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Lee Child Books In Order

Lee Child Books In Order – James Dover Grant is a British Author, whose pen name is Lee Child who has given his contribution to the writing field in Jack Reacher Novel Series. He got two awards i.e. Barry & Anthony Award for his first novel.

Lee’s novel is primarily based on a crime thriller where the character, Jack seeks to take revenge on the bad guys. So, if you love such kind of novel, then Lee Child Books in order is best for you. So, let’s begin the journey and here you will come across the early life of Lee, their Education, Career, and Achievements.

Lee Child Books In Order of Publication

Here is the list of Lee Child books and series in the order of publication.

Jack Reacher Book Series in Publication Order

Book TitleYearBuy On Amazon
Killing Floor-1997Buy Now
Die Trying-1998Buy Now
Tripwire-1999Buy Now
Running Blind / The Visitor-2000Buy Now
Echo Burning-2001Buy Now
Without Fail-2002Buy Now
Persuader-2003Buy Now
The Enemy-2004Buy Now
One-Shot-2005Buy Now
The Hard Way-2006Buy Now
Bad Luck And Trouble-2007Buy Now
Nothing To Lose-2008Buy Now
Gone Tomorrow-2009Buy Now
61 Hours-2010Buy Now
Worth Dying For-2010Buy Now
The Affair-2011Buy Now
A Wanted Man-2012Buy Now
Never Go Back-2013Buy Now
Personal-2014Buy Now
Make Me-2015Buy Now
Night School-2016Buy Now
The Midnight Line-2017Buy Now
Past Tense-2018Buy Now
Blue Moon-2019Buy Now
The Sentinel-2020Buy Now
Better Off Dead-2021Buy Now
No Plan B (With Andrew Child)-2022Buy Now

ChronologicallyThe Enemy should be read first followed by Night School and then The Affair. You can then read the rest of the novels in publication order.

The short story Second Son features Jack Reacher at 13 years old and High Heat has Reacher at 16.

Publication Order of Jack Reacher Short Stories/Novellas

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Second Son(2011)Buy Now
Deep Down(2012)Buy Now
High Heat(2013)Buy Now
Not a Drill(2014)Buy Now
Good and Valuable Consideration: Jack Reacher vs. Nick Heller(2014)Buy Now
Small Wars(2015)Buy Now
The Christmas Scorpion(2018)Buy Now
Cleaning the Gold(2019)Buy Now

Publication Order of Jack Reacher Collections

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
No Middle Name(2017)Buy Now

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Jack Reacher’s Rules(2012)Buy Now
The Hero(2019)Buy Now

Publication Order of Harold Middleton Books

Book TitleYearBuy at amazon
The Chopin Manuscript(2007)Buy Now
The Copper Bracelet(2009)Buy Now
The Starling Project: An Audible Drama(2014)Buy Now

Publication Order of Akashic Drug Chronicles Books

Book TitleYearBuy at amazon
The Cocaine Chronicles(2005)Buy Now
The Marijuana Chronicles(2013)Buy Now
The Nicotine Chronicles(2020)Buy Now

Publication Order of Anthologies

Book TitleYearBuy at amazon
Like a Charm(2004)Buy Now
Greatest Hits(2005)Buy Now
The Cocaine Chronicles(2005)Buy Now
Mystery Writers of America Presents Death Do Us Part: New Stories About Love, Lust, and Murder(2006)Buy Now
The Best British Mysteries IV(2007)Buy Now
Killer Year: Stories to Die For…(2008)Buy Now
First Thrills(2010)Buy Now
The Dark End of the Street(2010)Buy Now
The Best American Mystery Stories 2010(2010)Buy Now
The Rich and the Dead(2011)Buy Now
A Study in Sherlock(2011)Buy Now
Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance(2012)Buy Now
Love is Murder(2012)Buy Now
Inherit the Dead(2013)Buy Now
FaceOff(2014)Buy Now
Belfast Noir(2014)Buy Now
Manhattan Mayhem(2015)Buy Now
The Best American Mystery Stories 2015(2015)Buy Now
In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper(2016)Buy Now
MatchUp(2017)Buy Now
Alive in Shape and Color(2017)Buy Now
The Best American Mystery Stories 2018(2018)Buy Now
Dear NHS(2020)Buy Now
The Mysterious Bookshop Presents The Best Mystery Stories of the Year: 2021(2021)Buy Now

Lee Child Early Life

Lee Child was born in Coventry and for his better education, his father a civil servant, brought him to Handsworth Wood in Birmingham when Lee was four years only. Till the age of 11, he attended Cherry Orchard Primary School and further joined King’s Edward School, Birmingham. 

In 1974, Lee Child a.k.a. James Grant entered college at age of 20 and completed an L.L.B. degree in 1977 from the University of Sheffield. During these days, he performed many roles as a backstage artist in college theatre. 

Lee Child Career

After completing the degree, he started his career at Granada Television in 1977. His work was to deliver the content for the shows like Prime Suspect, Brideshead Revisited, and Cracker. Grant has given his life to this industry and finally took retirement in 1995. 

James was always in a dilemma to give the best package of entertainment to the audience and this enthusiasm directed him to write novels. His first novel, Killing Floor, hit the market in 1998 and this novel was highly acclaimed by the critics he also received two awards for them, i.e., Barry & Anthony Award.

Since then, he continued to discover the journey of Jack Reacher and wrote many novels in this series. However, in 2020, he announced to hand over the Jack Series novel to his younger brother Andrew Grant. 

Lee Child Achievements

  • James Dover Grant was the President of Mystery Writers of America in 2009.
  • Received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Sheffield, in 2009.
  • He was also the programming chair for Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, in 2018.
  • A member of Harrogate International Festivals.
  • Visiting Professor at the Sheffield University.
  • A member of the Booker Prize Judging Panel.

Family and Social Life

James married Jane an environmentalist and was blessed them with a daughter, Ruth. James is very much active in social work and offered financial assistance to needy people/charities. He donated £10,000 in 2012 to Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, Wales. Earlier, in 2009, he funded scholarships for university students under the name of Jack Reacher Scholarship Program.

Lee Child Books Summary

Lee Child has written several novels in the Jack Reacher series and each one of them is truly amazing. So, let’s see some of his famous novels that are a blend of action and thrillers.

Killing Floor (1997)

It starts with Jack Reacher, an Ex-military cop who was on his journey to Margrave, Georgia but later on dropped from the bus. The reason behind the action was murder and Jack was the prime suspect. However, Jack was amazed by this situation because he didn’t kill anybody at least in that town. But he didn’t get a chance to convince the law officers and that changed his fate. The other half of Jack Reacher’s journey will direct you to the murderer and the reason why he was framed.

Die Trying, 1998

The story starts with a kidnapping that happens in Chicago. In the Suburbs, the dentist met with three men in the parking area, and on the other side, Jack and an unknown woman get abducted in the daytime by two goons. 

They were transferred from one car to another with a gallon of gasoline. Meanwhile, the FBI was making a plan to rescue that woman as she was an FBI agent. However, the FBI was thinking that Jack was behind the kidnapping of a woman and they targeted him. The rest story will tell you, how Jack escapes from the grip of the FBI and who were the kidnappers and why they did this.

Tripwire, 1999

In Key West, Jack was encountered by Costello, a detective who was eager to know about Jack. But Jack cornered him and decided to stay away from him, but later on, Costello was found dead and Jack planned to move on. However, he was figuring out two questions, who is Mrs. Jacobs (Castello Employer), and Hook Hobie (a manipulator in Wall Street who looks for other assets)? 

The Visitor, 2000

The story deals with two lady army officers, i.e., Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cook who faced sexual harassment from their seniors and were forcibly kicked out of the service. One day, both were found dead and their body was naked that was filled with camouflage paint. FBI started investigating the murder and concluded that a killer is the one who knows both women, and he is also smart, brave, and an army man.

The FBI pointed out Jack Reacher as the prime suspect because he meets all the criteria set by the FBI. Now, the problem lies with Jack as he needs to prove his innocence by finding the real murderer.

Lee Child’s New Novel – No Plan B

“No Plan B is not to be missed. A perfectly plotted, fast-paced thriller, with bigger twists than ever before. It’s no wonder Jack Reacher is everyone’s favorite rebel hero.”—Karin Slaughter.

No Plan B - A Jack Reacher Novel
No Plan B – A Jack Reacher Novel

In Gerrardsville, Colorado, a woman dies under the wheels of a moving bus. Death is ruled a suicide. But Jack Reacher saw what really happened: A man in a gray hoodie and jeans, moving stealthily, pushed the victim to her demise—before swiftly grabbing the dead woman’s purse and strolling away.

When another homicide is ruled an accident, Reacher knows this is no coincidence. With a killer on the loose, Reacher has no time to waste tracking down those responsible.

But Reacher is unaware that these crimes are part of something much larger and more far-reaching: an arsonist out for revenge, a foster kid on the run, and a cabal of powerful people involved in a secret conspiracy with many moving parts. There is no room for error, but they make a grave one. They don’t consider Reacher a threat. “There’s too much at stake to start running from shadows.” But Reacher isn’t a shadow. He is flesh and blood. And relentless when it comes to making things right.

Conclusion – Lee Child

There are still many more books in Jack Reacher Series and if you love thriller and action-packed novels, then Lee Child Books in Order is best for you. Hence, go ahead and enjoy your days with the novels having a beautiful storyline.

Top Faq on Lee Child

  1. Which is the latest book of Lee Child?

    No Plan B: A Jack Reacher Novel is the latest book by Lee Child which is released on October 25, 2022.

  2. How many Jack Reacher books are there in total?

    There are 27 books in Lee Child’s highly successful Jack Reacher series, with another heading our way this autumn – plus one short story collection.

  3. Is Lee Child a real person?

    No, Lee Child is not a real person, it is the pen name of James Dover Grant who is a British Author.

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