Robert Kiyosaki Books In Order | Rich Dad Series

Robert Kiyosaki Books In Order

Robert Kiyosaki Books In Order | Rich Dad Series“Money is not everything but something” I am sure everyone will be agreed with me when I say this. ‘Something‘ plays an important role, especially when we manage it properly. So if you really want to boost your financial understanding and concept, regarding this you should read Robert Kiyosaki Books in Order. To give you a glimpse, there is a book when Robert says by himself; “your mentors are important so choose them wisely“.

Who Is Robert Kiyosaki?

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman who founded Rich global LLC and Rich dad company. He is an author, financial expert, and motivational speaker. Through his straight talk and writings, he changed and challenged the traditional way of thinking.

He was born at Hilo in 1947 and the eldest of his parents. He got his graduation degree from New York University in 1969 and started working with the Standard oil tanker office but left it only in 6 months. He tried his hand in many business projects after completing his M. B. A. Degree in 1973.

He is an American businessman, entrepreneur, financial expert motivational speaker, and very famous for his book series called Rich Dad poor Dad. In short, we can say, he is a man of multiple talents. 

In 2005, he was inducted into as a Hall of fame book that was one of that bestseller’s top 25 authors. 

His first book ‘if you want to be rich and happy, Don‘t go to school‘ was published in 1992. Soon after this he started his financial education company and wrote his famous book series “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. The book has been sold over 41 million copies by translating it into 51 languages for worldwide readers. As per the given interview to Forbes magazine, the revenue of this book series is the main source of his income.

In 2006, he collaborated with Donald Trump (U. S. President) to co-author a book named ‘why we want to you to be rich -Two men -one message‘.

Robert Kiyosaki Books In Order of Publication

We have picked some top-selling books of Robert to provide you the glimpses of his financial thoughts and way of his profound writing about the most complex and confusing subject ‘Money’ and its management. 

Publication Order of Rich Dad Books

Book TitleYearBuy At Amazon
Rich Dad, Poor Dad(1997)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Classics(1997)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant(1998)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing(2000)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Guide to Becoming Rich
Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards
(2000)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich(2001)Buy Now
Retire Young Retire Rich(2001)Buy Now
The Business School For People Who Like Helping People(2001)Buy Now
Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens(2001)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Rich Kid, Smart Kid(2001)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s The Business School(2001)Buy Now
Rich Kid Smart Kid(2001)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Prophecy(2002)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Success Stories(2003)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Who Took My Money?(2004)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Alchemy(2004)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Escape from the Rat Race(2005)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job(2005)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ(2008)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Plan for Financial Success(2008)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Guide to Raising Your Child’s Financial I.Q.(2008)Buy Now
Rich Brother Rich Sister(2008)Buy Now
Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich(2009)Buy Now
Rich Dad Poor Dad for College Students(2014)Buy Now

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Book TitleYearBut At Amazon
If You Want To Be Rich & Happy Don’t Go To School(1992)Buy Now
The Real Book of Real Estate(2009)Buy Now
Be Rich And Happy(2010)Buy Now
Unfair Advantage(2012)Buy Now
Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and “B” Students
Work for the Government
(2012)Buy Now
Awaken Your Child’s Financial Genius(2012)Buy Now
8 Lessons in Leadership(2014)Buy Now
Second Chance(2015)Buy Now
More Important Than Money(2017)Buy Now
Why the Rich Are Getting Richer(2017)Buy Now
Reinventing the Entrepreneur(2017)Buy Now
Cash Flow Lifestyle(2018)Buy Now
FAKE: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets:
How Lies Are Making the Poor and Middle-Class Poorer
(2019)Buy Now
The Business of the 21st Century(2021)Buy Now

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert collaborated with Sharon Lechter for writing this book in 1997 and advocates financial literacy for the people so that they can become financially independent. Written in the set of parables this book is an attempt to reprogram our minds to think differently. 

He favors being educated as to the key but exploded the academic education. In a nutshell, this book teaches us to make difference between working for money and having your money work for you. I think he has been successful too to convey this thought that is the reason people accepted his book with open arms and has held a top spot on the New York Times bestsellers list for over 6 years.

Rich Dad Cashflow Quadrant

Among the 14 books of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, this is the second book and plays a role of a guide to become financially free. It also tells us how to be smart enough to manage our assets and personal finance.

Rich Kid Smart Kid

The next Robert Kiyosaki books in order are “Rich Kid Smart Kid”. The book is dedicated to parents to give insights and understanding of finances to their children. Robert favors here again the learning which can take place throughout life. 

Robert says we should try to awaken our children for learning so that they can develop the skills and understanding for practical and financial knowledge for the rest of their life. 

Second Chance: Your Money, Your Life, And Our Life

Published in 2018, this book plays the role of guide to understand how we can use our past learning to create our future. Robert says that we should train our minds for grabbing the opportunity which we are getting and always be ready for the challenges of life. 

Rich Dad Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter With Your Money. 

Through this book, Robert Toru Kiyosaki tries to simplify the most complex and confusing subject ‘money‘. In this book, he explains how to increase, protect, budget, leverage, and improve money and take our financial thoughts to the next level.

Retire Young Retire Rich

This book is an attempt to teach us about our life plans. Robert explains how he and his wife started with the ‘nothing‘ yet became financially free and independent by changing their way of thinking regarding Money. He explains; how our investments allow us to see opportunities that others can’t see just because of their wrong financial understanding. 

Robert Kiyosaki BooksClosing Thoughts

Finally, I would suggest to you all to read Robert Kiyosaki books in order if you want to give a boost to your financial understanding. It must always be there in your library for reminding you “the management for anything in life is important.“

Top Faq On Robert Kiyosaki

  1. Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

    Robert Toru Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos

  2. On which subjects Robert Kiyosaki has written his books?

    Robert Kiyosaki books main subjects are Personal finance and business investing.

  3. What is the birth date of Robert Kiyosaki?

    Robert Kiyosaki was born on 8 April 1947 (age 74 years).

Most Read Books In Series

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