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Gillian Philip Books in Order

Gillian Philip Books In Order | Rebel Angel Series – If you love action-packed thriller stories, then Gillian Philip Books is for you. Her debut novel, i.e., Bad Faith was highly acclaimed by the readers, and the same boost her spirit to write further novels such as Crossing the line, The Opposite of Amber, and Click Bait. Moreover, she wrote many novels series and a few of them are Rebel Angels and Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island.

Gillian Philip – Biography

Gillian Philip was born in Glasgow and she retains awesome memories of her early childhood. With time, things changed and in her professional life, she struggled a lot as she performed various jobs that include, barmaid, radio presenter, store assistant, and typesetter.

Even she worked as an assistant of a parliamentary candidate but she left that job and moved to Barbados. In the new region, she joined the Irish bar as a singer and from that time, her curiosity for writing came. 

She gave a lot of time to writing and finally released her first novel, Bad Faith. The novel was in great demand among the adult groups and since then, she wrote many novels and book series for the same group. In her writing profession, she was nominated for a Carnegie medal also, shortlisted for the Royal Mail Award for her novel Crossing the Line. 

Currently, she is residing at Morayshire with her family & pets and also working from the same region. 

Gillian Philip Books In Order

She has written amazing and action-thriller novels that include the Rebel Angels series, Mystery of Ravenstorm Island series, and many more. Now, let’s have a glance at the above-mentioned book series.

Rebel Angel Series By Gillian Philip

The series is a complete Fantasy novel that will direct you to the path of ancient places, the magic world, bonding between the brothers, and many more. The series comprises 4 novels, and they are Firebrand, Bloodstone, Wolfsbane, and Icefall.

  1. Firebrand (2010)
  2. Bloodstone (2011)
  3. Wolfsbane (2012)
  4. Icefall (2014)
  5. Frost Child (2011)


The story starts from the last decade of the 16th century where religious chaos began in Veil (mortal world) but there was another region, i.e., Seithe where peace was established. Seithe lies behind the Veil and due to the same, it gets protection from the latter. 

One day, Seithe nobleman was assassinated, and his half-feral son Seth MacGregor, a 16-year-old boy’s life changes. He got one brother Conal and he was eager to know the reason behind his father’s death and that results in the quarrel between him and Seithe’s queen. As a punishment, Conal was sent to the mortal’s world and Seth MacGregor accompanied him on the journey. 

But soon they discover that their journey is going to be very much challenging because they found a witch hunt, have to face the violence in the mortal world and many more. How the two brothers will escape from the mortal world and will they find the real murderer of their father? Well, the answers to these questions lie in the Firebrand novel.


This is the second edition of the Rebel Series which comes under the Gillian Philip Books In Order list. The story continues with the struggle of Seth and Conal and this time, they have to face many tough challenges. Earlier, they went for the hunt of Bloodstone by the order of Seithe’s Queen and while doing the same, the brothers made secret forays across the Veil.

Things changed when Jed Cameron, a young thief from another world, was dragged to Seithe’s world. The worst situation arises when the collision of two worlds is about to take place. Will the collision takes place, and how Seth and Conal will prevent the same? How Jed will handle this situation and will he be able to save his younger brother from menacing forces? There are lots of questions but all the answers lie in Bloodstone.


This novel consists of many twists and turns and the entire characters are perfectly framed where one knows how to escape from Veil and another is eager to know who is behind the destruction of Veil. 

The story starts with Rory MacGregor who is being hunted by the Veil’s queen and she has a perfect plan to escape from this region and reach another world.

The hero of the Rebel novel series, Seth is fighting with the enemies to protect his clan. He was aware that it was the instructions of Queen Kate to finish Seth’s clan, but what made him more surprised is the real master behind all. Who is the one that is playing the conspiracy game in the kingdom and how Seth will deal with it? The answers to these questions lie in Wolfsbane.

Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island Series

  1. The Lost Children (2014)
  2. The Ship of Ghosts (2015)

Novels By Gillian Philip

Other Contributions by Gillian Philip


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Conclusion – Gillian Philip

Apart from the Rebel Series, Gillian Philip’s books in order cover another famous book series, i.e., Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island. It consists of two books, The Lost Children, and The Ships of Ghosts. So, if you love fantasy stories that are filled with thrillers, then go with such books.

Top FAQ on Gillian Philip

  1. Who is Gillian Philip?

    Gillian Philip Author

    Gillian Philip is a full-time author and freelance writer who has published multiple book series and short stories. Her writing has led to her speaking at several events including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Stratford-upon-Avon Literary Festival and the Bloody Scotland Crime Festival

  2. How old is Gillian Philip?

    She was born in 1964 (age 57 years).

  3. Which one is the top series by Gillian Philip?

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