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Karin Slaughter Books

Karin Slaughter Books in Order – Karin Slaughter is known for writing crime thriller stories. All the novels that are included in Karin Slaughter’s books are some of the best reads in thriller genres. She is the author of more than 21 novels that are published in over 120 countries and has sold over 35 million copies to date.

Karin Slaughter Books In Order

All her life Karin was inclined towards crime thrillers. Her unusual childhood based on parts of Georgia that hold a gruesome history of child abductors influenced her thinking greatly. As a child, she was always interested in reading crime thrillers that later on motivated her to write in the same genre. 

Some of the great novel series in Karin Slaughter books in order include the Grant Country series and the Will Trent series. Apart from these two series, she also wrote some standalone novels that are amazing read too. Here, we will give you a summary of the 5 best and most popular novels written by Karin Slaughter.

Publication Order of Grant County Books with Michael Koryta

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Blindsighted(2001)Buy Now
Kisscut(2002)Buy Now
A Faint Cold Fear(2003)Buy Now
Indelible(2004)Buy Now
Faithless(2005)Buy Now
Beyond Reach/Skin Privilege(2007)Buy Now
Genesis/Undone(2009)Buy Now
Short Story
(With Michael Koryta)
(2019)Buy Now

Publication Order of Will Trent Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Triptych(2006)Buy Now
Fractured(2008)Buy Now
Genesis/Undone(2009)Buy Now
Broken(2010)Buy Now
Fallen(2011)Buy Now
Snatched(2012)Buy Now
Criminal(2012)Buy Now
Busted(2013)Buy Now
Unseen(2013)Buy Now
The Kept Woman(2016)Buy Now
Cleaning the Gold
(With Lee Child)
(2019)Buy Now
The Last Widow(2019)Buy Now
The Silent Wife(2020)Buy Now

Publication Order of Good Daughter Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Last Breath(2017)Buy Now
The Good Daughter(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Martin Misunderstood(2008)Buy Now
Cop Town(2014)Buy Now
Pretty Girls(2015)Buy Now
Pieces of Her(2018)Buy Now
False Witness(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Cold, Cold Heart(2006)Buy Now
The Unremarkable Heart(2010)Buy Now
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes(2015)Buy Now

Publication Order of Georgia Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Genesis/Undone(2009)Buy Now
Broken(2010)Buy Now
Fallen(2011)Buy Now

Publication Order of The MatchUp Collection Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Honor & …
(By: C.J. Box, Sandra Brown)
(2017)Buy Now
Deserves to Be Dead
(By John Sandford, Lisa Jackson)
(2017)Buy Now
(By Lisa Scottoline, Nelson DeMille)
(2017)Buy Now
Midnight Flame
(By Christopher Rice, Lara Adrian)
(2018)Buy Now
Short Story
(With Michael Koryta)
(2019)Buy Now
Past Prologue
(By Diana Gabaldon, Steve Berry)
(2019)Buy Now
Faking a Murderer
(By Lee Child, Kathy Reichs)
(2019)Buy Now
Dig Here
(By Charlaine Harris, Andrew Gross)
(2019)Buy Now
Taking the Veil
(By: J.A. Jance, Eric Van Lustbader)
(2019)Buy Now
Rambo on Their Minds
(By Gayle Lynds, David Morrell)
(2019)Buy Now
(By Val McDermid, Peter James)
(2019)Buy Now

Publication Order of Michael Koryta Short Stories/Novellas with Michael Koryta

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
The Apex Predator (By Michael Koryta)(2013)Buy Now
Short Story (With Michael Koryta)(2019)Buy Now

Publication Order of Anthologies

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Like a Charm(2004)Buy Now
First Thrills(2010)Buy Now
Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance(2012)Buy Now
The Library Book(2012)Buy Now
Mystery Writers of America Presents The Mystery Box(2013)Buy Now
MatchUp(2017)Buy Now

Karin Slaughter – Early Life

Born in 1971, Karin was an unusual child. She was never interested in doing things that normal girls will do. The world of Karin Slaughter was all about reading and being fascinated by the macabre. She was born and brought up to be a great writer in Georgia. She was famous for her antic ways too. Some of Karin’s antic includes expulsion from her school for tearing up the Bible to having one of her ex-boyfriends who was undertaker-in training 

Journey As A Writer – Karin Slaughter

All these instances impacted her childhood to a great extent. As she firmly believed in saying write what they know, she chooses to write on what she knows best; crime thrillers. As she grew up in Georgia, her writing was influenced by the life of southern parts. One of her initial novel series Grant Country series is factually based on fictional Georgia.

She wrote some great novel series that include the Grant Country series, the Will Trent series, Georgia on her mind are some of the amazing novel series that one can read in crime thrillers.

Karin Slaughter Awards & Achievements

Since 2001, Karin Slaughter is nominated and won many awards. Some of the awards that she got nominated for include;

  • Crime writer association daggers award for the best debut novel.
  • Georgia author of the year
  • Le Livre de Poche Prix Lecteurs Winner
  • Crime Zone the Silver Fingerprint Winner
  • Best Foreign Thriller
  • Suspense Magazine Best of 2010 Winner
  • International Thriller Writers Silver Bullet Award Winner
  • Edgar Award Winner
  • People’s Choice Award Winner
  • Ned Kelly Award, and much more.

Karin Slaughter Top Books Excerpt

Pretty Girls

Claire and Lydia suffered a loss twenty years ago – their teenage sister went missing without a trace. This incident created a void in these two sisters’ relationships. they decided not to talk for the rest of their life. Meanwhile, Claire is married to Atlanta’s millionaire and was a trophy wife. On other hand, Lydia is a single mother who works hard to meet the ends.

They still did not forget the trauma from the past when they faced a new tragedy – Claire’s husband is killed. Wondering if their sister’s disappearance and Claire’s husband’s death in connected, they work out a truce and begin searching for answers in their past. What they discovered was horrifying truth that broke her family years ago and revenges possibilities.

Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her is another standalone novel by Karin Slaughter that makes you seat on a chair till you finish it reading. This novel is also adapted as a web series on Netflix.

Andrea Oliver is the only child of well-settled parents. Her parents are achievers and career-oriented. But Andrea is not so ambitious and wanted to be surrounded by her family. When her mother, Laura, a speech therapist announced that she is suffering from breast cancer, she is eager to come home. What she did not know was that her life is about to change upside down.

Andrea and Laura celebrate Andrea’s birthday in a mall café and Laura was greeting a mother-daughter duo when a crazy shooter started the fire. Andrea was taken aback. But what shocks her more is that her mother whom she bet to know her mother too well has a completely different side.

Just when Andrea is coming on terms with her mother’s past, it came running after them. To prove her mother’s innocence, she follows the evidence that laid her to the past life of Laura only to unlock some lost identities, secrets, revenge.

The Good Daughter

The Good Daughter is an awesome crime thriller novel from Karin Slaughter’s books in order. 

Two sisters Charlotte and Samantha were living a happy life in a small-town Pikeville twenty years ago until a terrifying attack destroyed her family. Their mother was dead and their father who was a lawyer was devasted. The incident left the family unrepairable with secrets buried deep inside.

Twenty-five years later, Charlotte is a lawyer herself and is a good daughter. She finds herself again facing her past when similar violence started in Pikeville. Not only she is the first witness to the gruesome acts but also on the verge of facing deeply buried secrets from her past.


This is the first book of Karin’s famous novel series Will Trent series. The book starts the amazing journey of Will Trent around the city of Atlanta. Triptych is novel series that is narrated by three different persons. 

A cruel killer who rapes women pulls out their tongue and eventually kill them is on the spree of serial killing across many borders. Michael Ornewood, a short-tempered and arrogant police detective is assigned the task of catching this killer. To solve this case, he got assistance from Will Trent, an agent of the special criminal apprehension team. Though they least like each other, they are determined to catch the killer.

Angie Polaski, a vice officer, and ex-lover of both Michael and Will are also assigned to this case. And the most uncommon third person who is involved to solve this case is John Shelly whose name the killer is using. The novel is a great example intrigued thriller mystery.


Fractured is the second novel of the popular novel Will Trent that takes us to the next adventure of Will Trent.

The story revolves around Ansley Park who is one of the upscale neighborhoods of Atlanta. Then experienced one chilling incident of a girl’s murder in a lavish bedroom of a teenager that belongs to a wealthy family. The killer is murdered in a hallway of the same mansion by the girl’s mother with bare hands.

Will Trent is the first to report to the crime scene. While investigating, he finds the trail of blood that was missed by officials. Soon another girl was killed and Trent knows this is just the start of human demons emerging with a vengeance that is going to ruin perfect lives.

Conclusion – Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter books in order contain some award-winning novels and are categorized best in the crime and thriller genre. She is all set to publish two new books in the coming year namely; “Girl, Forgotten” and “False Witness\ Falso Testigo”. If you are among those readers who like to sit in one place and loves to finish the reading pile of books in a go, then you must read Karin Slaughter’s books.

Top Faq On Karin Slaughter

  1. What is the birth date of Karin Slaughter?

    Karin Slaughter was born on 6 January 1971.

  2. In which genre Karin Slaughter has written her books?

    Karin Slaughter is a Crime Fiction, Mystery, Thriller writer.

  3. How many books are there in the Will Trent series?

    There are a total of 13 books in the Will Trent series.

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