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Chris Colfer Books in Order

Chris Colfer Books in Order | The Land of Stories Series – Chris Colfer is a multi-talented person who has proven his skills on television as an actor and singer. He is an American actor who received several awards such as Golden Globe, Screen Guild Award, and People’s Choice award. Chris Colfer possesses phenomenal skills and while performing on the TV, he put his heart and soul into the character and made the same a memorable one.

His famous role is in Glee, a TV series where he played the role of Kurt Hummel.

But he got fame through writing the novels and it reached worldwide. Now, Chris Colfer Books in Order is highly in demand because the magical stories keep the kids engaged and they loved the same.

Chris Colfer Biography

Chris Colfer was born in Clovis, California, the United States in the year 1990. In his childhood, he spent time with his grandmother and listened to several stories that cornered his heart to present the utmost characters on the reel or to narrate the same while writing. Well, his both wishes came true and he successfully achieved his goal. 

He is very much talented, but brushing off the skills was done at his middle school, i.e., Clovis East High School. Even in this school, he became the president of the Writer’s Club. Moreover, he also played several roles in the drama. 

Chris Colfer Career

Chris Colfer started his career in theatres and played outstanding roles in various dramas such as West Side Story and The Sound of Music. But he got the breakthrough on the famous TV series Glee. Since then, he never turned back and walked through the stairs of success. 

Chris Colfer was passionate about writing and he started his journey with Little Brown and Company with 2 novels. The release of the first novel, i.e., The Land of Stories– Wishing Spell banged the market, and Chris was highly applauded for his work. Moreover, his first book got the first rank in the New York Times Best Seller list. 

After the huge success of his first book, the second book was launched, i.e., The Enchantress Returns that comes in the Land of Stories series. Just like the previous book, this book also came in the New York Times Best Seller List and this time, it stood second place. 

After getting success in two books, Chris planned to write 2 books and 1 picture book in the same series with Little Brown and Company. 

The third book release of the same series, i.e., The Land of Stories- A Grimm Warning reached the fourth position of New York Times Best Seller List and is retained in this position for 4 weeks.

After getting huge success in writing, Chris Colfer stepped in the direction field and his first film as a director will be based on his first book, i.e., The Land of Stories- The Wishing Spell. 

Chris Colfer Books in Order

Now, you are very much familiar with Chris Colfer and his works, so let’s see about his novels. He wrote many series such as ‘The land of Stories’, ‘Adventures from Land of Stories’, ‘Land of Stories Picture Book’, and ‘Tales of Magic’. 

Publication Order of The Land of Stories Books

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
The Wishing Spell(2012)Buy Now
The Enchantress Returns(2013)Buy Now
A Grimm Warning(2014)Buy Now
Beyond the Kingdoms(2015)Buy Now
An Author’s Odyssey(2016)Buy Now
Worlds Collide(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of Adventures from the Land of Stories Books

The picture books contain two books, i.e., The mother Goose Diaries and The Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty. These books are full of adventure thrillers and as a result, kids loved this series so much.

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
The Mother Goose Diaries(2015)Buy Now
Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty(2015)Buy Now

Publication Order of Land of Story Picture Books

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
The Curvy Tree(2015)Buy Now
Trollbella Throws a Party(2017)Buy Now
Goldilocks: Wanted Dead or Alive(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Land Of Stories Collections

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
The Land of Stories: A Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales(2016)Buy Now

Publication Order of A Tale of Magic Books

This series comprises 3 books, i.e., Tales of MagicA Tale of Witchcraft, and A Story of Sorcery. In this series, you will dive again into the magical world and will meet the witches and the absolute powers of sorcery. 

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
A Tale of Magic(2019)Buy Now
A Tale of Witchcraft(2020)Buy Now
A Story of Sorcery(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
Struck By Lightning(2012)Buy Now
Stranger Than Fanfiction(2017)Buy Now

Land of Stories Series

The land of Stories series comprises six books and each book has an outstanding storyline. These books are dedicated to the kids and to the readers who love fairy tales as it has amazing characters. 

Land of Stories Series
The Land of Stories Hardcover Gift Set

The Wishing Spell

The story revolves around the twin brothers, Alex and Conner, and the magic characters. Alex and Conner reach the magic land where they face many magical characters such as wolves, goblins, witches, and trolls. Now, a big question arises as to how the twins will get back to their home, and will it be an easy task? The answer to this question lies in the wishing spell novel enclosed in Chris Colfer Books in Order.

Enchantress Returns

Alex and Conner’s adventure begins with Enchantress Returns and the story is about an evil enchantress who is back to take vengeance from the magic world. The story starts with the kidnapping of the twin’s mother by an evil enchantress. The big challenge in front of Alex and Conner is to save their mother by entering the Land of Stories. Will they get success in their plan? Will Enchantress destroy the magical world? 

A Grimm Warning

Conner’s brother Grimm has left a 200-hundred-year-old clue and this time Conner is all set to crack the same. In this mission, his classmate Bree and Outlandish mother Goose will help the Conner to find the clue in Europe. 

In the same phase, Alex is planning to become a part of the Fairy Council and for the same, she is giving her best effort. But when there is a danger on Land of Stories, then twins with their friend joined to save the magic world. How they will save the world, and what is all about the Grimm’s clue? Will the clue change the lives of Alex and Conner? All the answers to these questions are available in A Grimm Warning novel.

Beyond the Kingdoms

Yet another outstanding fairy tale where Alex and Conner will have to save the magic world by defeating the masked man. The story starts with a masked man who has the power to bring the book’s characters to live in the magic world. In short, he is creating the army of the most dangerous villains featured in the book.

Alex and Conner find the true color of the masked man and about his plan. How can the twin with their friends stop the masked man? 

An Author’s Odyssey

The story is the continuation of ‘Beyond the Kingdoms’ where Conner discovers that the best way to defeat the masked man is its stories. 

The race once again begins and this time it is more exciting because the twins are all set to defeat the masked man. But there are a lot of challenges in front of them and they need to face the same to get rid of a masked man.

Worlds Collide

This is the last book of the Land of Stories series where Alex and Conner will have to fight the biggest battle against the creatures of the magic world. The book has everything that the readers need, excitement, suspense, action, and a combo-effect of the human world and fairy world. 

The other famous novels of Chris Colfer Books in Order are picture books and tales of magic. The series comes with outstanding books that will drive you crazy because of the characters and the storyline.

Conclusion – Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer Books in Order is good for kids as they love fairy tales. The Land of Stories series comprises six books and each book has a different storyline. The Tales of Magic Series is also one of the best works of Chris Colfer and the two books of the same series, i.e., A Tale of Witchcraft is released in 2021 and A Tale of Sorcery is getting released on September 28, 2021. You must read them.

Faq Based on Chris Colfer

  1. Who is Chris Colfer?

    Chris Colfer Books

    Christopher Paul Colfer is an American actor, singer, and author. He gained international recognition for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel on the television musical Glee.

  2. Which is the new book of Chris Colfer?

    A Tale of Sorcery, released September 28, 2021, is the new book by Chris. It is the 3rd book of A Tale OF Magic Series.

  3. How old is Chris Colfer?

    He was born on 27 May 1990 (age 30 years).

  4. Is Chris Colfer Married?

    Colfer is single and not married yet. He didn’t reveal about his personal affair and any information regarding his love and planning to get success in life.

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