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Wilderness Books in Order

Wilderness Books in Order – Being an avid reader, if you want to read more about romance adventure, the Wilderness series in order will be a great pick for you. Written by Rosina Lippi, the Wilderness series of books focuses on the life of a young spinster, Elizabeth Middleton, who leaves her own life to join her family in Newyork mountain village. 

Rosina Lippi wrote the wilderness series under the pen name Sara Donati. She is a recognized international bestseller of the wilderness series. She started her writing career in 2000 as a fiction writer. At present, Rosina is living with her family in the pacific northwest.

Wilderness Books in Order is known for its excellent characterization and storyline. With the success of “Into the wilderness,” the writers come up with some more novels for this series.

List Of The Best Wilderness Books In Order

Let’s have a look at the Wilderness series in order of publication

Publication Order of Wilderness Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
King of the Mountain(1990)Buy Now
Lure of the Wild(1991)Buy Now
Savage Rendezvous(1991)Buy Now
Blood Fury(1991)Buy Now
Tomahawk Revenge(1991)Buy Now
Vengeance Trail(1991)Buy Now
Black Powder Justice(1991)Buy Now
Death Hunt(1992)Buy Now
Mountain Devil(1992)Buy Now
Blackfoot Massacre(1992)Buy Now
Northwest Passage(1992)Buy Now
Apache Blood(1992)Buy Now
Mountain Manhunt(1993)Buy Now
Tenderfoot(1993)Buy Now
Winterkill(1993)Buy Now
Blood Truce(1993)Buy Now
Trapper’s Blood(1994)Buy Now
Mountain Cat(1994)Buy Now
Iron Warrior(1994)Buy Now
Wolf Pack(1995)Buy Now
Black Powder(1995)Buy Now
Trail’s End(1995)Buy Now
The Lost Valley(1998)Buy Now
Mountain Madness(1998)Buy Now
Frontier Mayhem(1998)Buy Now
Blood Feud(1999)Buy Now
Gold Rage(1999)Buy Now
The Quest(1999)Buy Now
Mountain Nightmare(1999)Buy Now
Savages(2000)Buy Now
Blood Kin(2000)Buy Now
The Westward Tide(2000)Buy Now
Fang and Claw(2001)Buy Now
Trackdown(2001)Buy Now
Frontier Fury(2001)Buy Now
The Tempest(2002)Buy Now
Perils Of The Wind(2002)Buy Now
Mountain Man(2002)Buy Now
Firewater(2003)Buy Now
Scar(2003)Buy Now
By Duty Bound(2003)Buy Now
Flames of Justice(2004)Buy Now
Vengeance(2004)Buy Now
Shadow Realms(2004)Buy Now
In Cruel Clutches(2005)Buy Now
Untamed Country(2005)Buy Now
Reap the Whirlwind(2005)Buy Now
Lord Grizzly(2006)Buy Now
Wolverine(2006)Buy Now
People of the Forest(2006)Buy Now
Comanche Moon(2007)Buy Now
Glacier Terror(2007)Buy Now
The Rising Storm(2007)Buy Now
Pure of Heart(2007)Buy Now
Into the Unknown(2008)Buy Now
In Darkness Depths(2008)Buy Now
Fear Weaver(2008)Buy Now
Cry Freedom(2008)Buy Now
Only the Strong(2009)Buy Now
The Outcast(2009)Buy Now
The Scalp Hunters(2009)Buy Now
The Tears of God(2009)Buy Now
Venom(2010)Buy Now
Devil Moon(2010)Buy Now
Seed of Evil(2010)Buy Now
Garden of Eden(2011)Buy Now
The Gift(2012)Buy Now
Savage Hearts(2014)Buy Now
The Avenger(2016)Buy Now
Love and Cold Steel(2018)Buy Now
Stalked(2020)Buy Now
Only the Strong/The Outcast(2021)Buy Now

Publication Order of Giant Wilderness Books

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Hawken Fury(1992)Buy Now
Season Of The Warrior(1993)Buy Now
Prairie Blood(1994)Buy Now
Ordeal(1995)Buy Now
The Trail West(1996)Buy Now
Frontier Strike(1996)Buy Now
Spanish Slaughter(1997)Buy Now

Into The Wilderness

The first book of the Wilderness Books in Order series took its reader on the journey of late 18 century America and got published in the year of 1998. The protagonist of the novel, Elizabethan, is a straightforward woman who arrives from America to open a schoolhouse, regardless of her skin and sex, but her father has something different plan for her. 

He offers substantial property if she agrees to Richard Todd, the debtor, but she meets a white man Nathaniel Bonner, who was raised by the Native American and fell in love with him. They both eloped to Mohawk village, where they tried to spend a sedentary life in the Mohawk village.

As a reader, you will feel the opening book of the bestselling family saga presents the beautiful picture journey of two beautiful souls, the straightforward Elizabeth, who always valued her freedom, and the typical hero figure, Nathaniel. 

Dawn On The Distant Shores

The second book of the wilderness series is the story of romance and adventure and got published in the year 2000. In this novel, you will come across the engaging and amazing tale of the search of Elizabeth for her husband. Her husband is framed when he learns that his father was arrested by the British Canadian. 

Now Elizabethan, with her two newborn twins, decided to set out on the dangerous trek to find her husband. Her husband was being hanged as he was recognized as an American spy, but to save him, she decided to cross the frozen climate of Newyork.

Lake In The Clouds

In the spring of 1802, the atmosphere was reeling from the typhoid epidemic, Nathaniel and Elizabeth lost their two years old child, which was a big blow for them, but Hannah worked as a healer. Here the writer has given her full focus on vast and untamed wildlife as well as the ups and downs through which the spirited Bonnet family has gone through.

She beautifully described how Hannah’s character decided to give refuge to a slave who was her first love, Lime Kirby. If you are inclined to read lush historical epics, you must read this novel.

Fire Along The Sky

The story starts with the year when Hannah boner has returned to her family’s mountain cabin where she spent her childhood with her father and foster mother Elizabeth, but soon the parents realize something has changed in Hannah, who returned to their place without her husband and child and the story of horror and loss. 

As a reader, you will see lots of ups and downs throughout the reading, whether it is the character of Hannah’s stepsister lily’s wayward affairs with married men or the introspection of Hannah’s own life while working and resuming her duties as a gifted healer.

Queen Of The Swords

The next continuation of the family saga of wilderness Queen of the sword is the complete story of Hannah Bonner and her rescue mission with her brother for jennet, who has been abducted from Nut Island. 

Her only hope in this search is jean Benoit Savard, the only man who knows the whole city from the steamy shores of the Caribbean to New Orleans. It was well written and engrossing adventure that the reader will enjoy for sure.

The Endless Forest

The final Wilderness Books in Order revolves around the descendants of the Bonners, including their distant cousins Doctor Anna and Sophie Savard. Basically, we can say here you can meet almost all the family members. In this book, the romance focuses upon the son of Elizabeth and Nathaniel, Daniel, and Daniel lost the use of his left arm in the war of 1812. 

Overall the story is enjoyable and loves to read and can be said historical romance rather than historical fiction as, throughout the story, sex plays the biggest role. 

Conclusion – Wilderness Books in Order

So, this was a brief introduction to the wilderness book series. The series is interesting and amazing to read, so give your library a new addition by adding Wilderness books in order.

Top faq on the Wilderness series

  1. Who is the author of the Wilderness series?

    Rosina Lippi wrote the wilderness series under the pen name Sara Donati.

  2. How many books are there in the Wilderness series?

    There are 70+ books in the Wilderness series. The last book which is “Only the Strong/The Outcast” was released in 2021.

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