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Victoria Holmes Books In Order

Victoria Holmes Books In Order – Victoria Holmes is a prominent children’s book writer that showcases their love for horses. Victoria Holmes’s Books In Order comprises 3 books, i.e., Riders in the Dark, The Horse from the Sea, and The Heart of Fire. All these books are fictional but she perfectly portrayed the relationship between the human and the horse.

Victoria “Vicky” Holmes is an English author. She is better known as Erin Hunter, a pseudonym under which she and others write the New York Times Bestselling Warriors series.

Victoria Holmes- Bio

Victoria Holmes is one of the Eric Hunter followed by the other 5 people. She was born in Berkshire, England, and spent her childhood on the farm riding horses and reading stories. Victoria Holmes loves animals, especially dogs & horses, and her affection is clearly visible in her novels. She studies English at Oxford University, England where beautiful and ancient buildings attracted her and since then she has planned to write about the history and conservation of buildings. 

After completing her education, she joined a school as an English Teacher but she was not satisfied with the job. Victoria stepped into the novels field and started working on children’s books as an editor. Now, she is residing in England and working from there to give valuable information on bonding between humans and horses via book stories.

Victoria Holmes Books In Order – Full List

Victoria Holmes wrote 3 outstanding children’s books and each of them is best on par. A glimpse of those books is listed below.

Rider in the Dark

The story revolves around Helena, the daughter of a magistrate (Lord Roseby). She got a homeland on the grand estate where she rides the horses. However, she is just a beginner, so took the horse riding guidance from Jamie (stable boy). 

Everything was going fine, but the visit of the customs officer in the hunt for smugglers in her village shocked Helena. The prime reason behind the shock was the involvement of Jamie. Will Helena disclose Jamie’s involvement to the customs officer? Or will she hunt for the smugglers? What will happen to her father’s stallion? All the answers to these questions lie in Riders in the Dark book.

The Horse from the Sea

The story starts with a 14-year-old girl Nora Donovan and who hears the sounds of Spanish soldiers next to her home. She probably thought that the ships carrying those soldiers might have crashed to the shore near her house. So, she followed the sound and after reaching the destination she found one white wounded stallion. At this point, Nora thought to give treatment to the stallion, and for that, she went to the cave with the stallion. 

In the cave, she discovers a young wounded soldier who is on the wanted list of the English Army. But Nora’s prime goal was to give the treatment to the soldier and stallion so that they must get cured as soon as possible. With time, Nora’s goal was accomplished and now she is in a dilemma as to how to send the soldier back to his hometown because he is on the wanted list. Now, the question arises; will Nora pass this big hurdle, and what sacrifices will she give on this journey? To know the answer, you will have to go through The Horse from the Sea Book.

Heart of Fire

This is another outstanding novel in the list of Victoria Holmes Book in Order series. The story is about the hunt of a brother by a sister that contains many ups and downs. Maddie Harman has not seen his brother Theo for a long time. So, in the quest of finding her brother, she moved to Sefton Park where her grandparents live. 

One day, Theo came back to Sefton Park with a mare, Maddie was very much happy after meeting her brother.  Maddie is not a rider but Theo compelled her to go for a ride and name the mare, so she agreed and named Firebird to a new member. While riding she was amazed as she found that Firebird is an amazing jumper. 

But things changed when one young man reached Sefton Park and claimed he was Theo. After hearing this, everyone was shocked and even Maddie was unable to handle the situation. Who is the real Theo and how will Maddie solve the clue? If you read Heart of Fire, then you will get all the answers to the above questions.

The Prophecies Begin Series in Order by Victoria Holmes

The Prophecies Begin is a rename of the Warriors launched in 2003-2004. It includes six books: Into the Wild, Fire, and Ice, Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm, A dangerous path, and the darkest hour.

This series is about the experience of Rusty, a house cat who is invited to join Thunderclan.

Book TitlePublication Year
Into the Wild(2003)
Fire and Ice(2003)
Forest of Secrets(2003)
Rising Storm(2004)
A Dangerous Path(2004)
The Darkest Hour(2005)

Conclusion – Victoria Holmes

If you love horses and are willing to read suspense novels, then Victoria Holmes Books in Order is for you. In each book, you will find the true relationship between a horse and a man; also, you will get an amazing storyline. Hence, go with it and tell outstanding stories to your children.

Top FAQ on Victoria Holmes

  1. Who is Victoria Holmes?

    Victoria Holmes Books In Order | Rider in the Dark 1

    Victoria “Vicky” Holmes is an English author. She is better known as Erin Hunter, a pseudonym under which she and others write the New York Times bestselling Warriors series.

  2. Which are the top series written by Victoria Holmes?

    Her top book series are: Warriors: The Prophecies Begin, Epic Horse

  3. How old is Victoria Holmes?

    Born: 17 July 1975 (age 45 years), Berkshire, United Kingdom

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