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Gillian Anderson Books In Order

Gillian Anderson Books in Order – Gillian Anderson is a writer whose profession also includes acting, direction, and production. With the hobby of writing, acting, photography, and traveling, she has written several novels so far. Nowadays, Gillian Anderson’s Books are bestsellers around the world, and we have covered everything in detail here. 

Before jumping to the list of Gillian Anderson books, let’s know who is Gillian, her childhood, and how her career turned into a novelist.

Gillian Anderson’s Biography

Gillian Anderson was born in August 1968 in Chicago, Illinois which is situated in the United States. In her youth, she went to Puerto Rico along with her family. After spending a while in Puerto Rico, she eventually settled in England. Gillian Anderson’s father started a publishing manufacturing organization in Michigan that was a thrilling business. 

She got a few perceptions from her father’s profession concerning the arena of movies. She has become an actress which made her famous in Hollywood for her role. 

The X-Files became a Super Duper hit. It ran for many seasons, making each of Gillian Anderson and her co-star, David Duchovny, massive names in Hollywood. This gave Gillian several accolades, which include a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe, and an Emmy Award

While she became well-known for her TV work, she became carving out popularity as a novelist. She wrote many stories and became a well-known novelist.

Gillian Anderson Books in Order

Let’s have a look at the books by Gillian Anderson.

Publication Order of The Earthend Saga Books with Jeff Rovin

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
A Vision of Fire(2014)Buy Now
A Dream of Ice(2015)Buy Now
The Sound of Seas(2016)Buy Now

A Vision Of Fire

The first Gillian Anderson Books in Order is A Vision of Fire. This is the debut novel from Gillian Anderson, Book One in the Earth end Saga series.

In this novel by Gillian Anderson Books, she characterized child psychologist Caitlin O’Hara. She is a single mom and trying her best to cope with her job, her son, and her timid dating life.

They shattered her life of tranquillity when Manik, the daughter of the UN ambassador, started speaking with violent visions. Actually, Manik’s parents thought that the exaggeration by Manik was because of the attempt of assassination to her father.

A Vision of Fire By Gillian Anderson

This attempt triggered a chance of nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan at dangerous levels. But when she saw the outbursts among the children around the world, she could understand that some strange force was working on the children.

In Iran, a boy bursts into flame. On the Ind-Pakistan border, a young man feels a deep irritation and, against his will, opens fire on Indian Military personnel. Now, Asia was on the verge of a nuclear war. Caitlin thought about racing across the globe and uncovering the supernatural links between these unrelated cases in order to save the world.

The Sound of Seas

The cultural civilization of Galderkhaan was ruined in a power struggle between Priests and technocrats. But some of them survived by becoming sort of spirits. Others fled and persisted into the present, of which a gathering, known as the Group.

They plan to do well, something through the stone tiles. Stone tiles were useful for both computers and power sources. Previously, child psychologist Caitlin O’Hara could find supernatural links between seemingly unrelated global weird events and, somehow, acquired strange new abilities.

Mikel Jasso found an entire city buried under the Antarctic ice sheet. He was a field agent for the Group of an archaeologist. Moreover, he had collected some of the mysterious tiles in the past, where Caitlin found herself in another body.

The Priests and technocrats are battling over a power source. Mikel came to know that the Group had been taken over by Casey Skett, who’s not averse to burning a few people to death. And that’s too in order to learn how to control the tiles.

+A Dream of Ice

This Novel is from Gillian Anderson Books in Order, where the child psychologist Caitlin O’Hara’s like the world has never seen. The day she encountered the mystical link to the Galderkhaan of an ancient civilization, Caitlin became able to access mysterious powers. The powers that she was using to heal her patients’ minds.

However, Caitlin could not help but wonder because of the risk she was born with, even with all the perks that her new abilities granted, especially when it dawns on her as she is being haunted.

A dream of Ice by Gillian Anderson

But Mikel Jasso was determined even after stumbling upon the entire city to find Galderkhaani. He and Caitlin were both conjugally forced to team up to find out the mystery, which was unexplored.  

In this novel, the character of Mikel is much more exposed. She did not put Caitlin into another adventure. Although she races across the globe, which Gillian chooses to do, the character of Caitlin was more or less stranded in one place.

Although the character’s relevance quickly becomes obvious, it is easy to see that the fans were unwilling to abandon Caitlin in favor of Mike.


In this novel from Gillian Anderson Books in Order, the author and Jennifer Nadel describe that women can live happier. Moreover, they can live better lives by becoming freer” (Glamour).

We: In this novel, the authors say that the practical manual is necessary for creating change in women’s lives. That is, too, with nine universal principles. These principles help you confront life’s inevitable emotional and spiritual challenges. It’s about the transition from a-first culture and imagining what an a-based world might look like.

In We, Anderson and Nadel asked a question what were the reasons that so they locked many women in cycles of depression? Moreover, they have an addiction, self-criticism, and even self-harm. They also ask how much more effective changes are necessary for the current patterns of competition, criticism, and comparison. Besides,  collaboration, cooperation, and compassion.

Furthermore, they say in this Gillian Anderson Books in Order that putting these values at the center of their lives allows each of them to be happier and more empowered. Moreover, this is to replace harmful habits with a more positive, peaceful, and rewarding way of being.

Few Top Faq on Gillian Anderson

  1. Which are the upcoming books by Gillian Anderson?

    Right now, we don’t have any information on Gillian Anderson’s new or upcoming book. We will add it here once we have any information about it.

  2. What is the birth date of Gillian Anderson?

    Gillian Anderson was born on 9 August 1968.

  3. Which all awards are bagged by Gillian Anderson?

    Gillian has bagged Screen Actors Guild, a Golden Globe, and an Emmy Award for her work in Hollywood and books.

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