Kate Cary Books in Order | Bloodline & Warriors Series

Kate Cary Books in Order

Kate Cary Books in Order | Bloodline | Reckoning & Warriors Series – If you’re in the search of Kate Cary Books in Order then, you’re in right place. This post is what you’re looking for. Well, it doesn’t only include the Kate Cary biography; it includes all needful information like how she started her writing career and some book series. So, let’s start with what you’re looking for in detail.

Kate Cary Introduction

Kate Cary is one of the finest as well as the critically-acclaimed author who has written a lot of interesting and amazing novels. You know she was just 4 years of age when she jots down a novel. Isn’t it amazing? She was born to be an excellent and amazing storyteller with her outstanding novels in series.

One of the most famous series she wrote down with the help of some finest minds from her field is the “Warrior’s Novel Series”. She wrote this series under the pen name Erin Hunter. She was accompanied by Cherith Baldry, Gillan Phillip, Rosie Best, Inbali Iserles, and Tui T Sutherland under Erin Hunter’s pen name.

She has also helped her partners in many other projects like Seekers Books besides writing for “the Warriors Series”.

Kate Cary Early Life

Kate Cary was born on the 4th November 1967, outside Birmingham. She started her High Schooling at King Edward VI High School for Girls in Edgbaston. Later, she moved to Surrey to study History at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) for a graduate degree. She took her graduation degree in 1989 and since then, she has been sending her books to publishers.

Kate Cary: Career as an Author

Kate Cary has been enthusiastic and has shown her abilities to write since childhood. Sometimes, I feel she has taken birth just to write and write. She has been fond of writing since she was young. Writing down one of the most famous as well as popular book series inspiration lies in her childhood, as she used to love cats from the age of 6.

She wrote a novel at the age of 4, thereon, she kept writing novels or books. After her graduation, she left the university and sent her books to publishers. Unfortunately, they all refused to publish those novels.

However, this doesn’t break her will and courage to write. Eventually, she discovered a publisher who hired her and asks to write “how-to and some activity books”.

It was 2003 when she sent her writing samples to Victoria Holmes at Working Partners. As soon as they received and read, they offered her a position writing the Warrior Series along with some excellent minds working it.

Kate Cary Later Life

In 1992, she moved to Scotland and gets married. Later in 1997, she gave birth to her son, Joshua. Apart from being a great novelist as well as a World-Renowned Author, she lived a simple life. Further, in 2004, Kate Cary returned to England and resides there now. 

Kate Cary Books in Order of Publication

Kate has written many books in the warriors series. We are providing the complete list here.

Kate Cary Contribution To “The Prophecies Begin Series

Kate has written 1 book in the “Prophecies begin Series”.

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
Into the Wild(2003)Kate Cary
Fire and Ice(2003)Kate Cary
Forest of Secrets(2003)Cherith Baldry
Rising Storm(2004)Kate Cary
A Dangerous Path(2004)Cherith Baldry
The Darkest Hour(2005)Cherith Baldry

Kate Cary Contribution To “The New Prophecy Series

Kate has written 1 book in the “New Prophecy”.

Book NamePublication YearAuthor
Midnight(2005)Cherith Baldry
Moonrise(2005)Cherith Baldry
Dawn(2005)Kate Cary
Starlight(2006)Cherith Baldry
Twilight(2006)Cherith Baldry
Sunset(2006)Cherith Baldry

Kate Cary Contribution To “The Power of Three Series

Kate has written 3 book in the “Power of There Series”.

Book NamePublication YearAuthor
The Sight(2007)Kate Cary
Dark River(2007)Kate Cary
Outcast(2008)Cherith Baldry
Eclipse(2008)Kate Cary
Long Shadows(2008)Cherith Baldry
Sunrise(2009)Cherith Baldry

Kate Cary Contribution To “Omen of the Stars Series

Kate has written 3 books in the “Omen of the Stars Series”.

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
The Fourth Apprentice(2009)Cherith Baldry
Fading Echoes(2010)Kate Cary
Night Whispers(2010)Kate Cary
Sign of the Moon(2011)Cherith Baldry
The Forgotten Warrior(2011)Cherith Baldry
The Last Hope(2012)Kate Cary

Kate Cary Contribution To “Dawn of the Clans Series

Kate has written 3 bocks in Dawn of the Clans Series.

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
The Sun Trail(2013)Cherith Baldry
Thunder Rising(2013)Cherith Baldry
The First Battle(2014)Kate Cary
The Blazing Star(2014)Cherith Baldry
A Forest Divided(2015)Kate Cary
Path of Stars(2015)Kate Cary

Kate Cary Contribution To “A Vision of Shadows Series

Kate has written 3 bocks in “A Vision of Shadow Series”.

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
The Apprentice’s Quest(2016)Cherith Baldry
Shattered Sky(2017)Kate Cary
Darkest Night(2017)Cherith Baldry
Thunder and Shadow(2017)Kate Cary
River of Fire(2018)Cherith Baldry
The Raging Storm(2018)Kate Cary

Kate Cary Contribution To “Warriors Super Edition Books

Kate has written 5 book in Warriors Super Edition Books.

Book TitlePublication YearAuthor
Firestar’s Quest(2007)Cherith Baldry
Bluestar’s Prophecy(2009)Kate Cary
SkyClan’s Destiny(2010)Cherith Baldry
Crookedstar’s Promise(2011)Kate Cary
Yellowfang’s Secret(2012)Cherith Baldry
Tallstar’s Revenge(2013)Kate Cary
Bramblestar’s Storm(2014)Cherith Baldry
Moth Flight’s Vision(2015)Kate Cary
Hawkwing’s Journey(2016)Cherith Baldry
Tigerheart’s Shadow(2017)Kate Cary
Crowfeather’s Trial(2018)Cherith Baldry
Squirrelflight’s Hope(2019)Erin Hunter
Graystripe’s Vow(2020)Erin Hunter

Bloodline by Kate Cary

The story starts with John who somehow survived World War I and is now back from the trenches. But still, its past situations haunted him in the dream and the nightmare was not of World War I only, but also of the Quincey Harker’s (Regiment Commander) unsound behavior.

Bloodline by Kate Cary
Bloodline by Kate Cary

Initially, John was thinking it was just a nightmare, but soon he realized that the presence of Harker is a realistic one. The reason is the attraction of Harker towards John’s sister. Now, the question arises, as to how John will stop Harker and what is all about Bloodline.

Reckoning by Kate Cary

In this story, you will see once again the cruel intention of Quincey Harker, an heir to Dracula’s Bloodline. The story revolves around Mary Seward who somehow escaped from Transylvania but still in doubt that evil has possessed her husband, John. 

Reckoning by Kate Cary
Reckoning by Kate Cary

Later on, she arrived in England and faces a terrible nightmare showing vampires. She was even astonished when heard that her father and some patients are battling with a strange virus. How Mary will face all these challenges and what is the role of Harker? The answers to these questions lie in the Reckoning book.

Other books by Kate

The other outstanding fictional books written by Kate Cary are listed below and each of them is remarkably unbelievable.

Conclusion – Kate Cary

If you love to read vampire stories and even thriller ones, then Kate Cary Books in Order is best for you. Here, in each novel, you will get what you thought, which means complete satisfaction.

Faq Based on Kate Cary

  1. Who is Kate Cary?

    Kate Cary Author

    Kate Cary is one of the authors of the Warriors novel series, a story about wild cats, which she writes under the pen name of Erin Hunter. The other authors who also write the Warriors novel series under the pen name Erin Hunter are Cherith Baldry, Gillan Phillip, Rosie Best, Inbali Iserles, and Tui T. Sutherland.

  2. How old is Kate Cary?

    She is 53 years old. She was born on 4 November 1967.

  3. In which genre Kate Cary has written her books?

    Kate Cary is a writer of fiction and fantasy for children and young adults.

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