieve this gift of immortality, she made a deal with a powerful demon. He is manifesting himself as a monster. 

The monster is living in her closet to keep tabs on the debt, and she needs to settle the payment. It is 10,000 souls, plus interest. Scorch sets out to discover her true past, accompanied by her gang of misfits, hoods, and dweebs. She will prevent the end of the world and pass the 10th grade. This is a fable by author Ashley Marie Witter.

Squarriors Volume 1

This novel in the list of the Ashley Marie Witter Books In Order sets the stage for more about the debut miniseries to receive more accolades. Squarriors is a comic book serial that expresses several clans of animals living in a world that was recently voided by humans. After the demise of humanity, the remaining animal’s life has become more intelligent. 

The spark of rational thinking generates an internal struggle for these creatures. This was instinct versus reason. And the clashing of these ideas causes ultra-violent wars across the planet. This is the first book in this series, Squarriors by Ashley Marie Witter.

Squarriors Volume 2

There were tensions within the Tin Kin council due to disputed loyalties. The search for Pasha ends here. And the bloody, violent history of the Tin Kin and Maw tribes has come to the limelight. This is also a composition by Ashley Marie Witter in the Squarriors series, which is immensely loved by the readers.

Squarriors Volume 3

This tremendous hit series continues in this penultimate issue to the first miniseries. Exposing the true intentions of a Tin Kin defector, Rustle and Spin covertly follow Eli. It was to know about his meeting with the Maw. Meanwhile, to prepare for an incoming invasion, the King orders his tribe. This is also the sequence of the series by Ashley Marie Witter.

Bloodthirsty #3

Another storm brewing caused by which the city’s death toll to rise. To protect fellow citizens from the horrors on the horizon, Coast Guard veteran Virgil Lafleur came forward. He used some forces to adopt more repulsion and gruesome methods.

The composition of this Ashley Marie Witter Books In Order is from a screenwriter, Mark Landry, and an extraordinary artist, Ashley Marie Witter. They composed this visceral revenge thriller that merges the real-world hopes and horrors of a post-disaster community.

Ashley Marie Witter and Mark Landry authored it with an engaging thread of political corruption, class divide, and blood-curdling terror.

Star Wars: Unspeakable Rebel Super-Weapon

It’s the time for DOCTOR APHRA to do her best. The people knew very well that she was popular for honouring her commitments, helping people in need, and doing the right things. 

But now people understood her. The people she was swindling won’t buy that either. It was unlucky for them. She’s always two steps ahead. Unlucky for her, the steps lead directly to Coruscant, and that is into the arms of an old enemy. This series is on Star Wars, authored by Ashley Marie Witter.


Since it is a total bodily explosion with only a professional murderer droid TRIPLE-ZERO for the company, she was facing firing squads, harpoon-flinging reptiles, and worst of all, terrible traffic.

They do not know they were under surveillance by the deadliest Imperial threat of all. The Coalition for Progress was facing the unmitigated terror of the EMPIRE’S public relations division.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra A ROGUE’S END

A brand-new arc starts here. Moreover, she was in a professional disaster zone. DOCTOR APHRA is in the same position from where she started working for DARTH VADER. The dark lord found a cruel use for her, to make him spare the life of his most annoying foe.

And she has how much time to slither out of harm’s way before he finishes, that he started years ago.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Doctor Aphra is behind bars

This time, Dr. Aphra is in Imperial custody. They strapped her to an explosive transmitter, which was synced to a single hub droid. In this Ashley Marie Witter Books In Order, it is clear what happens when Aphra’s captors send her hub droid right into the middle of a war zone. Moreover, about the rumour about the haunted prison.

Meanwhile, Aphra’s got information that the Rebellion wants. It is also there how far they will go and who are they willing to recruit to get it.

Surely even our lovable rogue archaeologist can’t make things even worse, Because Aphra’s current flame, Inspector Tolvan, and ex, Sana Starros, are about to meet there. Awkward. But that’s not that problem compared to the certain tall, dark shadow about to fall across her—another star war series volume by Ashley Marie Witter.

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