Dresden Files Books in Order | Full List 2022

Dresden Files Books In Order

Dresden Files Books in Order is a popular novel series written by famous American author Jim Butcher. They are the perfect compilation of the investigation series with elements of mysteries. Jim Butcher is popularly known for his mystery-based thriller stories. In Dresden Files, he has successfully delivered the elements of mystery and thriller.

Something about Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher is an American author who is popular for his novel series like Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and the new series, the Cinder Spires. He typically writes in contemporary fantasy fiction.

An avid gamer, guitarist Jim wrote many novel series and short stories. Among all his Dresden Files is the most popular. The novel series is even adapted as a television serial. In today’s article, we will give some overviews about the famous Dresden Files series.

Dresden Files Books in Order

Jim Butcher has effortlessly intertwined mystery with contemporary fantasy in Dresden Files. The first book belonging to this series was published in 2000 by Roc Books. Jim has written Dresden Files in the first narrative writing style. The plot of the entire novel series revolves around the main protagonist named Harry Dresden, a private investigator and wizard.

The story of Dresden Files shows the life experiences of Harry’s past and present life and the way his investigations work, and eventually attraction of some supernatural events in the modern day of Chicago.

The first book of the series was decided to name as semiautomatic to represent the blend of hard-boiled detective skills with the world of fantasy. Dresden files include a total of 17 novels over 20 years after its first publication in 2000.

Publication Order of The Dresden Files Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Storm Front(2000)Buy Now
Fool Moon(2001)Buy Now
Grave Peril(2001)Buy Now
Summer Knight(2002)Buy Now
Death Masks(2003)Buy Now
Blood Rites(2004)Buy Now
Dead Beat(2005)Buy Now
Proven Guilty(2006)Buy Now
White Night(2007)Buy Now
Small Favor(2008)Buy Now
Turn Coat(2009)Buy Now
Changes(2010)Buy Now
Ghost Story(2011)Buy Now
Cold Days(2012)Buy Now
Skin Game(2014)Buy Now
Peace Talks(2020)Buy Now
Battle Ground(2020)Buy Now
Tentatively titled Twelve Months(2022)To be released
Mirror Mirror(2022)To be released

Publication Order of Dresden Files Collections

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files(2010)Buy Now
Working for Bigfoot(2014)Buy Now
Brief Cases(2018)Buy Now

Publication Order of The Dresden Files Graphic Novels

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Welcome to the Jungle(2008)Buy Now
Backup(2008)Buy Now
Storm Front, Vol. 1: The Gathering Storm(2009)Buy Now
Storm Front, Vol. 2: Maelstrom(2011)Buy Now
Fool Moon, Vol. 1(2011)Buy Now
Fool Moon, Vol. 2(2013)Buy Now
Ghoul Goblin(2013)Buy Now
War Cry(2014)Buy Now
Down Town(2015)Buy Now
Wild Card(2016)Buy Now
Dog Men(2018)Buy Now

The overview of the world of Dresden Files

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files successfully handles the amalgamation of fantasy elements like ghouls, zombies, vampires, even spirits, etc., in the modern era of Chicago city. Humans are not aware of the existence of this parallel world. And, it is the sole responsibility of Harry Dresden to maintain the secrecy between the two worlds for the maintenance of peace.

With talent and skills like magic and investigating mind, Harry is in a desperate situation to be able to fulfil his financial needs. He started to work as a consultant for Karin Murphy’s crime investigating office for those cases that may have supernatural inclinations.

Dresden Files’ book order intelligently shows the working mechanism of the White Council that governs magical laws, Harry’s investigations that inclined towards the political point of view.

Strom Front

This is the first book from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. This book introduces us to our main hero of the series, Harry Dresden. He is a tech-savvy investigator and gifted wizard. Strom Front has set Dresden Files in the list of New York Times bestselling list.

Harry Dresden knows that the world is not only full of animals and humans but something that coexists. The ‘things’ that are coexisting with humans may or may not like them. Also, he is struggling to meet his financial ends despite knowing he is good at his work. 

The unique skill that only he possesses would soon land him with a job in Karin Murphy’s crime investigating office. He got his first case of a double homicide that involves black magic. With the urge to prove himself and provide himself with financial stability, he determined to solve the case with exceptional skills.

Fool Moon

The saga of Dresden Files continues with the second book that was published in 2001, Fool Moon. Harry Dresden is the only professional wizard in the Chicago city who is sitting idle for his less investigating work. Keeping the distance from Kim Delaney, who wants assistance from him to create some magical circles that will help her gaining control of her magical capabilities, Harry takes up the recent work that Karin Murphy offered him.

The murder case has supernatural elements attached to it. With the paw prints that resemble the wolf and the time of the murder is in the full moon, the case needs special attention from Harry. With his expertise in the wizarding and supernatural world, Harry Dresden knows precisely what to look for.

Grave Perils

This is the third novel of the Dresden Files series. It continues to showcase the investigating journey of Harry Dresden, an uncommonly gifted private investigator.

During his journey of investigation, harry has experienced it all, including werewolves, giant spiders, and oversexed vampires. His wizarding powers have made it easy to coexist with the parallel world.

But this time, it is worst of all as ghosts have changed their postal address. And they are not silent wanders; they mean to cause trouble, even deaths. Harry needs to find out the reason behind the sudden outbreak of ghosts as he suspects someone else’s involvement.

Which are the upcoming books by Jim Butcher?

There are three books from different series which are on the line.

  1. Cinder Spires #2:The Olympian Affair
  2. Dresden Files #18: Tentatively titled Twelve Months
  3. Dresden Files #19: Mirror Mirror


Dresden Files book order is one of the brilliantly written and a bestseller in the New York Times. Jim Butcher has perfectly been able to intertwine the elements from mystery to the world of contemporary fantasy. 

He is a great writer in both genres, and apart from Dresden Files series, he has written some other novel series and short stories.

  1. Who is Jim Butcher?

    Jim Butcher is an American author. He has written the contemporary fantasy The Dresden Files, Codex Alera, and Cinder Spires book series.

  2. How many books are there in The Dresden Files Series?

    There are a total of 17 books in the Dresden Files series. The first book was published in the year 2000 called “Storm Front” and the recent one is “Battle Ground” which was released in 2020.

  3. Which are the upcoming books in Dresden Files Series?

    There are two upcoming books in Dresden Files, which may release in 2022 – Dresden Files #18: Tentatively titled Twelve Months and Dresden Files #19: Mirror Mirror.

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