Erin Hunter Books in Order | Full Series List 2024 [Updated]

Erin Hunter Books In Order

Erin Hunter Books in Order – If you are wondering “Who is Erin Hunter?” then, go for “Erin Hunter Books”. Here, you will come to know each detail about her. You might have read many books or novels based on the cat then, might know who she is. Still not! No worries.

Erin Hunter is the famous author/writer of plenty of books. Plenty of books include the very popular and famous series Warrior, Seeker, and Survivor Series. Here is a wondering moment;

Erin Hunter is not a real woman.

Erin Hunter is just the pseudonym used by numerous authors who jot down all the series under the guidance and tutelage of Editor Victoria Holmes. Among writers, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, Gillian Philip, and Tui Sutherland have used the pen name Erin Hunter.

Erin Hunter Books & Series in Publication Order

Let’s have a look at the top books and series in their publication order by Erin Hunter.

Publication Order of “The Prophecies Begin Series

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
Into the Wild(2003)Kate Cary
Fire and Ice(2003)Kate Cary
Forest of Secrets(2003)Cherith Baldry
Rising Storm(2004)Kate Cary
A Dangerous Path(2004)Cherith Baldry
The Darkest Hour(2005)Cherith Baldry

Publication Order of “The New Prophecy Series

Book NamePublication YearAuthor
Midnight(2005)Cherith Baldry
Moonrise(2005)Cherith Baldry
Dawn(2005)Kate Cary
Starlight(2006)Cherith Baldry
Twilight(2006)Cherith Baldry
Sunset(2006)Cherith Baldry

Publication Order of “The Power of Three Series

Book NamePublication YearAuthor
The Sight(2007)Kate Cary
Dark River(2007)Kate Cary
Outcast(2008)Cherith Baldry
Eclipse(2008)Kate Cary
Long Shadows(2008)Cherith Baldry
Sunrise(2009)Cherith Baldry

Publication Order of “Omen of the Stars Series

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
The Fourth Apprentice(2009)Cherith Baldry
Fading Echoes(2010)Kate Cary
Night Whispers(2010)Kate Cary
Sign of the Moon(2011)Cherith Baldry
The Forgotten Warrior(2011)Cherith Baldry
The Last Hope(2012)Kate Cary

Publication Order of “Dawn of the Clans Series

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
The Sun Trail(2013)Cherith Baldry
Thunder Rising(2013)Cherith Baldry
The First Battle(2014)Kate Cary
The Blazing Star(2014)Cherith Baldry
A Forest Divided(2015)Kate Cary
Path of Stars(2015)Kate Cary

Publication Order of “A Vision of Shadows Series

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
The Apprentice’s Quest(2016)Cherith Baldry
Shattered Sky(2017)Kate Cary
Darkest Night(2017)Cherith Baldry
Thunder and Shadow(2017)Kate Cary
River of Fire(2018)Cherith Baldry
The Raging Storm(2018)Kate Cary

Publication Order of “Warriors Super Edition Books

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
Firestar’s Quest(2007)Cherith Baldry
Bluestar’s Prophecy(2009)Kate Cary
SkyClan’s Destiny(2010)Cherith Baldry
Crookedstar’s Promise(2011)Kate Cary
Yellowfang’s Secret(2012)Cherith Baldry
Tallstar’s Revenge(2013)Kate Cary
Bramblestar’s Storm(2014)Cherith Baldry
Moth Flight’s Vision(2015)Kate Cary
Hawkwing’s Journey(2016)Cherith Baldry
Tigerheart’s Shadow(2017)Kate Cary
Crowfeather’s Trial(2018)Cherith Baldry
Squirrelflight’s Hope(2019)Erin Hunter
Graystripe’s Vow(2020)Erin Hunter
Leopardstar’s Honor(2021)Erin Hunter
Onestar’s Confession(2022)Erin Hunter
Riverstar’s Home(2023)Erin Hunter
Ivypool’s Heart(2024)

Publication Order of Bamboo Kingdom Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Creatures of the Flood(2021)Buy Now
River of Secrets(2022)Buy Now
Journey to the Dragon Mountain(2023)Buy Now
The Dark Sun(2023)Buy Now
The Lightning Path(2024)Buy Now

Publication Order of Erin Hunter Bravelands Books

Book TitlePublication YearAmazon Resource
Broken Pride(2016)Check At Amazon
Code of Honor(2018)Check At Amazon
Blood and Bone(2018)Check At Amazon
Shifting Shadows(2019)Check At Amazon
The Spirit-Eaters(2020)Check At Amazon
Oathkeeper(2020)Check At Amazon

Publication Order of Bravelands: Curse of the Sandtongue Books

Book TitlePublication Year
Shadows on the Mountain(2021)
The Venom Spreads(2021)
Blood on the Plains(2022)

Publication Order of Warriors: The Broken Code Books

Book TitlePublication Year
Lost Stars(2019)
The Silent Thaw(2019)
Veil of Shadows(2020)
Darkness Within(2020)
The Place of No Stars(2021)
A Light in the Mist(2021)

Publication Order of Survivors Books

Book TitlePublication Year
The Empty City(2012)
A Hidden Enemy(2013)
Darkness Falls(2013)
The Broken Path(2014)
Alpha’s Tale(2014)
The Endless Lake(2014)
Storm of Dogs(2015)
Sweet’s Journey(2015)
Tales from the Packs(2015)
Moon’s Choice(2015)
Red Moon Rising(2017)
Into the Shadows(2017)
The Exile’s Journey(2018)

Publication Order of Survivors: The Gathering Darkness Books

Book TitlePublication Year
A Pack Divided(2015)
Dead of Night(2016)
Into the Shadows(2017)
Red Moon Rising(2017)
The Exile’s Journey(2018)
The Final Battle(2019)

Publication Order of Warriors: A Starless Clan Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
River(2022)Buy Now
Sky(2022)Buy Now
Shadow(2023)Buy Now
Warriors(2023)Buy Now
Wind(2024)Buy Now
Star(2024)Buy Now

Publication Order of Warriors Graphic Novels

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Rise of Scourge(2008)Buy Now
A Shadow in RiverClan(2020)Buy Now
Wind of Change(2021)Buy Now
Exile from ShadowClan(2022)Buy Now
A Thief in ThunderClan(2023)Buy Now

Bravelands: Thunder on the Plains Publication In Order

Book TitleBuy at Amazon
The Shattered Horn (2023)Buy Now
Breakers of the Code (2024)Buy Now

Erin Hunter Books in Order: How Team Was Formed?

In 2003, Harper Collins, the publishing house, asked Victoria Holmes to create a feral cat fantasy series. As Vicky (fondly called by Victoria Holmes friends) is not a great fan of fantasy, so she found it a little difficult to write on this subject.

However, Vicky created the storyline, and later, Kate Cary was brought in by publishers to work on detailing the book for the very first series named “Warrior Series”.

Soon after, the entry of Kate Cary, Vicky was assigned editing and guiding work on the series. Later during the writing of the Forest of Secret book, another writer joined the club named “Cherith Baldry”, during the 3rd installment of the Warrior Series.

Still, how the pen name Erin Hunter came into existence is not explained. Isn’t it?

Erin Hunter: Came To Being?

Before you read a book under the pen name of Erin Hunter, you must know the interesting story behind the name. Mainly, it came into existence because of two reasons.

The very first reason behind the name is the book availability at the library. Naming or publishing the author’s name separately will push books to different sections inside the library. As the books have been kept under different sections, it would be a little hard for readers to find the books with the outlook of creating many series.

While another reason was, that the publisher wanted to place the Warrior Series very next to the Brian Jacques Redwall series of books. Because the Redwall series was the closest series with the same plot as the Warrior Series.

Erin Hunter: How Name Was Finalized?

As the team was working, publishing what name was the prime question. As they are writers, they found a way to coin the name that will be published on their behalf.

The story behind the name “Erin” is very short as it was voted. As Erin’s name is a favorite character of Victoria Holmes because it represents not just an only strong persona, Erin doesn’t feel girly type.

Moreover, the story behind the surname “Hunter” is quite interesting. As the publisher thought to choose a surname very close to Jacques so, they formulated this surname. It was chosen after everyone agreed it was perfect for the Cat Series as it denotes the quality of Cat. Besides, this surname is very close to Jacques’ surname.

Wasn’t it an outstanding, as well as an amazing, story?

Know the Authors, In a Nutshell!

In this “Erin Hunter Books in Order” post, let’s know about the authors in brief. 

1. Victoria Holmes

Victoria Holmes “Vicky” was born in England on 7th July 1974. When she was two, she had horsemanship skills. As time passed, she developed the habit of reading books. Later, she started writing and creating fiction stories as well. She loved to spend time with her dog, Missy, and travel.

In English honors, she completed her graduation from Oxford University. After graduation, she moved to London to begin a career as an editor for kid books.

The breakthrough came in when she was asked to write feral cat fantasy series in 2003. Since then, she has achieved numerous feats but the most prominent one is being behind the most consistent voice of the New York Times Bestselling Warriors books.

2. Gillian Philip

Among the other four writers for the New York Best-Selling Books, Gillian Philip was the last writer to join the team. She also wrote down books under the pen name of Erin Hunter, as she worked on the Survivor Series. Gillian is a fiction, crime, and thriller writer and before writing for Harper Collins, she wrote many books. 

Gillian Philip was born on 2nd July 1964. Currently, she resides in the Scottish Highlands beautiful portion with her husband and their two kids. Apart from being a writer, she is a dog lover which is proven by a house that is full of pets.

However, she kicked off her career as an author with her very first book named ‘Bad Faith’ in 2008. Under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter, she wrote two books named ‘A Hidden Enemy’ and ‘The Empty City, as both books were part of the Survivor Series.

3. Tui Sutherland

Other than Tui Sutherland, every writer under the pen name of Erin Hunter hails from British land. Well, she is also the one who got an invitation from Vicky to work on the feral cat fantasy. Before Vicky approached her for writing, she was working as an editor for Harper Collins.

She was birth on 31st July 1978 and hails from Caracas (Venezuela). Currently, she is living with her husband and their two sons in Boston, Massachusetts.

Before completing her graduation from William College in 1998, she moved to New Jersey to complete her high school.

She wanted to pursue a career in theatre but, somehow, she dropped this idea and started a career as an author. As the cliché goes, after joining the team for the Warrior Series, the rest is history. She also co-authored ‘The Quest Begins’ of the Survivor series.

4. Cherith Baldry

When you are reading “Erin Hunter Books in Order” and, you don’t know about Cherith Baldry then, sir you miss a lot. Cherith Baldry is one among five authors under the pen name of Erin Hunter. Her childhood experience played a vital role in writing books on feral cat fantasy.

Cherith Baldry was birth on 21st January of 197 in Lancaster (England). Since childhood, she had an interest in cats as she used to play with them while growing on a farm. Currently, she lives with her husband and their two sons Adam and Will in Reigate (England).

She went to St. Anne’s College, Manchester University, and Oxford University. She got her graduation to pursue a career as a lecturer and a teacher.

Later, she got married to a scientist named Peter Baldry. Soon after she gave up her teacher and lecturer career to become a full-time writer.

As an author, she wrote several books but fame came after writing for Warrior Series. As she got inspiration from her beloved cats Sorrel and Bramble. She wrote the “Forest of Secrets”.

5. Kate Cary

Kate Cary was the first who get an invitation from Vicky Holmes to write ‘Into The Wild’ the very first book of the Warrior Series. Since then, she has worked on numerous books that also include ‘Fire and Ice.

On November 4th 1967, Kate Cary was born in England. Since her childhood, she had an interest in writing, which is reflected in her writing.

However, she studied and graduated in the stream of History from the London University in Surrey.

Just after her graduation, she started her career as a writer. However, her fame was catapulted after writing for the Warrior Series.

6. Ivypool’s Heart (Warriors Super Edition, 17

It’s been many moons since Ivypool lost her daughter, Bristlefrost, to the Dark Forest, yet Ivypool can’t bear to move on. Even being named Deputy of ThunderClan feels meaningless in her grief.

When Whistlepaw has a disturbing vision—one that could spell disaster for all the Clans—a group of cats is selected to go on a quest to investigate. Ivypool is happy to join their mission. Perhaps being away from her daily responsibilities will help her escape the painful memory of Bristlefrost’s death.

The cats set out on an arduous journey, facing everything from painful hunger to bloodthirsty dogs. But nothing can prepare them for what they find: a disgusting two-leg den that’s caging a series of strange animals, including two who may have surprising ties to the Clans.

In order to complete their quest and right a terrible wrong that goes back generations, the five Clan cats must help these creatures find their true home. But first, Ivypool must let go of the past, and her grief, if she is to have any hope of ensuring a future for the Clans—and for herself. 

Top FAQ based on Erin Hunter

  1. Who is Erin Hunter?

    Erin Hunter Author

    Erin Hunter is a collective pseudonym used by the authors Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Inbali Iserles, Tui T. Sutherland, Kasey Widhalm, and Rosie Best in the writing of several juvenile fantasy novel series, which focus on animals and their adventures.

  2. What is Erin Hunter’s real name?

    Originally, she is called Cherith Baldry.

  3. How old is Erin Hunter?

    She was born on 21 January 1947. Aged 77.4 Now.

  4. Which is the latest book by Erin Hunter?

    Breakers of the Code from the Bravelands: Thunder on the Plains is the latest book by Erin Hunter.

  5. Which is the upcoming book Of Erin Hunter?

    “Ivypool’s Heart” from the Warriors Super Edition series is the upcoming book by Erin Hunter that will be launched in September 2024. It is the 17th installment of Warriors Super Edition.

Other Top Authors to Read

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