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Christopher Buehlman Books In Order - Full List

Christopher Buehlman Books in Order – Christopher Buehlman is a writer and the best performer from St. Petersburg, Florida. And his fantastic stories can be read in the Christopher Buehlman Books. He was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1969 to a young woman. Joseph and Christeen Buehlman adopted him to raise him better. He went to Thom Howard Academy and Northeast High School as a high school student.

Christopher holds a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in French language and history in 1994. Being a fan of Renaissance festivals, he developed an act called Christophe the Insulator, Verbal Mercenary, and spent almost 25 years touring renaissance festivals. When not writing, he enjoys cooking with garlic and thick bone-drying red wines, playing chess, doing theatre, and running activities.

Christopher Buehlman Books In Order

Let’s have a look at the latest books and novels by Christopher Buehlman.

Publication Order of Blacktongue Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Blacktongue Thief(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Those Across the River(2011)Buy Now
Between Two Fires(2012)Buy Now
The Necromancer’s House(2013)Buy Now
The Lesser Dead(2014)Buy Now
The Suicide Motor Club(2016)Buy Now

Publication Order of Anthologies

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Lost Highways: Dark Fictions From the Road(2018)Buy Now
Howls from the Dark Ages(2022)Buy Now

1] The Lesser Dead

The Lesser Dead was published in 2014 in the horror genre. He has provided the narration for its audiobook edition. Berkley Books published it in the US, and in 2016 IM Global announced the adaptation of the novel into a television series. The American Library Association awarded the novel the Best Horror Novel of the Year.

The novel is set in 1978 when Joey Peacock, who lives in New York City, was turned into a vampire in the 1930s by his ex-cook, Margaret. His 40 years of adolescent vampire life include going to punk clubs and discotheques and womanizing, sleeping during the day, and feeding at night. He discovers children in the subway who have a thirst for blood bigger than the vampire.

The group of vampires belonging to Joey’s group suspects that the children are entirely different from them and have been made into the creature that they are by a long-lived vampire Hessian.

But the children are not as innocent as they look. The graffiti mentioning “don’t trust the children” says otherwise. It is soon realized that the undead in Manhattan are not safe, and they are being tricked.

2] Between Two Fires

Between Two Fires is the next Christopher Buehlman Book In Order the list which was published in 2012 by Ace/Berkley publisher. It is set during the Black Plague in 1348. Thomas, a disgraced knight, saves Delphine, a young girl, from getting raped. She says that the fallen angels are rising on a war in heaven. She tells him she can see angels and instruct Thomas on the right path.

At the novel’s end, it is revealed that Delphine is not a regular girl but holy Jesus. Redemption and renewal are the novel’s main themes depicting why God sometimes allows disasters to happen and unhappiness in someone’s life.

3] The Necromancer’s House

Another Christopher Buehlman books in order are The Necromancer’s House which is a horror fantasy novel. Andrew Randulf Blankenship is a modern wizard who can talk to dead people, earning him a decent living and popularity among those involved in the occult.

But now, a master, Baba Yaga from the Russian folklore, is after his life and vows to take him down. In the words of Andrew Pyper, the book is marvelous and contains elements of wit, horror, and magic. This dark fantasy brings an abundant imagination.

4] Those Across The River

The novel depicts the life of Frank Nicholas, an academic failure who has come to the town of Georgia with his wife in the hope of writing a story about Savoyard Plantation, their family’s old estate. Initially, it looked like the life they had always wanted, but Georgia town has a deadly past that comes from shadowy woods across the river. They discover that death is following them, and they fear for their life. It demands human sacrifice.

5] The Suicide Motor Club

The next Christopher Buehlman book In Order, The Suicide Motor Club novel was published in 2016. The author has also provided audio narration. The novel is set in the 1960s when a group of vampires searches roaming around in their muscle cars to quench their thirst for their blood lust.

Judith Lamb, with her family, gets attacked by nomadic vampires. Her family becomes the victim of the vampire’s hunger, but Judith escapes narrowly. Afraid for her life, she joins a convent to find peace, where she finds The Bereaved, a group of vampire hunters who aim to destroy all the deadly vampires roaming around.

6] The Blacktongue Thief

The Blacktongue Thief is about the destiny entangled between a thief and a knight. The thief, Kinch Na Shannack, robs his prey by waiting for travelers crossing the old forest road. But one day, he meets Galva, the knight who is searching for her queen and has survived the goblin’s wars. They both embark on a journey together and face common enemies and dangers that are hungry for human flesh.

Christopher Buehlman Awards And Achievements

Christopher Buehlman’s books in order have garnered him wide recognition for his literary works. His provocative plays and books have a special place in the horror genre. He is the recipient of the Bridport Prize in the year 2007 for his poetry Wanton. He was also nominated in 2011 for World Fantasy Award for the best novel for Those Across the River and Shirley Jackson Award in 2014 for The Lesser Dead.

Conclusion – Christopher Buehlman

Christopher Buehlman’s books in order help the readers in picking out the novel to read in sequence. His poetry has been published in the Atlanta review, and he has also written and performed a show on Christopher Marlowe. In 2018, he authored a segment for Shudder named “The Man in the Suitcase.”

Top FAQ on Christopher Buehlman

Which is the latest book by Christopher Buehlman?

Christopher Buehlman‘s latest book is “Howls from the Dark Ages” which was released in 2022.

Which is the upcoming book by Christopher Buehlman?

We don’t have any information on this, we will update the upcoming book by Christopher Buehlman in this article once it is announced.

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