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James Islington Books In Order

James Islington Books in Order – James Islington is an Australian high-fantasy author. High fantasy is also called epic fantasy, which is a subgenre of fantasy. James Islington Books in Order are mostly in the high-fantasy genre. It is defined by the lengthy narration of its setting by the epic stature of its characters, plot, or themes.

It is set in a fictional world whose rules differ from the real world. James was raised in Southern Victoria, Australia. He is into board games and owns more than 200 video games, TV, movies, and the occasional anime.

Before becoming a writer, Islington ran a tech start-up. He has had a fascination for reading books since childhood, but it was only when he attained the age of 30 that he began writing seriously. His source of inspiration for writing was the stories of Raymond E. Feist and Robert Jordan. Growing up, he shifted his interest toward Brandon Sanderson.

After reading Sanderson’s Mistborn series and Patrick Rothfuss’ Name of the Wind, he finally thought of writing something of his own.

James Islington Books In Order

Let’s have a look at the James Islington books and novels in their publication order.

Publication Order of The Licanius Trilogy Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at amazon
The Shadow of What Was Lost(2014)Buy Now
An Echo of Things to Come(2017)Buy Now
The Light of All That Falls(2019)Buy Now

The Licanius Trilogy

The Licanius Trilogy is an adventure high fantasy series that was published by Orbit Books. The series is divided into three novels. In James Islington book in order, the readers witness character development and conflict escalations with nail-biting twists and turns. Throughout the series, Islington has managed to show his prowess in his genre by taking a contemporary approach to literature.

1] The Shadow Of What Was Lost

The Shadow of What Was Lost is the first novel of the Licanius trilogy, which was published in 2014. Originally, it was self-published by Islington and later by Orbit Books. The protagonist, Davian, is introduced in the first novel. Once thought of as Gods, the Augurs are overthrown and wiped out during a conflict.

It has been twenty years since the war and The Gifted, once who followed Augurs once, is now under the rebellion. They have been spared on the condition of abiding by the Four Tenets, which limits their powers. 

Davin, who is born after the war takes place, along with his friends, is despised by the rebellions. After knowing that he holds the powers of Augurs, Wirr and Asha set into motion to change everything.

2] An Echo Of Things To Come

An Echo of Things to Come is a 2017 novel that is the second part of the Licanius trilogy. The Augurs have finally emerged from their hiding and oppose the dark forces. Davian, along with his allies, encounters new challenges and horrors as they are near the Boundary of the North. 

Wirr is forced to contend with the assassins, and Caedan fights with the heavy burdens of his past. The more his memories return, the more he realizes that the reason for the war between the two parties is not as simple as they seem to be. Kirkus Reviews called the book vastly “over-elaborate” but “relentlessly gripping”.

3] The Light Of All That Falls

Another of James Islington’s books in order is The Light of All That Falls, a 2019 epic fantasy that is the conclusion to the Licanius tragedy. Davian is imprisoned in the North of the Boundary, from where he is transported to Zvaelar, a city outside Time.

Over there, he meets people who are kept as prisoners and work for Venerate, including Raeleth, a philosopher, and a Gifted named Niha. Davian desperately tries to keep the rebellions from undoing Asha’s sacrifice. There he learns about Caedan, who is confronted with the reality of a plan that was laid centuries ago.

James Islington About His Books – The Licanius Trilogy

Islington, in an interview, talks about The Shadow of What Was Lost, that it is a heroic epic fantasy. He compares it to the popular Game of Thrones but is less grim and gritty. He also draws a parallel to Lord of The Rings but minus the elves, dwarves, and dragons.

He adds that he has not been inspired by a single author or one book but by the amalgamation of reading different authors of different genres. 

He finds inspiration even in those works that have a great concept but an average execution. It excites him to see the missed potential of something that could have been executed in some other way!

He was fourteen when a friend persuaded him into reading Raymond E. Feist’s Magician. He loved it and got hooked on The Wheel of Time straight after reading the previous novel and never looked back. His love for writing and reading works across different genres has produced James Islington’s books in order. 

ConclusionJames Islington

If you are a hardcore fan of the high-fantasy genre, then you can consider reading James Islington’s books in order. He lives in Mornington Peninsula with his wife and two children. He is looking forward to releasing another series named, Hierarchy. The first is The Will of The Many and its sequel, The Strength of The Few.

Top FAQ on James Islington

  1. Which is the latest book by James Islington?

    James Islington’s latest book is “The Light of All That Falls” which is released in 2019.

  2. How many books are written by James Islington?

    He has written 5 books.

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