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Inbali Iserles Books In Order

Inbali Iserles Books In Order – Are you an animal lover and want to read fun books on animal fantasy? If yes, Inbali Iserles Books In Order will be a great choice. Inbali Iserles is an award-winning writer who wrote several books on animal fantasy. Her stories are inspired by natural phenomena and wildlife that were loved by the children and elders.

So, without further delay, let’s learn more about this children’s book writer who is an animal lover.

Inbali Iserles Biography

Born in Jerusalem, Inbali Iserles spent her childhood in London and her surroundings as the family had to move there when she was only three years old. She got an opportunity to encounter wildlife animals that cast a great impact on her and afterward in her writing.

Before taking writing as a full-time career, she used to work as a lawyer at a leading law firm. It was her love for nature and wildlife that brought her to the field of writing. Her imaginative description of the animal world and sensitivity to the languages made her popular among readers, especially among children.

At present, she resides in Cambridge with his family and writing inspiration Michi, her pet dog but acts like a cat!

Inbali Iserles Books In Order of Publication

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Mage (Foxcraft, Book 3)2017Buy Now
The Elders (Foxcraft, Book 2)2016Buy Now
The Taken (Foxcraft, Book 1)2015Buy Now
The Tygrine Cat: On the Run2011Buy Now
The Bloodstone Bird 2008Buy Now
The Tygrine Cat2008Buy Now

As a reader, till now you must have understood about the Her first book ‘Tygrine cat’ was published in 2007 and won the Calder dale children’s book of the year’ together with its sequel and short-listed ‘Stockton children’s book’ in the same year. She has written some of her books under the pseudonym Erin Hunter. Let’s have a look at some of her books to learn more about her writing and subject matter.

The Tygrine Cat

Published in 2007, ‘The Tygrine Cat’ is the debut novel of the author Inbali. In this story, the reader will enjoy the beautiful, imaginative story of the cat world. Inbali got the idea of writing about the cat breed when she landed on the page in the encyclopedia. She has beautifully presented the high suspense narrative of a cat, Mati, who was the last of a vital, age-old breed, but a feline assassin named Mithos wanted to kill him. 

It will be a pleasure to read the mythology-based story that revolves around how a cat saves a feral clan.

Then another book or the sequel to this award-winning book Tygrine cat, is’ the Tygrine cat on the run.’ the book has a wonderful story of Mati, who lives among the street cats at Cressida lock. Mati has to confront three gates to win over his foe, the suzerain. This award-winning Inbali Iserles Books In Order is also considered the top 50 books that children should read.

The Bloodstone Bird

On a personal note, it’s an interesting story that takes its reader to the world of fantasy fiction. Sash is a beautiful character in the story who does not want to go to school to stick up with the children and teachers. One day he finds a riddle in his father’s study and guesses what happens after that. He embarks on a quest to find a mythical bird that was his adventurous dream. The story has lots of twists and turns; it will be delightful to read the story. 

Foxcraft 1

The Taken

The tree book of a series entertains its readers with interesting stories. Of course, it’s fantasy fiction, but it is the fictional story of Isla, who feels shattered after the disappearance of his family. When she starts a search, it leads her to the society of shape-shifting foxes., the world most tormented creature.

The Elders

The next one on the list of Inbali Iserles Books In Order is The Elders. It is another part of the Foxcroft IN ox club where Isla go in search of his brother and reach vast wildlands that are a dangerous place, but she is well versed with Foxcroft but new. To survive in that forest, he must learn this craft if she wants to survive.

The Maze

The finale of the series is once again a beautiful tale of Isla’s bravery and magical aspects. Throughout the story, the reader can get beautiful scenes and adventures that are just amazing. Not only the children but the elders also can be thrilled and surprised by the storyline of the story.

The Survivors Series

It’s another bestselling series of books that deals with children’s fantasy. Once again, the protagonist is not human; they are dogs! In the different books, you will read about the adventure and bravery of the dogs. The survivor series is a team of authors who writes under the pseudonym Eric hunter. Inbali is one among the writer’s team.

Final Thoughts

So, here you saw a glimpse of Inbali Iserles Books that can be enjoyed. Besides these books, there are some others books too that you can add to your reading if you are interested to know about the animal world and their story. These books are most famous among children as they see their pets or even wild animals in an adventurous form. So gift these books to your children or add them to your library for the next read.

Top FAQ on Inbali Iserles

  1. Which is the latest book by Inbali Iserles?

    Inbali Iserles’s latest book is “The Mage (Foxcraft, Book 3)” which is released in 2017.

  2. How many books are written by Inbali Iserles?

    She has written 7 books as of now.

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