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Jennifer Probst Books In Order

Jennifer Probst Books In Order – If you want to feel love in the air or rekindle romantic elements within you, Jennifer Probst’s Books In Order will be a great choice for you all. Jennifer Probst is one of the best contemporary romance writers and has been the bestselling author in Newyork Times, USA Today, and wall street journal.

She was very fond of reading and writing and wrote her first novel at the age of twelve! So, let us know more about her and her writing.

Jennifer Probst Early Life

Jennifer Probst completed her bachelor’s degree in business and masters in English literature. On the professional front, she tried her hands in many occupations like a travel agent, yoga teacher, and insurance salesperson but finally became a romance writer. She accepts that she learns many things from her characters

At present, she resides with his family in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate Newyork.

Jennifer Probst Books In Order

Let’s have a look at the Jennifer Probst books in order of their publication.

Publication Order of Marriage to a Billionaire Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Marriage Bargain(2012)Buy Now
The Marriage Trap(2012)Buy Now
The Marriage Mistake(2012)Buy Now
The Marriage Merger(2013)Buy Now
The Book of Spells(2013)Buy Now
The Marriage Arrangement(2018)Buy Now

Publication Order of Steele Brothers Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Catch Me(2012)Buy Now
Dare Me(2012)Buy Now
Play Me(2012)Buy Now
Beg Me(2015)Buy Now
Reveal Me(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of Searching For Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Searching for Someday(2013)Buy Now
Searching for Perfect(2014)Buy Now
Searching for Beautiful(2015)Buy Now
Searching for Always(2015)Buy Now
Searching for You(2015)Buy Now
Searching for Mine(2016)Buy Now
Searching for Disaster(2016)Buy Now

Publication Order of Sex on the Beach Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Beyond Me(2014)Buy Now
Chasing Me(2015)Buy Now

Publication Order of Hot In The Hamptons Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Summer Sins(2015)Buy Now

Publication Order of Rising Storm Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Tempest Rising(By:Julie Kenner)(2015)Buy Now
White Lightning(By:Lexi Blake)(2015)Buy Now
Crosswinds(By: Elisabeth Naughton)(2015)Buy Now
Dance in the Wind(2015)Buy Now
Calm Before the Storm(By: Larissa Ione)(2015)Buy Now
Take the Storm(By: Rebecca Zanetti)(2015)Buy Now
Weather the Storm(By:Lisa Mondello)(2015)Buy Now
Thunder Rolls(By:Dee Davis)(2015)Buy Now
After the Storm(By:Julie Kenner)(2016)Buy Now
Distant Thunder(By:Larissa Ione)(2016)Buy Now
Against the Wind(By:Rebecca Zanetti)(2016)Buy Now
Storm Warning(By:Larissa Ione)(2016)Buy Now
Brave the Storm(By:Lisa Mondello)(2016)Buy Now
Lightning Strikes(By:Lexi Blake)(2016)Buy Now
Fire and Rain(By:R.K. Lilley)(2016)Buy Now
Quiet Storm(By:Julie Kenner)(2016)Buy Now
Blinding Rain(By:Elisabeth Naughton)(2016)Buy Now
Blue Skies(By:Dee Davis)(2016)Buy Now

Publication Order of Billionaire Builders Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Everywhere and Every Way(2016)Buy Now
Any Time, Any Place(2017)Buy Now
Somehow, Some Way(2017)Buy Now
All or Nothing at All(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of Stay Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Start of Something Good(2018)Buy Now
A Brand New Ending(2018)Buy Now
All Roads Lead to You(2019)Buy Now
Something Just Like This(2019)Buy Now
Begin Again(2020)Buy Now

Publication Order of Starlight Bend Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Grinch of Starlight Bend(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of The Sunshine Sisters Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Love on Beach Avenue(2020)Buy Now
Temptation on Ocean Drive(2020)Buy Now
Forever in Cape May(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Twist Of Fate Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Meant to Be(2022)Buy Now
So It Goes(2022)Buy Now
Save the Best for Last(2023)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Executive Seduction / Heart of Steel(2004)Buy Now
Sex, Lies and Contracts(2012)Buy Now
All the Way(2013)Buy Now
The Charm of You(2018)Buy Now
Our Italian Summer(2021)Buy Now
The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti(2022)Buy Now

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
The Tantric Principle(2011)Buy Now
A Life Worth Living(2011)Buy Now
Dante’s Fire(2014)Buy Now
Love Me, Anyway(2021)Buy Now
All For You(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Children’s Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Buffy and the Carrot(2010)Buy Now

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Write Naked(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of Anthologies

Book TitlePublication YearBuy at Amazon
Baby, It’s Cold Outside(2014)Buy Now
1001 Dark Nights: Compilation Sixteen(2018)Buy Now
Nightingale(2022)Buy Now

Jennifer Probst’s few top books summary

Jennifer’s book series has received immense love and affection from the reader and has been translated into many languages. The beautiful interaction between the women, the Italian landscape, and an amazing city description are the basic features of her writing. 

The twist of fate, the sunshine sisters, the stay series, and the marriage of the billionaire are some of her best ones and are considered among erotic and contemporary romance stories.

Now let’s have a glance at some of Jennifer Probst’s Books in order from different series that will give you a better understanding of her writing and storyline.

Meant To Be

‘Meant to be’ is a beautiful, emotional romance between the two protagonists, Chiarra and Sebastian. Jennifer has beautifully penned down how fate gives another chance to two broken hearts to discover their destination, and the readers have to believe that some incidents are’ Meant to be’ in our life. 

Two years after losing her dearest friend Rory,  she happened to meet  Sebastian Ryder. Sebastian Ryder, whom she secretly wanted and hoped never to meet again. On the other hand, Sebastian, after the loss of Rory, kept a distance from everyone, but fate played its game and threw both of them into a one-night stand, and they started to resurface their feelings for each other.

Now it will be exciting to read; will fate allow them to forget about their past and come closer? Will they cherish the second chance? What is meant to be in their fortune? Want to know? Just grab and read the marvelous novel MEANT TO BE.

The Start Of Something Good

The titles of Jennifer’s Probst are as good as the storyline! Once again, the writer has presented ‘ The start of something good as the first book of the stay series, and here in this novel, she has beautifully written the story of a family unit and the second chance they get.

The protagonists, Ethan bishop, and Mia thrush, who accidentally met each other, slowly started discovering the things that are common in both of them. Despite having two different personality traits, they both have uncontrollable desires and passion for the future. As a reader, you feel delighted with how they travel their journey.

The Roads Lead To You 

‘The Road leads to you is the final series of the Stay series in the list of Jennifer Probst Books In Order that narrates a beautiful story of Harper and Aiden that they are both afraid to admit. Harper was a happily single woman and only wanted to focus on the phoenix (horse); on the other hand, Aiden, who was a good trainer, appeals to Harper and her family to train their bred phoenix. 

Though they focused on phoenix training and trying to keep it professional, a spark took place between them. It will be better to pick the wonderful romantic novel ‘the road leads to you ‘ to know about the end.

Any time any place

The second volume of the Billionaire Builder series presents a new contemporary romance to the readers. Like her other book series, here again, you meet unique characters.” when you smile, you pretty much wreck me” can be said to the soul of the story. Raven Hawthorne, when she gets to know that her father died in an accident with a lady named Diana Pierce, decides to take revenge on Diana’s sons, but fortune has some other plan for them.

Jennifer creates a realistic, well-plotted, and endearing story about two people who beautifully learn the move on from the past and find happiness in the present. This novel will be my recommendation to you all if you want to learn how to leave the scars and move forward.

Final Thought

So here you see beautiful collections from Jennifer Probst books in order that will add something new to your library. Besides the above-mentioned book, there is a long series of the novels like ‘The Secret letter of Olivia Forever in cape may,’ and Our Italian summer that can be added to your reading list. 

We are humans and to love someone or to be loved by someone keeps us alive. When you read Jennifer’s Probst books in order, you start believing in the existence of love once again. So, kindle your emotion and get romantic forever.

Top Faq on Jennifer Probst

  1. Which is the upcoming book by Jennifer Probst?

    “Save the Best for Last” is the upcoming book by Jennifer Probst from the “Twist Of Fate” series.

  2. How many books are there in the “Rising Storm” series

    There are 17 books in the “Rising Storm‘ series.

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