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Jordan B. Peterson Books In Order – Every individual wants wisdom to improve their standard of living and quality of life, but very few can achieve it. Many people give their best to increase their level of intellect and wisdom but fail to achieve inner happiness. The main factors are belief and narrative.

And here is the collection of the best Jordan B. Peterson Books In Order that will help you achieve the same.

Self-help books are best to help people to change their belief patterns and narratives, change their habits, how to achieve power, the art of seduction, and how self-mastery. Jordan B. Peterson is one of the best authors who has written self-help books which are helping people to live happy and satisfying life. 

In this article, we are going to have a look at Jordan B. Peterson’s Books In Order, their early life, career, achievements, and more.

Jordan B. Peterson Biography

Jordan was born on 12 June 1962 in Edmonton, Alberta, and grew up in Fairview, situated in the northwest of the province. Jordan’s father, Walter Peterson, was a school teacher, and his mother, Beverly Peterson, was the librarian. Jordan was the eldest among the children of Walter and Beverly Peterson. 

In this junior school, he became the friend of Rachel Notley, who is the leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party and the 17th premier of Alberta. After that, Peterson joined the New Democratic Party (NDP) and served as a party member until he reached 18.

Jordan B. Peterson Education

Jordan completed his high school at Fairview High School in 1979. After that, he entered Grande Prairie Regional College to study political science and English literature to be a corporate lawyer. He completed his B. A from the University of Alberta in 1979, and he received his B.A. in Psychology in 1984 from the same university. 

Later he moved to Montreal to join McGill, where he earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology under the supervision of Robert O.Pihl in 1991 and served as a post-doctoral fellow at McGill’s Douglas Hospital until June 1993, working with Pihl and Maurice Doniger.

Jordan B. Peterson Books In Order of Publication

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Personality And Its Transformations1998Buy Now
Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief 1999Buy Now
12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos 2018Buy Now
Peacemaking Among Higher Order Primates2018Buy Now
Political Correctness Gone Mad?2018Buy Now
Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life 2021Buy Now

Jordan B. Peterson had written three self-help books in which he stated examples of how to live a more satisfied and happier life and what are the rules of life. Let’s take a glance at the books written by Jordan B. Peterson.

Maps Of Meaning: The Architecture Of Belief

Maps of Meaning is the first book written by Jordan B. Peterson, who spent more than 13 years of his life helping readers to improve their belief systems and mold their thinking patterns. In this book, Peterson describes the narratives and belief systems of individuals & groups, how their belief pattern influence their thinking patterns and what are the results of it and they affect society and the whole world.

He includes various fields such as mythology, psychology, literature, religion, and philosophy with a modern scientific understanding to know about the functioning of the human brain.

Peterson wants to examine why the individual or group participates in social conflict, whether for their belief system or for their reasoning and motivation, that lastly results such as the Gulag, the Auschwitz concentration camp, the Rwandan genocide, and many pathological enormities.

Jordan states how a good interpretation of all world religious ideas can lead to describing the ethics and values and helps us to make a universal system of ethics and values. This book got published on the year 1999 by Routledge.

12 Rules Of Life

12 Rules of Life is the second on the list of Jordan B. Peterson’s Books In Order. In this book, Peterson described the 12 working ways to live life with authenticity, equanimity, and joy. This book is the perfect remedy for anarchy.

Peterson includes many psychological facts contemporary with religious ideas and the working of the mind to make these 12 Rules of Life. In this book, Peterson is concerned about the more on the dangers of an excess of chaos.

Peterson helped readers with this book on how to make important decisions and make valuable friends in their life and how to live to compare free and satisfying life. 12 Rules of Life can help you to mold your habits, belief, and narrative, which can help any individual to achieve a joyful and stress-free life.

To know more about the 12 rules of life, you have to go through this book that helps you to make changes in your life and achieve your goals. Twelve rules of life were published in the year 2018 and published by Penguin Random House.

Beyond Order: 12 Rules Of Life

Beyond Order: 12 Rules of Life is the third book in the collection of best Jordan B. Peterson Books In Order and an upgraded version of the 12 Rules of life. Beyond Order: 12 Rules of Life was published on the year 2 march 2021 by Penguin Random House. 

In this book, Peterson argues about the benefits of respecting or accepting behavior or opinions different from one’s own and also describes his concern with the dangers of too much structure.

In his previous book, 12 Rules of life, Peterson describes the 12 directives to live happier& satisfying life, what chaos is, and how to deal with them, but in this book, he illustrated the working of the 12 rules with various psychological examples.

To know more about how to use these 12 rules of life in your daily existence, you must read the third book by Jordan B. Peterson.

Jordan B. Peterson’s Career

Jordan B. Peterson served as an associate professor at Harvard University from July 1993 to June 1998, and he also studied aggression due to alcohol and drug. He returned to Canada in 1998 and joined the University of Toronto as a professor.

At the beginning of 2003, Peterson appeared as a television speaker on subjects of psychology, and he continued over a long period as a speaker on television on psychological issues and debates. He also started his YouTube channel and podcasts. In late 2021, he resigned from his job as a professor at the University of Toronto to become Professor Emeritus.

Other Works Of Jordan B. Peterson

  • He started his YouTube channel known as JordanPetersonVideos.In this channel, you will get lectures from Harvard, some interviews, and additional special lectures on two defining topics: “Tragedy vs. Evil” and “Psychology as a career.” 
  • In March 2019, he started his podcast channel known as The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast. In this podcast, Peterson’s daughter co-host the show for some episodes.
  • The Psychological Significance of Biblical Stories is another creation of Jordan B. Peterson in 2017. It was based on behavior ostensibly vital for personal, social, and cultural stability.

Personal Life Of Jordan B. Peterson

Peterson married Tammy Roberts in 1989, and the couple has two children a daughter, Mikhaila, and a son, Julian. Jordan’s life is full of medical up and down; his daughter Mikhaila suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which required a hip and ankle replacement when she was 17 years old.

She takes the Lion diet to reduce the negative impact of her multiple disorders. In 2019 Tammy, the wife of Jordan suffered from cancer and survived after two surgeries.

Peterson also suffered from an autoimmune reaction to food and was prescribed clonazepam, a benzodiazepine, in 2016.

Wrapping Up – Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson is an author and clinical psychologist apart from this media personality, author, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. He is also known as conservative and describes himself as a “classic British liberal” and a “traditionalist.”

In late 2010, he began to receive widespread attention as a public intellectual. So, if you have the desire to improve your current life and habits, then you must read Jordan B. Peterson’s Books In Order.

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