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Lisa Jackson Books In Order

Lisa Jackson Books in Order – Romance is one of the most-read genres by the reader across the globe. Some prefer authentic romance while others like to read romance with a touch of suspense. Lisa Jackson’s books will give you both reading experiences. Lisa Jackson also known as Susan Lisa Jackson is the best-known novelist in romantic suspense and mystery thrillers.

Who is Lisa Jackson?

Susan Lisa Jackson is a best-selling American author of over 77+ romance novels and romantic suspense novels

Lisa Jackson was born in 1952. like any other writer, she was struggling financially with children. It was her sister Nancy Bush, also a well-known novelist who pushed her to start writing.

They work together on writing some novels, but their interests are different. Lisa was more comfortable in writing thrillers while Nancy was rooting for romantic suspense. So, they separated and eventually are bestselling novelists.

Lisa is among the national bestselling novelists. She has successfully delivered over 85 novels. She had also been featured in New York Times, USA times, and Published Weekly. She has over twenty million published copies sold worldwide in over twenty languages. Lisa also has received awards like the Rendezvous Rosebud Award and the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award and many more.

Lisa Jackson Books in Order of Publication

Lisa has a unique style of writing and delivering her characters that seem to be real and intriguing to their readers. She has a knack for killing people and antagonists and protagonists portrays as strong and mature characters. Her writing will feel her readers as a part of the story. All her stories are based on the background of Wales and the United State of America.

Publication Order of Maverick Books

Book TitleYear
He’s a Bad Boy / Dangerous Revelations(1985)
He’s Just a Cowboy / Breathless Innocence(1993)
He’s the Rich Boy / First Love(1993)
He’s My Soldier Boy / Tender Absolution(1994)

Publication Order of Historical Trilogy Books as Susan Lynn Crose

Book TitleYear
Kiss of the Moon(1994)

Publication Order of Love Letters Books

Book TitleYear
A Is for Always(1994)
B Is For Baby(1994)
C is for Cowboy(1994)
D is for Dani’s Baby(1995)

Publication Order of Dark Jewels Trilogy Books

Book TitleYear
Dark Ruby(1998)
Dark Emerald(1999)
Dark Sapphire(2000)

Publication Order of Forever Family Books

Book TitleYear
A Family Kind of Guy(1998)
A Family Kind of Gal / A Family Kind of Girl(1998)
A Family Kind of Wedding(1998)

Publication Order of The Cahills / San Francisco Books

Book TitleYear
If She Only Knew(2000)
Almost Dead(2007)
You Will Pay(2017)
You Betrayed Me(2020)

Publication Order of The McCaffertys Books

Book TitleYear
Thorne / Best-Kept Secrets(2000)
Randi / Best-Kept Lies(2004)

Publication Order of New Orleans Books

Book TitleYear
Hot Blooded(2001)
Cold Blooded(2002)
Absolute Fear(2007)
Lost Souls(2008)
Never Die Alone(2015)

Publication Order of Medieval Trilogy Books

Book TitleYear

Publication Order of Savannah Books

Book TitleYear
The Night Before(2003)
The Morning After(2004)
Tell Me(2013)
The Third Grave(2021)

Publication Order of West Coast Books

Book TitleYear
Deep Freeze(2005)
Fatal Burn(2006)
After She’s Gone(2015)

Publication Order of Selena Alvarez/Regan Pescoli Books

Book TitleYear
Left to Die(2008)
Chosen to Die(2009)
Born to Die(2011)
Afraid to Die(2012)
Ready to Die(2013)
Deserves to Die(2014)
Expecting to Die(2016)
Willing to Die(2019)

Publication Order of Colony Books With Nancy Bush

Book TitleYear
Wicked Game(2009)
Blind Spot(2010)
Wicked Lies(2011)
Something Wicked(2013)
Wicked Ways(2014)
Wicked Dreams(2022)

Publication Order of Fortune’s Children’s Books

Book TitleYear
Hired Husband
(By Rebecca Brandewyne)
The Millionaire and the Cowgirl(1996)
Beauty and the Bodyguard
(By Merline Lovelace)
Stand In Bride
(By Barbara Boswell)
The Wolf and the Dove
(By Linda Turner)
Wife Wanted
(By Christine Rimmer)
Mystery Heiress
(By Suzanne Carey)
Forgotten Honeymoon
(By Marie Ferrarella)
The Wrangler’s Bride
(By Justine Davis)
The Baby Chase
(By Jennifer Greene)

Publication Order of Mercy Books

Book TitleYear
Without Mercy(2010)
The Life and Death of Lauren Conway(2011)

Publication Order of Montana Mavericks: Wed In Whitehorn Books

Book TitleYear
Nighthawk’s Child
(By Linda Turner)
Lone Stallion’s Lady(2000)

Publication Order of Wyoming Books with Nancy Bush, Rosalind Noonan

Book TitleYear

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Book TitleYear
A Twist of Fate(1983)
The Shadow of Time(1984)
Pirate’s Gold(1984)
Dark Side of the Moon(1984)
Tears of Pride(1984)
High Stakes(1985)
Innocent by Association(1985)
Midnight Sun(1985)
Devil’s Gambit(1985)
Zachary’s Law(1986)
One Man’s Love(1986)
Renegade Son(1987)
Summer Rain(1987)
Stormy Nights(1988)
The Brass Ring
(As Susan Lynn Crose)
Hurricane Force(1988)
In Honor’s Shadow(1988)
Montana Fire(1989)
Tender Trap(1989)
His Bride To Be(1990)
Mystery Man(1991)
Million Dollar Baby(1992)
A Husband to Remember(1993)
Treasures / See How She Dies(1994)
Wishes / Running Scared(1995)
Intimacies / Final Scream(1995)
New Year’s Daddy / Remembering You(1995)
All I Want from Santa(1995)
Twice Kissed(1998)
Wild and Wicked(2002)
Most Likely to Die
(With Beverly Barton, Wendy Corsi Staub)
You Don’t Want to Know(2012)
Close to Home(2014)
Light of Day(2015)
Lost Lives(2017)
The Sun Rises at Midnight(2018)
One Last Breath
(With Nancy Bush)
Liar, Liar(2018)
Last Girl Standing
(With Nancy Bush)
The Girl Who Survived: A Riveting Novel of Suspense with a Shocking Twist(2022)

Publication Order of Babies & Bachelors USA Series Books with Lisa Childs, Laura Bradford

Book TitleYear
Double Exposure(1990)
Kayla’s Daddy
(By Laura Bradford)
His Baby Surprise
(By Lisa Childs)

Publication Order of Western Lovers Books

Book TitleYear
Someone Waiting
(By Joan Hohl)
Yesterday’s Lies(1986)
A Deadly Breed
(By Caroline Burnes)
(By Curtiss Ann Matlock)
Wild Horse Canyon
(By Elizabeth August)
With No Regrets(1990)

Publication Order of Anthologies

Book TitleYear
A Fortune’s Children Christmas(1998)
Slow Heat(2001)
Deck the Halls(2004)
Summer Days(2014)
Santa’s on His Way(2018)

Lisa Jackson’s books in order include a series of novels such as the New Orleans series, Montana “To Die” series, Savannah series, and many more. It is quite a difficult task to choose some of her novels for today’s article. Thus, we have researched some of her popular novels and written small synopsis of them.

Lisa Jackson’s Books Summary

The Night Before

It is the first book of the Savannah Series by Lisa Jackson. It introduces the main character Caitlyn Montgomery and the thrilling journey of the present and past.

On one such day, Caitlyn woke up with a pounding headache to find that her husband was killed in a gruesome murder. No answers to her innocence as the prime suspect of the murder, she turns to her only support, her twin sister Kelly. 

Kelly certainly knows the dark secrets of the family, the reason for her recurrent blackouts, about their old plantation home with its dark secrets. But she is acting weird and guarded and warns her to stay away from the town’s new handsome psychologist Adam.

Caitlyn wants the answer to her mysterious blackouts, so she started confiding in Adam who seems to know the answers to her past and future. As they dwell on this journey, more and more truths surface that are most chilling.

Chosen To Die

This novel belongs to the Alvarez and Pescoli novel from Lisa Jackson’s books in order. It takes us to the investigation journey of the two investigators.

Regan Pescoli, an excellent investigator, is now after ‘Star Crossed Killer’ and she researches him for months now. She did not know she will get trapped instead. Knowing the abilities of her abductor, she is worried about her fate and escapes.

Nate Santana, her friend who knows her too well knows that something is fishy behind her disappearance. And to find Regan, Selena Alvarez, her co-partner is the only person who can be helpful. Together they start their journey to find Regan and to find her, they must get inside the abductor’s mind and reveal some clear messages.

The Morning After

It is the second novel from the Savannah series by Lisa Jackson. It tells the story of an evil killer and journalist Nikki Gillette.

There is nothing scarier than being buried alive and experiencing it at the same time. A woman is yelling for help but the evil killer has made sure that no one can help her.

A budding journalist Nikki Gillette finds it disturbing at the same time and opportunity to make her name big. She constantly follows the main detective Pierce Reed and tries her speculations about the killer.

But she is forgetting how ruthless the killer is and keeps digging deeper. Now when she gets trapped by the killer, she is trying hard to her escape.

Tell Me

This is the third novel of the Savannah series by the famous novelist, Lisa Jackson. It is one of the most thrilling and nail-biting novels.

Twenty years ago, a beautiful lady, Blondell O’Henry was accused of killing her daughter, Betty, and harming her other two children. The reason given by the prosecutor behind the murder is that Blondell wants to be with her lover and get rid of the children.

Now when she is released, Betty’s old friend, a news reporter Nikki Gillette needs to find the truth for her peace of mind. But her fiancé, Detective Pierce Reed is scared for her safety as no one knows about the killer’s identity yet.


The standalone novel in Lisa Jackson’s book in order, Whispers is another novel by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson.

On a chilly night in Oregon, a ruthless killer has knocked down three individuals. He is certain to not have left any loose connections except one. 

Claire St. John has left her family’s home back in Lake Arrowhead sixteen years ago after her fiancé’s tragic death and one secret known to only her. Journalist Kane Moran who is all set to investigate the new deaths knows the connection of the murders with Claire and probes her for cooperation.

As Claire has returned home, she is scared about her life and might face the ultimate price from the ruthless killer for revealing the secret.

Conclusion – Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson’s books in order contain awesome novels by Lisa Jackson. If you are someone who fascinates by romantic suspense thrillers, then we highly recommend you to read novels by Lisa Jackson.

Top Faq on Lisa Jackson

  1. In which genre Lisa Jackson has written her books?

    Lisa Jackson’s books are in Romance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, and Thriller genres.

  2. When Lisa Jackson was born?

    She was born in 1952 (age 69 years).

  3. What is Lisa Jackson best known for?

    Lisa Jackson is the number-one New York Times bestselling author of more than 85 novels, including Afraid to Die, Tell Me, You Don’t Want to Know, Running Scared, Without Mercy, Malice, and Shiver. She is also the co-author of the Colony Series, co-written with her sister, Nancy Bush.

  4. Name Lisa Jackson’s new and latest book

    Lisa Jackson’s latest book is Wicked Dreams which got released on 27 Dec, 2022.

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