The Vampire Diaries Books In Order | Full List Updated 2023

The Vampire Diaries Books In Order

The Vampire Diaries Books In Order – Have you ever wondered about the existence of another world? Well, after watching the Twilight movie series, we were intrigued by the world of immortals. Apart from this series, another interesting novel series based on immortals would be The Vampire Diaries series in order.

Those who loved reading fictional fantasy would love to read The Vampire Diaries, written by L.J. Smith.

About The Author – Lisa Jane Smith

L. J. Smith (Lisa Jane Smith) is an American author widely known for her best-selling “The Vampire Diaries” series. She has expertise in writing young adult fiction. She wrote more than five novel series and some standalone novels. Among them, two of her novel series, The Vampire Diaries and Night World, had been listed on the New York Times bestselling novel list.

The Vampire Diaries Books In Order

Let’s have a look at the Vampire Diaries books in the publication order.

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Awakening(1991)Buy Now
The Struggle(1991)Buy Now
The Fury(1991)Buy Now
Dark Reunion(1991)Buy Now
The Vampire Diaries Books

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries Books By: L.J. Smith, Julie Plec

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Origins(2010)Buy Now
Bloodlust(2011)Buy Now
The Craving(2011)Buy Now
The Ripper(2011)Buy Now
The Asylum(2012)Buy Now
The Compelled(2012)Buy Now

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Phantom(2011)Buy Now
Moonsong(2011)Buy Now
Destiny Rising(2012)Buy Now

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: The Return Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Nightfall(2009)Buy Now
Shadow Souls(2010)Buy Now
Midnight(2011)Buy Now

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Unseen(2013)Buy Now
Unspoken(2013)Buy Now
Unmasked(2014)Buy Now

The famous Vampire Diaries is an epic fantasy based on the world of immortals. The novel series is based on three characters; Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, and Damon Salvatore. Stefan and Damon are immortal brothers. Elena, a beautiful high school girl, is attracted to both brothers.

The novel series is the perfect blend of romance and fantasy. The author justified the essence of writing by correctly portraying characters and backgrounds. Reading these books will be a great experience as the characters are easy to understand. L. J. Smith has a better understanding of the people around her.

She has noted the behavior and connection between two people in her novels beautifully.

We are noting some of her great works in today’s article. This article is more of summaries of the books in The Vampire Diaries books in order.

Some top books from the Vampire Diaries books in order

The Awakening

The first installment of L. J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, The Awakening introduces us to three main characters of the novel series.

Elena Gilbert, a popular girl in high school, has an enigma around her. She is a beauty, and she gets what she desires, even boys. Elena gets confused when the handsome and mysterious Stefan Salvatore isn’t interested in her. Stefan is always having an aura of mystery around him. Though he is drawn towards Elena, he can’t afford to get closer to her.

Stefan is a vampire and wants to stay away from Elena. But things get an unexpected turn when Stefan’s dangerous and troublesome brother, Damon Salvatore, enters the town. He is known for creating and attracting trouble. Roller coaster events take place when these three come together.

The Struggle

This is the second book of the famous Vampire Diaries books in order. This book continues with the thrilling events of our three main characters.

As Elena Gilbert gets more deeply attached to both vampire brothers – Stefan and Damon, she finds their origin and how dangerous it would be to be around them. Stefan, who fights strong emotions towards Elena, wants to stay away from her. However, Damon is getting close to Elena and wins over her eventually. As destiny would have it, some dark events force Elena to sacrifice her life and become immortal to save the vampire brothers.

The Fury

The third installment of the Vampire Diaries, The Fury is, describes the past of both brothers. Stefan and Damon are continuing their quest to win Elena’s heart. But someone from their past is coming knocking their way.

For tackling this unknown guest, they have to work together. On the other hand, Elena has to bear the effects of loving Stefan. The book continues the gut-wrenching saga of this love triangle.

The Dark Reunion

The final installment of The Vampire Diaries books in order, the Dark Reunion, is the final quest of the vampire trio.

Elena compromised her mortality to save two immortal brothers – Stefan and Damon. After rising from death, Elena unites with them as a powerful trio. Stefan is ready to mend all his differences with his dangerous brother, Damon, after nearly losing the love of his life, Elena. All three of them stand strong against the ultimate evil.


Origins, the first book of Stefan’s Diaries series by L. J. Smith, showcases the origins of the vampire brothers.

Long before Stefan and Damon turned to the enemy, they were inseparable. In those times, they drifted apart because of a girl named Katherine. In the quest to win over her, they become each other’s worst enemies. Eventually, they found Katherine’s true identity of being a vampire and turned both brothers into vampires.

Conclusion – Vampire Diaries books in order

The Vampire Diaries books in order are a collection of some amazing young adult fiction. The author, L. J. Smith beautifully executed the romance, suspense, and fantasy while putting all the characters on the paper.

The novel series is also adapted as a TV series and was quite popular. People who love watching TV series are also fans of original novels. We highly recommend reading the Vampire Diaries series if you are an avid reader of young adult fiction.

Top faq on the Vampire Diaries

  1. How many books are there in the Vampire Diaries series?

    There are a total of 13 books in the Vampire Diaries series which are published: in September 1991–1992 (books 1-4); February 2009–May 2014 (books 5-13).

  2. In which genre do the Vampire Diaries belong?

    The Vampire Diaries belongs to the Horror fiction, Fantasy, Romance novel, and Young adult fiction genres.

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