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R.W. Green Books in Order – R.W. Green has written more than 80 non-fictional novels but he came into the limelight after the release of Agatha Raisin, Hot to Trot novel.  Moreover, he is also regarded as a New York Times Bestselling Author due to his efforts on the novels. Currently, he is staying in the United Kingdom and working on the next novel series. R.W. Green Books in order contains two major books of Agatha Raisin Series, i.e., Down the Hatch and Hot to Trot.

Beginning of Agatha Raisin book series with the help of Marion Chesney

Agatha Raisin’s series was highly in demand because of the suspense and thriller maintained in the novel. R.W. Green completed the novel a couple of weeks before the death of Marion who was the creator of Agatha Raisin. Before working on the book, Rod took approval from Marion.

Agatha Raisin Books in Order of Publication

  • There are a total of 25 Agatha Raisin books in order.
  • The Quiche of Death is the first book in the list of Agatha Raisin series in order and was released in the year 1992. 
  • The vicious Vet and The potted Gardner are the other two books from the series.
  • Beating about the Bush is the last Book in Agatha books in order Series. 

The first novel was released in the year 1992 and what’s plotted around the main characters of the story are Agatha, James, Bill, and Roy

The first story shows how Agatha is an amazing businesswoman living in London but she sells his public relations from enjoying the department of London. 

Book TitlePublication YearBuy Now
The Quiche of Death(1992)Buy Now
The Vicious Vet(1993)Buy Now
The Potted Gardener(1994)Buy Now
The Walkers of Dembley(1995)Buy Now
The Murderous Marriage(1996)Buy Now
The Terrible Tourist(1997)Buy Now
The Wellspring of Death(1998)Buy Now
The Wizard of Evesham(1999)Buy Now
The Witch of Wyckhadden(1999)Buy Now
The Fairies of Fryfam(2000)Buy Now
The Love from Hell(2001)Buy Now
The Day the Floods Came(2002)Buy Now
The Case of the Curious Curate(2003)Buy Now
The Haunted House(2003)Buy Now
The Deadly Dance(2004)Buy Now
The Perfect Paragon(2005)Buy Now
Love, Lies, and Liquor(2006)Buy Now
Kissing Christmas Goodbye(2007)Buy Now
A Spoonful of Poison(2008)Buy Now
There Goes the Bride(2009)Buy Now
Busy Body(2010)Buy Now
As The Pig Turns(2011)Buy Now
Hiss and Hers(2012)Buy Now
Christmas Crumble(2012)Buy Now
Something Borrowed, Someone Dead(2013)Buy Now
The Blood of an Englishman(2014)Buy Now
Agatha’s First Case(2015)Buy Now
Dishing the Dirt(2015)Buy Now
Pushing up Daisies(2016)Buy Now
The Witches’ Tree(2017)Buy Now
The Dead Ringer(2018)Buy Now
Beating about the Bush(2019)Buy Now
Hot to Trot (With R.W. Green)(2020)Buy Now
Down the Hatch (With R.W. Green)(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Hamish Macbeth Books as M.C. Beaton

Book TitlePublication YearBuy Now
Death of a Gossip(1985)Buy Now
Death of a Cad(1987)Buy Now
Death of an Outsider(1988)Buy Now
Death of a Perfect Wife(1989)Buy Now
Death of a Hussy(1990)Buy Now
Death of a Snob(1992)Buy Now
Death of a Prankster(1992)Buy Now
Death of a Glutton / Of a Greedy Woman(1993)Buy Now
Death of a Travelling Man(1993)Buy Now
Death of a Charming Man(1994)Buy Now
Death of a Nag(1995)Buy Now
Death of a Macho Man(1996)Buy Now
Death of a Dentist(1997)Buy Now
Death of a Scriptwriter(1998)Buy Now
Death of an Addict(1999)Buy Now
A Highland Christmas(1999)Buy Now
Death of a Dustman(2001)Buy Now
Death of a Celebrity(2002)Buy Now
Death of a Village(2003)Buy Now
Death of a Poison Pen(2004)Buy Now
Death of a Bore(2005)Buy Now
Death of a Dreamer(2006)Buy Now
Death of a Maid(2007)Buy Now
Death of a Gentle Lady(2008)Buy Now
Death of a Witch(2009)Buy Now
Death of a Valentine(2009)Buy Now
Death of a Chimney Sweep(2011)Buy Now
Death of a Kingfisher(2012)Buy Now
Death of Yesterday(2013)Buy Now
Death of a Policeman(2014)Buy Now
Death of a Liar(2015)Buy Now
Knock, Knock, You’re Dead!(2016)Buy Now
Death of a Nurse(2016)Buy Now
Death of a Ghost(2017)Buy Now
Death of an Honest Man(2018)Buy Now
Death of a Green-Eyed Monster(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Cozy Case Files Books

Book TitlesPublication YearBuy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 1(2017)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 2(2017)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 3(2017)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 4(2018)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 5(2018)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 6(2019)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 7(2019)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 8((2020)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 9(2020)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 10(2020)Buy Now
A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 11(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitlePublication YearBuy Now
The Poor Relation(1984)Buy Now
Summertime Splendor(1992)Buy Now
The Skeleton in the Closet(2001)Buy Now
Summer of Discontent(2015)Buy Now

A Marvelous Journey

Rod knows Marion for more than 20 years of age that simply means they had a strong friendship bonding. One day, Marion was ill and she was worried about the next assignment of Agatha Raisin. Rod and his wife went to meet her to see her condition and to know about the status of a new book. 

Marion compiled all the thoughts relevant to the novel on her mind, but was unable to write it on a computer. She was looking for a trusty person to whom she believes and Rod was the first choice. Rod was ready to help Marion with writing the novel as he thought it was just dictation work, but later on, his involvement increased.

Marion discusses the characters and the scenes with Rod. However, Rod’s job was to write the plots and to maintain the suspense in the novel. His effort was successful and the book was completed a week ago before the death of Marion.

R.W. Green Books in Order

The most famous series in R.W. Green Books In Order is the Agatha Raisin series. Agatha Raisin is a character name who is a detective that faces many challenges amid solving the cases. The summary of two books of the series is provided below.

Agatha Raisin- Down to Hatch

The novel is a based on crime-thriller where Agatha Raisin as a detective takes the murder case of the admiral and while solving she faces multiple challenges. 

The story starts with the dead body of an old man that was found in Mircester Park. Agatha was walking along the park and she discovered the body of an old man and after initial investigation, it was found that the man was an admiral. 

The chief inspector Wilkies in his report wrote that the admiral was dead due to the consumption of weedkiller and termed it an accident. But Agatha Raisin didn’t believe it and started to investigate the case. 

The prime suspects were the Swimburns who were the members of the club where the admiral usually visits. They took every possible step to keep Agatha Raisin out of the case. Even Wilkies warned Agatha to be careful but she cornered everything and was eager to find the murderer. 

While solving the case, she got many hidden pasts of the Admiral and many suspicious characters. Will Agatha Raisin solve the case? Who is the murderer and what is the reason behind it? You will get the answers to all these questions after reading the Down to Hatch book of R.W. Green Books In Order series.

Hot to Trot

Agatha Raisin came to know that her best friend and ex-boyfriend (Charles Fraith) is getting married to Miss Mary Brown, and then she decided to gather information about Mary. While doing the same many difficulties came and as a result, the wedding shattered. 

The next day, Charles called Agatha and told Mary was dead. That news shocked Agatha and immediately she planned to take the case. While solving the case, she came to know many hidden secrets of Mary and her past. Will Agatha find the real reason behind the murder of Mary and the murderer? Once you go through the book, then you will get all the answers to the questions.


R.W. Green Books In Order is amazing and the readers who love detective stories will admire the novels of the author. The blend of suspense and thriller is outstanding and while reading the book, you will feel to wind it up as soon as possible to find the murderer.

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6 thoughts on “R.W. Green Books In Order | Agatha Raisin series”

  1. Jack Lynch

    Just finished Down The Hatch and it was delightful. So happy that you are here to continue the series. I do hope that you will resurrect our other old friend Hamish I
    miss him a great deal. You seem to have mastered M C Beaton’s style —-congratulations. Jack Lynch

  2. Melanie Lowmiller

    I have missed Agatha and I am so happy you will be continuing her adventures. Please be sure to include the phrases “small, bear like eyes, “ and “Snakes and bastards!” We will miss MC Beaton so. Rest In Peace. Much love and many thanks for the happy hours I have spent with Hamish, the poor relations, but far and away most of all, dear Agatha.

  3. K. Darwent

    Had I not known the last two Agatha books were not all MC Beaton work I would have wanted to know what was wrong. Readable but definitely not a true Agatha. Too many loose ends sudden changes in characters and shooting off at tangents. Having said that they weren’t actually “rubbish “ just not true to previous works. Little like T.V series not true to MC Beaton characters. Sorry. I will now read some of R. Green’s other work as I realise he may well have something more to offer.

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