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Jack Reacher Books In Order

Jack Reacher Books in order – Jack Reacher is a character which was made by Lee Child! The character is top of a class. All the books of Jack Reacher in order are sold in millions and many of them appear in Hollywood

Have you seen the movie of Tom Cruise One-Shot? The movie is based on the character Jack Reacher.

Taking about Jack Reacher, Lee Child has won many awards including the Barry awards and the book of the year awards. And in addition to this, he also won the awards of Anthony for his literary work!

In total, the Jack Reachers book series has 26 books which he started writing with the book “the killing floor” in the year 1997. His last book on this character was “Blue Moon” which was released in the year 2019.

The complete Jack Reacher book series in order is the events in which Jack Reacher solves different mysteries

The thing to consider is that Jack Reacher’s book series Lee Child has shown how you can combine any form with another form.

Jack Reacher Books in Order of Publication

Book TitlePublication YearBuy On Amazon
Killing Floor-1997Buy Now
Die Trying-1998Buy Now
Tripwire-1999Buy Now
Running Blind / The Visitor-2000Buy Now
Echo Burning-2001Buy Now
Without Fail-2002Buy Now
Persuader-2003Buy Now
The Enemy-2004Buy Now
One Shot-2005Buy Now
The Hard Way-2006Buy Now
Bad Luck And Trouble-2007Buy Now
Nothing To Lose-2008Buy Now
Gone Tomorrow-2009Buy Now
61 Hours-2010Buy Now
Worth Dying For-2010Buy Now
The Affair-2011Buy Now
A Wanted Man-2012Buy Now
Never Go Back-2013Buy Now
Personal-2014Buy Now
Make Me-2015Buy Now
Night School-2016Buy Now
The Midnight Line-2017Buy Now
Past Tense-2018Buy Now
Blue Moon-2019Buy Now
The Sentinel-2020Buy Now
Better Off Dead-2021Buy Now

Jack Reacher Short Stories in Order

Book TitlePublication YearBuy On Amazon
Second Son-2011Buy Now
Deep Down-2012Buy Now
High Heat-2013Buy Now
Not a Drill-2014Buy Now
Small Wars-2015Buy Now
The Christmas Scorpion-2018Buy Now

Jack Reacher Non-Fiction Books in order

Book TitlePublication YearBuy On Amazon
Jack Reacher’s Rules-2012Buy Now
No Middle Name-2017Buy Now

Jack Reacher Books in Order – Conclusion

Jack Reacher’s book series is a thriller yet Lee Child has shown some of the books as adventures some mysterious and this is the reason why this character is famous a lot!

The killing floor is the story with which Jack Reacher debuted it is a story of an ex-military policeman who is a mystery of murderer and Jack Reacher has to solve the mystery.

The second novel which was written by Lee Child and on the character Jack Reacher was die trying! This book is in the sequence of his first book!

The best thing about the novels which were written on this character was that you can take up any of the books and can read which one you like. Since these books are not in sequence of the story! Lee Child has completed every story in a single book!

The thing to consider here is that the second novel was the book in which a child supported the reader and the voices of critics. The second story is all about Chicago dry cleaner. In which there is a character of a young FBI agent. And the agent is kidnapped. Reacher is trying to solve the mystery.

Top FAQ Based on Jack Reacher

  1. Who is Jack Reacher?

    Jack Reacher is the lead character and the protagonist in the series of books by British author Jim Grant who writes under the pseudonym of Lee Child. The books in the series follow Reacher as he goes through a number of exploits in his world. Reacher has been called one of “this century’s most original, tantalizing pop-fiction heroes” by the Washington Post.

  2. Which is the first book of Jack Reacher?

    Killing Floor which is launched in the year 1997.

  3. Which is the new/upcoming book in Jack Reacher Series?

    Jack Reacher’s 26th book “Better Off Dead” is scheduled to be released on 26th October 2021.

  4. How many books are there in Jack Reacher Series in 2021?

    There are a total of 26 books in the Jack Reacher Series. The 26th book “Better Off Dead” will come in October 2021.

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