Bree Baker Books In Order | Seaside Café Mystery Series

Bree Baker Books in Order

Bree Baker Books In Order | Seaside Café Mystery Books – Bree Baker is a prominent writer who knows how to insert humor in mysterious stories. In her novels, the story just flows like a breeze because it contains comedy, drama, and mystery. With this skill, she has written a few books, and still many to come in Bree Baker Books In Order. Her stories in the novels are oriented in the small-town incidents that enable the readers to get engaged with the stories.

Bree Baker Books In Order

Bree Baker becomes famous in the literacy field in a short time through her novels and each novel has an amazing blend of mystery and humor. Here is a glimpse of the novels of the Sea Side Mysteries series. 

Publication Order of Seaside Café Mystery Books

Book TitlePublication Year
Live and Let Chai(2018)
No Good Tea Goes Unpunished(2019)
Tide and Punishment(2019)
A Call for Kelp(2020)
Closely Harbored Secrets(2020)
Partners in Lime(2021)
Pleading the Fish(2022)

Live and Let Chai (2018)

The story revolves around Everly Swan who struggled a lot in the past and finally she returned to her hometown at Charm, North Carolina. She opened a café near the beach to serve hot tea to the customers. But things changed completely when a disgruntled customer arrived at her shop and was soon found dead outside Swan’s café. 

Everyone was blaming Swan for this murder and even the prima investigation shows the presence of poison in the body. Everly was trapped from all sides and she was shocked to see how things changed and went against her. 

Everly knows that she is innocent, but she needs to prove it through the evidence. But on her way, she encountered a detective, and handling him was a tough job. Will she clear her name from this murder and is there any link between the murder and her business?

No Good Tea Goes Unpunished (2019)

This novel follows the same path just like the previous one and here also Everly Swan plays as a lead protagonist. The story has everything that the reader needs, i.e., fun, drama, and mystery. Everly Swan is happy with her catering business and this time she got a big wedding contact. The wedding venue is near the beach in the town of Charm, North Carolina. But Everly’s happiness soon disappeared when a groom was murdered and all the eyes were on Everly Swan. 

Swan is again trapped and this time also, detective Hays comes in front of her. Now, she needs to solve the case before the time runs out and also needs to pass the hurdles framed by the detective. Will Everly succeed in clearing her name from the groom’s murder and who is the real murderer? How Everly will find the murderer and what is the intention behind the murder? Is it related to her new business or someone is framing Swan to spoil her business? All the answers to these mysterious questions are available in No Good Tea Goes Unpunished novel.

Tide and Punishment (2019)

This is the third installment of the Seaside Café Mysterious series that comes in Bree Baker Books in Order. In this novel, you will get a full-pack thriller and struggle to save a family. Everly Swan needs to solve the clues to find the real murderer before the culprit sweeps all the evidence. 

The Charm City is flooded with flowers and lights as Christmas Eve is nearby. Everly Swan is also decorating her Café & Ice Tea Shop for this festive season. But things never go as per the Swan and this time her Aunt Fran was framed for the murder of a candidate who was standing in the Mayor election. Fran was the prime suspect because she was also contesting the Mayor’s election and just before the first debate of her opposite candidate, he was dead. 

Everly Swan can’t believe that her Great-Aunt Fran can kill somebody. So, she decided to find the murderer before the time runs out. While solving the clues, she needs to face Grady Hays (Detective) and he is the one who always brings the hurdles in her path. This series will reveal, is this death linked to the Mayor’s election and how Swan will solve the case.

A Call for Kelp (2020)

Everly Swan is busy in her iced tea shop and the entire Charm town is gossiping about the Hollywood actress Mitzi Calgon as she is in the town. Both the stories were running parallel but soon they merged when Everly Aunts Clara and Fran decided to work on a beekeeping documentary with the assistance of Mitzi. The documentary work was going fine, but the death of Mitzi changed everything and this time, Clara and Fran were the prime suspects.

Everly Swan knows their Aunts are innocent and someone is framing them in the Mitzi murder case. So, Everly decided to solve the case after crossing the barricades fixed by detective Hays. Will Everly succeed in her mission and who killed Mitzi and what is the intention behind the murder? 

Closely Harbored Secrets (2020)

It’s Halloween time and the entire town is ready for this big festival. Everly Swan has also closed her iced tea shop and decided to help her Aunts in the haunted walking tour. But one night, a ghostly actor was dead and before dying, she scratched Everly’s name on the ground. This situation makes Everly a prime suspect in the murder of an actor.

To solve the murder mystery case, detective Grady comes who is in a relationship with Everly. Who is the real murderer and why Everly’s name was scratched in the ground? Will Grady go against her love? How Everly Swan will clear her name from this murder?

Partners in Lime (2021)

The people of the island of Charm, North Carolina are hosting the summer events and Everly Swan’s iced tea shop became a hit because of customers. In her personal life, she is happy with detective Grady and everything was going very smoothly.

One day, a surf-pro was murdered on the beach and this time Matt (Everly’s friend) became the suspect. Grady is very passionate about his job and Everly wants to save her friend. Who will succeed in the mission? There is a tug of war between Love and Friendship and it is very interesting to find out the climax of the story.

Bree Baker Upcoming/New Books

Partners in Lime: A Beachfront Cozy Mystery – Auguts 31, 2021

In the sixth book of the popular Seaside Café Mystery series, Partners in Lime, Everly Swan just wants to enjoy Charm’s annual outdoor play. But when a surfer rolls into town then turns up dead and Everly’s EMT friend Matt is the prime suspect things get dicey. Will Everly be able to crack the case and save her friend by opening night?

Pleading the Fish

In the seventh and final book of Bree Baker’s critically acclaimed Seaside Café Mystery series, Pleading the Fish, Everly Swan’s wedding plans are upended by a dead body. She’ll have to run her teashop, find a dress, and catch a murderer all before she can walk down the aisle! Hitting all the sweet-tea spots, this series is: A delightful Tea Shop and Café Culinary MysteryThe ideal cozy beach read is perfect for fans of Laura Childs and Kate Carlisle.

Pleading the Fish Bree Baker
Pleading the Fish Bree Baker

Bree Baker Career

She was born in the Midwest, USA, and was very fascinating with the writing world. Even at an early age, she tells the stories to anyone who meets her. She always wanted to express her views via stories around the world and thus enriched her skills to showcase her craft to all the readers.

Bree Baker’s first novel in Seaside Café Mysteries is Live and Let Chai that came in 2018. This shows that within a short time she earned a good name in the writing field. Moreover, she is a member of many organizations such as Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America, and International Thriller Writer. Being a member of such prestigious organizations, helped her to influence a mass through her novels. Currently, she is the representative of Marshal Lyon Literary Agency.

Conclusion – Bree Baker

If you love murder mystery novels, then Bree Baker Books In Order is best for you. It consists of every essential element that fits in the mystery novels. Hence, go with the Seaside Café Mysterious series and know how Everly is managing her business, love life, family life, and friendship at the edge of murder.

Top FAQ on Bree Baker

  1. Who is Bree Baker?

    Bree Baker Author

    Bree Baker is a Midwestern writer, obsessed with small-town high jinks, sweet tea, and the sea. She’s been telling stories to her family, friends, and strangers for as long as she can remember, and more often than not, those stories feature a warm ocean breeze and recipe she’s sure to ruin.

  2. Which is the new book of Bree Baker?

    “Pleading the fish” is the seventh and final book of Bree Baker’s critically acclaimed Seaside Café Mystery series.

  3. Which genre does Bree Baker belong to?

    Bree Baker is a mystery genre writer.

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