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Ben Kane Books In Order

Ben Kane Books in Order – If you examine various sorts of novels and are inquisitive about including some Historical Fiction in your library, Ben Kane’s books can be a terrific addition to your library.

Who is Ben Kane?

Ben Kane is an American Novelist of historical fiction novels. Six out of his eight novels have been Sunday Times bestsellers.

Biography of Ben Kane

Ben Kane was born on March 6, 1970, in Kenya. His father was a veterinarian Doctor in Kenya. When Kane was 7, they moved to Ireland, where his parents originally belong to. Kane spent most of his childhood there.

He did his schooling also form there. He started his reading right from his schooling. He used to read all types of books especially Military and Historical fiction. All of his pocket money would go on to books and devour the contents to the local library.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s medieval tales, Sir Nigel and The White Company were his favorites. Sherlock Holmes was another addition to his favourites.

He never thought about Writing. He is an animal lover, so he always wanted to become a veterinarian. He started his career as a veterinarian in 1996. He moved to the UK to begin his animal practice. But he couldn’t fit over there and in 1997, he went for a solo trip for 3 months along with parts of the ancient silk road. Journeying the ruins of Merv, in Turkmenistan, began his interest in the Roman marketing campaign into Parthia in fifty-three BC.

He felt the urge to journey again soon after returning, and in 1998, he set out on an experience around the world which lasted for nearly three years.  It changed in the course of this extended time abroad that he first had thoughts of writing military historic fiction – sparked first he assumed by thinking about what he may want to do other than being a veterinarian.

He returned to the UK in early 2001, dragging himself back to reality and his real-world career. At first, he started writing as a hobby and soon it became an obsession.

In 2013, Kane and his friends walked the whole length of Hadrian’s Wall for charity while carrying a full Roman army kit, inclusive of hobnailed boots. They raised almost £19,000 for combat stress and Medicines Sans Frontières. In 2014, they walked once more in Italy, raising over £26,500. A documentary film was made about their stroll, entitled “The Road to Rome”. Ian McKellen presents the voiceover.

Ben Kane Books In Order of Publication

Let’s have a look at the Ben Kane books & series in their order of publication. We will also see Ben Kane’s new and upcoming books in this article.

Publication Order of Forgotten Legion Chronicles Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Forgotten Legion(2008)Buy Now
The Silver Eagle(2009)Buy Now
The Road to Rome(2010)Buy Now
The March(2018)Buy Now

Publication Order of Clash of Empires Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Clash of Empires(2018)Buy Now
The Falling Sword(2020)Buy Now

Publication Order of Richard the Lionheart Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Lionheart(2020)Buy Now
Crusader(2021)Buy Now
King(2022)Buy Now

Publication Order of Hannibal Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Enemy of Rome(2011)Buy Now
Fields of Blood(2013)Buy Now
The Patrol(2013)Buy Now
Clouds of War(2014)Buy Now

Chronological Order of Hannibal Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Patrol(2013)Buy Now
Enemy of Rome(2011)Buy Now
Fields of Blood(2013)Buy Now
Clouds of War(2014)Buy Now

Publication Order of Spartacus Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Gladiator(2012)Buy Now
Rebellion(2012)Buy Now

Publication Order of Eagles of Rome Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Shrine(2015)Buy Now
Eagles at War(2015)Buy Now
The Arena(2016)Buy Now
Hunting the Eagles(2016)Buy Now
Eagles in the Storm(2017)Buy Now
Eagles in the Wilderness(2019)Buy Now
Eagles in the East(2020)Buy Now

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Sands of the Arena and Other Stories(2022)Buy Now

Publication Order of Anthologies

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
A Day of Fire(2014)Buy Now

Ben Kane Few Top Series Summary

let’s have a look at the few books and their short summary by Ben Kane.


The Forgotten Legion was Ben Kane’s first published novel. Across the world, 10,000 copies were sold.

An epic Roman novel that follows three men and one girl sure in servitude to the Republic.

Romulus and Fabiola are twins, born into slavery after their mom is raped by a drunken nobleman. At 13 years old, they’re offered — Romulus to gladiator faculty, Fabiola into prostitution wherein she will be able to trap the eye of one of the most effective men in Rome.

Tarquinius is an Etruscan warrior and soothsayer, and an enemy of Rome, but doomed to fight for the Republic within the Forgotten Legion. Brennus is a Gaul; the Romans killed his entire circle of relatives. He rises to turn out to be one of the most famous and feared gladiators of his day — and mentor to the boy slave, Romulus, who desires night-time and a day of getaway and revenge.

The lives of the 4 are certain collectively into a marvelous tale that starts off evolving in a Rome riven by using corruption, violence, and politics and ends some distance away at the very border of the known global.

The other two books in the series are
  • The Silver Eagle (2009)
  • The Road to Rome (2010)


The primary in a fantastic new series set all through the second one Punic battle, from the bestselling writer of The Forgotten Legion Chronicles.

During the First Punic warfare, the Roman legions defeated and humiliated Carthage, their simplest severe rival for strength inside the Mediterranean. Now a notable young Carthaginian trendy, called Hannibal, is out for revenge. caught up in the maelstrom are two younger boys, Hanno, the son of a prominent soldier and confidant of Hannibal, and Quintus, the son of a Roman equestrian and landowner.

A disastrous adventure will see Hanno sold into slavery and acquired through Quintus’s father.

Even though an unexpected friendship springs up between the 2 boys — and with Quintus’s sister, Aurelia — the fortunes of the two warring empires all over again separate them. They discover themselves on opposite facets of the conflict and an alliance forged via slavery might be played out to its beautiful end in conflict.


Irish nobleman Ferdia has been imprisoned in Wales to make certain the best behavior of his rebellious father. But at some point, in a skirmish on a neighboring castle, Ferdia saves the existence of the man who might emerge as one of the most legendary warriors to have ever lived: Richard Plantagenet. The Lionheart.

Taken as Richard’s squire, Ferdia crosses the Narrow Sea to withstand the rebellious nobles in Aquitaine, besieging castles and preventing bloody battles with brutal frequency. But treachery and betrayal lurk around every nook.

Infuriated by using his younger brother Richard’s growing popularity, Henry rebels. And Ferdia learns that the most important danger to Richard’s life may not be an overseas navy – but Richard’s circle of relatives . . .

The other books in the series are
  • Crusader (2021)
  • King (forthcoming April 2022)

Top faq on Ben Kane

  1. Which are the new and latest books by Ben Kane?

    ‘King” from the Richard the Lionheart Book series and “Sands of the Arena and Other Stories” are the newly released books by Ben Kane.

  2. Where does Ben Kane live now?

    Ben Kane was born in Kenya but is Irish by blood and now lives in the United Kingdom.

  3. What is Ben Kane’s date of birth?

    Ben Kane was born on 6 March 1970 in Kenya.

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