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Stephanie Flynn Books In Order – If you love romantic, swashbuckling pirates, and time travel stories, then Stephanie Flynn Books is best for you. She has written many novels in various genres and each of them has an outstanding story. Stephanie’s romantic novel was highly applauded by the readers because she has connected the couple via a narrow string, which simply indicates a mutual understanding is necessary for any relationship.

About- Stephanie Flynn

Stephanie Flynn lives in Michigan, USA with her husband & kids and spends time writing novels. She got a bachelor’s degree in Accounts subject, but she never worked in that domain, instead, she decided to begin her career as a writer.

Stephanie Flynn Books In Order of Publication

She has written many romantic novels and the Matchmaker series is the outstanding one, the series comprises 4 standalone books. Apart from the Matchmaker series, she also wrote Fateful Time and One Crazy Time novels. 

Stephanie Flynn Matchmaker series

The series is based on a romance and it shows the ultimate bonding of the relationship. The series comprises 4 books and each one of them has a different storyline that will melt your heart. 

If you love sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, time travel, swoon-worthy heroes, and sassy ladies in a small town setting, you’ll love Stephanie Flynn’s dramatic historical adventure books. Each is a standalone with guaranteed HEA, but an overarching narrative. Best if read in order. Paperbacks and hardcovers in both standard and large print editions are available at booksellers and libraries, but the eBooks are Amazon exclusive.

MatchMaker Series
MatchMaker Series
Book TitlePublication Year
Seconds to Act: A Time Travel Romance2020
Hours to Arrive: A Time Travel Romance2020
Days to Hide: A Time Travel Romance2020
Years to Savor: A Time Travel Romance2020

Seconds to Act

The story is about April McCall who is in the line of edge to decide either to accept the proposal of her boyfriend or to save the man who is being murdered. Everything starts with April McCall who is doing the job just for the sake of her brother. 

One day, a boy proposes to her and at that moment she was shocked and unable to take the decision, meanwhile, she went on a mission to save Sam Hartley via time travel.

Sam Hartley is a blacksmith and works for his boss, but things changed and his boss framed a conspiracy against Sam and thus trapped him. One day, a suspicious lady came for the hunt of Sam Hartley and using her skills, she reached to him. What is the aim of that lady and will April McCall save Sam or will walk on her life by accepting her boyfriend’s proposal?

Hours to Arrive

This is also a time-travel story that revolves around veterinarian Mathew McCall who needs a family because his sister is missing. Moreover, he is also facing the financial crunch but always ready to help the needy one and proved the same by helping his sister’s roommate. 

Things changed completely just because of his new mission; he needs to save Verity Arris who lives in the year 1853. She meddled with the wrong guy and due to the same, she is hiding from the goons. 

But, one day a man brought her to the future and Verity was unable to judge between right or wrong. How Mathew will save Verity and will he stay in the present for his patients or will return to 1853? The answers to all the questions lie in Hours to Arrive, hence go through it and enjoy the time travel story.

Days to Hide

The story revolves around the past and present and focuses on Becca Wagner. She quit her job because of the intervention of her ex-husband in the office. Later on, Becca participated in the dream study and her task was to convince the farmer to accept the deal of the sheriff otherwise he will be dead.

The next part of the story starts in 1854 in Wisconsin and rotates around a farmer, Jonathan Arris who became the bandit. He never thinks for a while to kill anyone, but the entry of a lady into his life changed him a lot. How Becca will succeed in a mission and what will happen to her life? Will she return from the past after helping the farmer? 

Years to Savor

This is the fourth installment of Stephanie Flynn Books In Order and it is a blend of love and murder mystery. Eric Woodson works in his father’s trade publishing house as a Vice President. He is a successful man as he got fame in the business and the personal life, he got a beautiful wife. But things changed when Kiko Takai came back into the life of Eric.

Kiko Takai is a writer who wrote several romantic novels, and on the quest of the publisher, she met with Eric, the one with whom Kiko was in love for seven years. Later on, Eric’s wife came to know about the past relationship between Eric and Kiko and that made her jealous. Even she filed for a divorce in court because she believes that she got betrayal.

Eric decided to break the relationship with Kiko to save his married life, but the murder of his best friend shocked him. Who is the murderer and how Eric will save his married life? What will happen to Kiko? Will she remain abandoned again just like 7 years ago or she will get the support of Eric? The mystery will be solved once you go through the Years to Savor novel.

These were the 4 installments of the Matchmakers series written by Stephanie Flynn. However, she has written the Pirate in Time series, Fateful Time, and One Crazy Time. Each novel describes the love and true relationship between couples.

Stephanie Flynn Standalone Short Stories

Standalones that pack a big punch in a small space. Available wide at book sellers and libraries in eBook format only.

Book TitlePublication Year
Fateful Time: A Time Travel Romance2020
One Crazy Time: A Time Travel Romance2021

Stephanie Flynn Pirates in Time Series

If you like swashbuckling pirates, headstrong women, and a forbidden romance, you’ll love Stephanie Flynn’s time travel romance series. Each book is a standalone with guaranteed HEA and can be read in any order. Paperbacks and hardcovers in both standard and large print editions will be available at book sellers and libraries, but the eBooks are Amazon exclusive.

Book TitlePublication Year
Pirate’s Prize: A Time Travel Romance2021

Conclusion – Stephanie Flynn Books

If you love romantic and time travel stories then, Stephanie Flynn Books In Order is perfect for you. The novels perfectly represent the love and desire to save humankind. Once you go through the novels, then you will understand the true meaning of love.

Top FAQ on Stephanie Flynn

  1. Who is Stephanie Flynn?

    Stephanie Flynn Author

    As she says, Hello and welcome! I’m Stephanie Flynn and I write time travel romance under my own name. My pen name, Marie Flynn, writes urban fantasy.

  2. In which genre Stephanie Flynn has written her novels?

    Stephanie Flynn writes time travel romance under her own name.

  3. What is the pen name of Stephanie Flynn?

    Stephanie Flynn pen name is Marie Flynn, writes urban fantasy.

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