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David Duchovny Books In Order

David Duchovny Books In Order  – Have you watched Fox Mulder in the X- Files television series? Have you seen writer Hank Moody in the Californication television series? If yes, then here I will provide some more details. 

The character which you have watched or will watch after reading this article is none other than David William Duchovny, who is an American actor, director, novelist, singer and songwriter, and producer too. He is the best actor, and after a successful acting career, he focused on writing. 

In this article, I will discuss David Duchovny’s Books In Order which you should read if you like literary fiction and fantasy genres.

David Duchovny Early Life, Education, and Career

He was born on August 7th, 1960, in New York, United States. His parents are Amram Ducovny and Margaret. David Duchovny is the second child. He completed his graduation from The Collegiate School for Boys in Manhattan as a head boy in 1978. 

David Duchovny graduated from Princeton University, in Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude in 1982, with an A.B. in English Literature. His poetry received an honorable mention in 1982 from the Academy of American poets. After attending Princeton University, he went to Yale University for a Master’s degree in English Literature.

In his early career, Duchovny appeared in an advertisement for Lowebrau beer in 1987. Since his acting career started, he has worked in multiple series, movies, and television shows. He is well known for his acting in the X – Files as FBI special agent Fox Mulder. 

In 2017, Duchovny took a break from acting and focused on writing and composing songs. After this, he came up with four books which are discussed below in the article. Out of those four, Holy Crow was his debut novel in David Duchovny’s Books in Order.

David Duchovny Books in Order

Book TitleYearBuy at Amazon
Kepler2022Buy Now
The Reservoir2022Buy Now
Truly Like Lightning2021Buy Now
Miss Subways2018Buy Now
Bucky F*cking Dent2016Buy Now
Holy Cow2015Buy Now

1] Holy Cow (2015)

Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Table novel which stands first in David Duchovny Books in Order. It is a debut novel by the author. The story is about a cow, a pig, and a turkey escaping from their American farm for a better lifestyle in India, Israel, and Turkey. 

Duchovny, in the very beginning, pitched the tale as a Kid’s animated film. However, it turned into rejection for its non-secular issues, such as the pig being converted to Judaism. Critical reception turned into mixed, with wonderful critiques of the novel’s issues and fashion of humor.

Elsie Bovary is a cow in Upstate New York who lives on a farm until one night she sees pictures of manufacturing unit farming and animal slaughter at the farmhouse on television. Another night time, she sees a Discovery Channel documentary on India and desires to move to the Asian country, wherein cows are revered, not eaten. 

She unearths not unusual place floor with Jerry, a pig who has transformed to Judaism and brought the call Shalom, who desires to go to Israel wherein he will not be eaten. Tom is Turkey who’s ravenous himself to keep away from the loss of life for Thanksgiving and desires to go Turkey, believing that they might by no means kill their namesake. He makes use of his beak to reserve flight tickets on a smartphone. 

2] Bucky F*cking Dent (2016)

The book focuses on a father-son relationship and baseball. It is second in David Duchovny’s Books In Order. The story is set in a Yankee Stadium, where a peanut vendor moves in with his father, a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, who is fighting off cancer in the hope of seeing the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the 1978 playoffs. 

Ted Fullilove, aka Mr. Peanut, isn’t always like different Ivy League grads. He shares a flat with Goldberg, his cherished battery-operated fish sleeps on a mattress affected by yellow legal pads penned with what he hopes might be the subsequent terrific American Novel, and spends the waning days of the Carter management at Yankee Stadium, waxing poetic even as slinging peanuts to pay the rent. 

3] Miss Subways (2018)

In the book, David Duchovny reimagines the Irish mythological figure of Emer, which is a darkly comic fantasy love story set in New York City. Miss Subways is the third book in David Duchovny’s Books in Order.

Emer is only a lady dwelling in New York City who takes the subway, buys ice cream from the bodega at the corner, has writerly aspirations, and lives together with her boyfriend, Con. But is this lifestyle she lives the best route she’s on? 

Taking an idea from the parable of Emer and Cuchulain and presenting an all-famous person forged of legendary figures from all around the world. David Duchovny’s darkly humorous fable novel Miss Subways is one lady’s trippy, mystical adventure down the parallel track of time and love. 

4] Truly Like Lightning (2021)

The book is an epic adventure that asks how we make sense of right and wrong in a world of extremes. Truly Like Lightning book holds the fourth position in David Duchovny Books in Order

For the past 20 years, Bronson Powers, former Hollywood stuntman and transformed Mormon, has been homesteading deep withinside the uninhabited wasteland outdoor Joshua Tree together with his three better halves and ten children. 

Bronson and his better halves, Yalulah, Mary, and Jackie, had been elevating their circle of relatives far from the corruption and evil of the present-day world. Their insular existence – controversial, challenging, however Edenic – is upended while the formidable younger developer Maya Abbadessa stumbles upon their land. 

Hoping to make a profit, she crafts a guess with her circle of relatives that units in movement a lethal chain of events. 

David Duchovny – Awards and Achievements

David Duchovny has won several awards for his outstanding contributions in the field of writing and acting. He won the National TV Awards for Most Popular Actor for his work in the X-Files in 1996 and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor – Television Series Drama in 1997.

David Duchovny also won Satellite Awards for Best Actor – Television Series Drama in 1997 for The X -Files along with American Comedy Awards for Funniest Male Guest Appearance in a Television Series for The Larry Sanders Show in 1999. He won Golden Globe Awards in 2008 for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy for Californication.

Wrap Up – David Duchovny

Apart from the book mentioned above, The Reservoir, a novella is also added to David Duchovny’s Books In Order which is to be released on June 7th, 2022. David Duchovny also composed a music album entitled Hell or Highwater, which consists of twelve songs, on May 12th, 2015.

Top Faq on David Duchovny

  1. Which is the latest book by David Duchovny?

    Kepler” and “The Reservoir” are the latest books by David Duchovny which were released in 2022.

  2. What is the date of birth of David Duchovny?

    David Duchovny was born on 7 August 1960 in New York, United States.

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