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Boyd Morrison Books in Order

Boyd Morrison Books In Order – Are you fretted up with the no search results about Boyd Morrison? Don’t worry! This post can be your stop if you’re searching for the Boyd Morrison Books. Here, I have tried to add everything which seems important as well as informative related to the author.

In this post, I have added complete information about the author that includes his early life, education, later life, achievements, awards, and some famous books/novels.

List of Boyd Morrison Books in Publication Order

Here, in this section, you’ll come to know about a list of books that are authored by Boyd Morrison with time. All the Boyd Morrison Books in Order have been listed by series.

Some of the Co-Authored Books of different series are:

The Tyler Locke Series

Oregon Files Book Series in Publication Order

Boyd Morrison co-authored with Clive Cussler in Oregon Files Series. The full list is given below with the publication year and amazon purchase link.

Book NamePublication YearCheck at Amazon
Golden Buddha-2003Buy on Amazon
Sacred Stone-2004Buy on Amazon
Dark Watch-2005Buy on Amazon
Skeleton Coast-2006Buy on Amazon
Plague Ship-2008Buy on Amazon
Corsair-2009Buy on Amazon
The Silent Sea-2010Buy on Amazon
The Jungle-2011Buy on Amazon
Mirage-2013Buy on Amazon
Piranha-2015Buy on Amazon
The Emperor’s Revenge-2016Buy on Amazon
Typhoon Fury-2017Buy on Amazon
Shadow Tyrants-2018Buy on Amazon
Final Option-2019Buy on Amazon
Marauder (The Oregon Files)-2020Buy on Amazon

Let’s see some books that were standalone written by Boyd Morrison.

Standalone Novels by Boyd Morrison

Other Top Books By Boyd Morrison

Book NamePublication YearCheck at Amazon
The Tsunami Countdown2012Buy on Amazon
The Midas Code2011Buy on Amazon
The Noah’s Ark Quest2010Buy on Amazon
Substance – Die Formel2014Buy on Amazon
Todesflut (German)2019Buy on Amazon
Il codice di Mida (italian)2015Buy on Amazon

Boyd Morrison: A Man of Eminent Reputation

Boyd Morrison is an American Penman/Novelist, who specializes in the thriller niche. He was born on 17th February 1967 in the United States of America. Besides being an American author, he is an engineer, actor, and jeopardy champion as well.

He is a mechanical engineer who has worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Currently, he lives in Seattle state of the United States of America (USA) with his wife.

Moreover, apart from thriller genres, he loves to write adventure, action, mystery, and some fiction genres stories. Although interested in writing, he also loves to do some more interesting things like Scuba diving, Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Skiing, and many more as his hobbies.

Likewise, the stories of his books, his career throughout life seem interesting and exciting. He has co-authored many novels with American scribbler Clive Cussler in fact, apart from standalone delivery. He had been a gamer since his childhood that still reflects.

Boyd Morrison: Education

Boyd Morrison has pursued his Bachelor of Science in the stream of Mechanical Engineering from Rice University. Later, he went to get his post-graduation degree in the field of industrial engineering at Virginia Tech, where he received a Ph.D.

Boyd Morrison: Phenomenal Career

His professional career has been more magnificent compared to his writing career. He has played various roles in his life yet. Boyd Morrison has an incredible career outline that starts from working in Lockheed Corporation on the behalf of NASA.

Further, he worked for various high-profile organizations like a notable company named Microsoft and many other Fortune 500 companies.

He has also worked in the Xbox Games, where he used to develop games. Apart from working for high-profile organizations, he has contented himself in a Jeopardy competition, where he aced.

Although, he has been signed as an actor in various films like The Dishwasher Film, a short film released in 2019. He has also worked in various commercials and stage plays.

Boyd Morrison: Journey to Become Author!

Boys Morrison has been a successful and world-renowned author. His writing career was once on hold but, a few years later, he managed to become an author. As his wife was pursuing schooling and he was the sole breadwinner, opted to work full-time.

But, his ambition wasn’t ruled out. As soon his wife completed her medical studies and started practicing, he left the job to head-on into writing. When he left the job to advance his career in writing, he was employed in a notable company named Microsoft.

Just after leaving the company, he published himself a book titled “The Ark”. Many publishers under different names have released this book. Until now, 35 editions of this book have been published successfully.

Boyd Morrison: Achievements & Awards

His achievements are uncountable that starting from working for NASA to bagging up 11 patents in his professional career. Although, he has become world-renowned as his books become the #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author.

Boyd Morrison Books in Order: Synopsis of Best Books

In the field of writing, he debuted with his self-published book named “The Adamas Blueprint” in 2005. After getting massive popularity, the book was republished with new titles by several publishers.

1. Tyler Locke Series [The Ark, Book 1]

Tyler Locke Series was released in 2009 which was the very first book released by the author under The Ark Novel. Thereafter, the book has more than 35 editions that cause it to be called alternatively “The Noah’s Ark Conquest”, especially in the UK. This novel is full of suspense, mystery, thriller, fiction, and action.

As the main storyline starts, it features a Contagonist, Dilaria Kenner who is also an archaeologist and the Antagonist, Sebastian Ulric who is also a wealthy chemist with no heart, who shows his intent on cleansing the globe.

The Ark by Boyd Morrison
The Ark by Boyd Morrison

Further, the story moves forward, the life of the archaeologist is in danger as two assassination attempts on her life. However, on the first attempt, one of her friends is killed, prompting her to make a bolt for it. Although, he told her an encrypted ancient text message that concerns the discovery of the Biblical Noah’s Ark and an artefact (ancient) in his throes of death.

Well, as the story goes, those two assassinations took a second attempt to kill her. Moreover, during this unfortunate incident, she was involved in an aircraft accident near the oil rig where the antagonist Locke works. Fortunately, he saved all the passengers in this accident including Dilaria Kenner.

As the climax approaches, it becomes clear who wins the race against the time to save humanity.

2. Tyler Locke Series [The Vault, Book 2]

“The Vault” is another self-published novel by the author, Boyd Morrison in the Tyler Locke Series. Alternatively, after revised editions and notably in the UK, it is re-titled “The Midas Code”. Boyd Morrison had self-published this outstanding and amazing novel in 2011.

In this book, the story features a protagonist named “Tyler Locke”. As the story goes, it says that Locke was an army combat engineer, incidentally and previously but, currently works for a consultancy firm called “Gordian”, which is a Canadian-based Oil Rig. After going through some parts, it says; his father is the US Army General.

The Vault by Boyd Morrison
The Vault by Boyd Morrison

The main storyline starts when a mysterious informant informs the protagonist Locke that a malicious person has planted a ticking bomb on the boarded ferry. After that information, he teamed up himself with the Contagonist, Stacy Benedict, who is a language professional, to neutralize the ticking bomb.

However, the bomb threat wasn’t a random threat that will go down easily. Along with the bomb threat, they had kidnapped the main character too. Further, a character named Jordan Orr comes into play who is an Antagonist, to prompt Locke and Stacy to decipher and find out exact encrypted ancient text for a treasure-hunting mission.

As the story moves on, the climax approaches. So, kindly read a novel to uncover the thrilling suspense.

TOP FAQ on Boyd Marrison

  1. Who is Boyd Marrison?

    Boyd Morrison Author

    Boyd Morrison is an American thriller novelist, actor, and former Jeopardy! champion. He has co-authored several books with The New York Times fiction bestseller Clive Cussler.

  2. In which genre Boyd Morrison has written his books?

    Boyd is a “thriller” genre writer.

  3. Name the top movie of Boyd Morrison as an actor?

    Boyd has worked in “The Dishwasher Film” as an actor. The movie was released in 2019.

  4. Boyd Morrison New or upcoming book?

    We don’t have any information on this right now. We will update is very soon.

  5. How old is Boyd Morrison?

    He is 54 years old. Born: 17 February 1967.

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