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Shannon Messenger Books in Order | Lost Cities Books 2

Shannon Messenger Books in Order – Shannon Messenger is the name who won New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author for Keeper of the Lost Cities and Sky Fall series. Shannon Messenger Books in Order contains ample book series and each of them is marvelous and exciting. The books are for the middle grade and for the adults who love thrillers and adventure stories.

Shannon Messenger- Biography

She always wants to portray the characters running on her mind in the real world and that’s her dream. To accomplish the same, she graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts as she loves to watch movies.

Moreover, she was keen to become a Disney Animator and wanted to showcase her skills in the animation field. But this time, her hands and minds failed to co-ordinate and as a result, she left the animation classes and enrolled in Broadcast Writing and Production.

Shannon Messenger was really enjoying the class because she was easily narrating the things that were running on her mind. But again, the situation changed and that led her to leave Hollywood because things were not working.

After leaving Hollywood, she started to work to pay her bills. But her creative ideas never stopped and it always triggers her mind to write stories. So, finally, she started her writing journey in 2008 with the Lost Cities Book series. Since then, she never turned back and wrote many amazing book series and one such is the Sky Fall.

Shannon Messenger Books in Order of Publication

Shannon Messenger has written many books for the middle grade and adults and the most popular among them were Lost Cities and Sky Fall. Each book in the series is outstanding and embedded with full of excitement and thriller. Now, let’s see about the series and the list of books enclosed in it.

Publication Order of Keeper of the Lost Cities Books

The Lost Cities is about a Telepath, Sophie who has a unique power to read the mind of nearby people. But her talent brought many challenges in front of her and she needs to face them. The series comprises 9 books and each of them describes the story of Sophie and the way she tackles the enemies.

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
Keeper of the Lost Cities(2012)Buy Now
Exile(2013)Buy Now
Everblaze(2014)Buy Now
Neverseen(2015)Buy Now
Lodestar(2016)Buy Now
Nightfall(2017)Buy Now
Flashback(2018)Buy Now
Legacy(2019)Buy Now
Unlocked(2020)Buy Now
Keeper of the Lost Cities Collection Books
Keeper of the Lost Cities Collection Books

Keeper of the Lost Cities

This is the first book of the Lost Cities series that starts with Sophie who is a Telepath (a person having the potential to read others’ minds).  She can’t express her feelings about this hidden talent to anyone because of social issues. 

Her life was going smooth, but one day she met with Fitz (a mysterious boy) and her life takes a U-Turn as she discovers that she belongs to some other place. Now, the desire to reach that place begins, and will Sophie reach her destination? What is the role of Fitz and how he will be helpful to Sophie? What all challenges she will face in the journey and what is all about the new place that Sophie has discovered? All the answer to the above question lies in the book Keeper of the Lost Cities.


Sophie reaches Havenfield, her hometown with a female alicorn, i.e., Silvery. In his native place, Sophie is enjoying with her friends but soon she discovers some clues of Black Swan Group. 

Now, Sophie needs to crack down on the clue as soon as possible otherwise, she will lose her beloved one forever. The storyline of this book is amazing as it will mesmerize you to think about the actions of Sophie. 


Sophie successfully solved the clue and after that, she got many new enemies. However, Sophie is now more powerful and is ready to face any challenges and also, she is eagerly on a hunt to find her kidnapper. 

Sophie’s hunt and fight with the enemies will drag her to the major problem. She is desperate to look for her dangerous enemy and most probably, the enemy is very close to her. Whether she will find who is the real enemy or she will lose everything due to the edge of war? The answers to such questions lie in Everblaze.


Sophie’s friend joined with Black Swan Group aims to find the shadowy organization that is a big threat to humankind. Sophie’s hunt begins and this time, she is ready to solve even more complex clues to save the species. In the journey, Sophie gets the support of allies to defeat the enemies.


Neverseen has changed the Lost Cities and once Sophie is back to this place, she was amazed due to the situation. She was not able to judge the people as to whom to trust or not because everything was changed. 

Once Sophie came to know that she will lose her loved ones, then she started to act and this time, she is facing the challenge to crack down the symbol. The deeper she moves to the trench of clues; the more she is facing the problems.


After completing the Neverseen mission, Sophie is back with another challenging mission, and this time she has to ally with the friends to fight the battle. To win the battle against the enemies, Sophie has to prepare a strong strategy and even she has to take the support of her allies. Will Sophie succeed in Nightfall and what all challenges she will face? The answers to these questions lie in Nightfall.


Neverseen has taught many lessons to Sophie and this time she needs to work on herself by changing the rules. Moreover, she has to increase her power to defeat the enemy. If a minor mistake happens, then there will be a high risk of the life of Sophie and her friends. 


This time Sophie is resolving the clue that is surrounded by her past. Every single clue brings Sophie closer to knowing her past and it becomes quite hard to believe who is the real friend. In Legacy, everyone is on the radar and Sophie needs to be strong enough to judge who is the legit one.


This is the additional volume of Legacy that will give you insights into Sophie and her friend Keefe’s. Moreover, many new powers are included and even much-hidden truth will lie on the surface. In short, Unlocked is dependent on Sophie and how she faces her past.

The above-listed books were the series of Lost Cities and there are many more books compiled in Shannon Messenger Books in Order. The next hit series of the book series of Shannon is the Sky Fall. Now, let’s see a glimpse of SkyFall and the list of books enclosed in the series.

Publication Order of Sky Fall Books

The story is about Vane Weston and Audra whose families were murdered and they need to find out the real enemy. Vane has the potential to unlock the secret languages of West wind, but doing the same will bring many challenges. SkyFall is a romantic novel that shows love and also drama. The series comes with three books and they are Let The Sky Fall, Let The Storm Break, and Let The Wind Rise.

Book TitlePublication YearCheck at Amazon
Let the Sky Fall(2013)Buy Now
Let the Storm Break(2014)Buy Now
Let the Wind Rise(2016)Buy Now

Conclusion – Shannon Messenger

This was all about Shannon Messenger Books in Order and if you are big fond of romantic novels, then SkyFall is good for you. However, if you are a middle grade and need to read magical stories, then the Lost Cities series is ideal for you. Shannon has written the ultimate storyline in each of her books that will bind you with the stories.

Top FAQ Based on Shannon Messenger

  1. Who is Shannon Messenger?

    Shannon Messenger Author

    Shannon Messenger is an American author. She writes the middle-grade series Keeper of the Lost Cities, which was a New York Times bestseller; Unlocked, the ninth book in the series, reached number 8 on USA Today’s list in 2020. She also wrote the young-adult Sky Fall series

  2. How old is Shannon Messenger?

    She is 30 years old. She was born in 1991.

  3. How many books are there in the “Lost Cities” book series?

    The “Lost Cities” comprises 9 books in total.

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